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Austin Montego

British mid-size saloon car that was produced by the Austin Rover subsidiary of British Leyland , and its successors, from 1984 until 1994 add

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Launched in 1975.

Countries: United Kingdom (64%), China (9%), UK (9%)

Main connections: Morris Ital, MG Cars, Ian Gow

Linked to: Austin Motor Company, Austin Rover Group, Sipani




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Like the Maestro, the Montego suffered from its overly long development phase, which had been begun in 1975 and which was hampered throughout by the industrial turmoil that plagued both British Leyland and Austin Rover Group during this period add something


Development on the new model, intended to succeed both the Morris Marina and the Princess ranges by the turn of the 1980s, had begun in 1977 but ultimately the new car was not launched until seven years after development had started; in the meantime, the Marina had been updated and rebadged as the Morris Ital from 1980, whilst the Princess had been updated as the Austin Ambassador in 1982 add something


From Mid 1980s until early 1990s, a local importer sold the Montego along with the Mini and Maestro under Austin, Rover badge add something


Writing in "Classic and Sports Car A-Z of Cars of the 1980s" Martin Lewis remarked "Thankfully, BL never had the nerve to build an estate version" of the &MG (MG_Cars), unaware that such a model had existed add something


The Honda-based Triumph Acclaim had been introduced in 1981 largely as a stop-gap to keep potential buyers interested in BL products until both the Montego and the Rover 200-series were launched in 1984 add something


Morris Ital - Production of the Ital was swapped from Cowley to Longbridge in September 1982 to allow the Cowley plant to be upgraded for production of the forthcoming Austin Montego and Austin Maestro


In New Zealand, the Austin Montego was launched in 1984 add something


In all, 436,000 Montegos were sold in the UK between 1984 and 1995 add something


The "'Austin Montego"' is a British mid-size saloon car that was produced by the Austin Rover subsidiary of British Leyland , and its successors, from 1984 until 1994 add something


Morris Ital - The Ital's successor was the Austin Montego, launched in April 1984 as a four-door saloon, with a five-door estate arriving in January 1985


The Montego was launched on 25 April 1984 add something


However, it would be produced alongside the Ital estate until that model was axed in August 1984 add something


The &MG (MG_Cars) turbocharged variant was released in early 1985 as the fastest production MG ever with a 0–60 mph time of 7,3 seconds, and a top speed of add something


From 1986, it was sold without a marque following the phasing out of the Austin name add something


Also available from 1987 the Montego sedan was sold in the Vanden Plas range with the 2,0 litre fuel injected motor add something


A minor facelift in 1989 enhanced its appeal, which was buoyed up by both the Perkins-engined Diesel model, and the seven-seater version of the "Countryman" estate add something


From about 1989 onwards, a wider range of models were imported by a new company, Rover New Zealand; this included sedan versions for the first time add something


By the early 1990s, the Montego was terminally aged, and production effectively ceased when the replacement car, the Rover 600, was launched in 1993, add something


Vauxhall Cavalier - Despite the lack of an estate body style, the Cavalier topped the large-medium family car sales charts in Britain in 1990, ahead of the Ford Sierra, Rover 400 and Rover Montego


Ian Gow - On 30 July 1990, a bomb was planted under Gow's Austin Montego car in the early hours, which exploded in the driveway of his house in the village of Hankham, near Pevensey in East Sussex


Montegos continued to be built in small numbers in CKD form at the Cowley plant in Oxford until 1994, when production finally ended add something


The exception being the 1994 cc O series which has sufficiently hard exhaust valves and seats add something


From 1995, a decade "after" the Montego was introduced, the 416i and 420i names would be used, but on the unrelated Rover 400 Series add something


Car Mechanics Magazine ran an RAF officer transport de-mobbed Montego bought from a Ministry of Defence auction in 1996 add something


This was after the rights to the Montego and Maestro had been sold by Etsong in 2003, who had been manufacturing Maestro variants earlier add something


In August 2006, a survey by "Auto Express" revealed that the Montego was Britain's eighth most scrapped car, with just 8,988 still in working order add something