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Italian automobile manufacturer, created jointly by Bianchi, Pirelli and Fiat in 1955 add

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Founded in 1885.

Countries: Italy (76%), (18%), United Kingdom (6%)

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Bianchi, founded by Edoardo Bianchi in 1885 and now remembered primarily as a bicycle manufacturer, was active in passenger car manufacturer from 1899 add something


Edoardo Bianchi himself died in 1946 in a car accident, and the ownership of the firm passed to his son, Giuseppe add something


The first Bianchina rolled from the production lines in Desio on September 11, 1957 and had the unusual body style of a two-door landaulet, called "Trasformabile" add something


It remained the sole body style until 1960, when a two-door "Cabriolet" was introduced, followed by a three-door estate version, the "Panoramica" and a two-door saloon, the "Berlina" add something


The Primula is thus a car design of far greater significance than is often realised, as its design influence spread far beyond even the mainstream high volume Fiats such as the 127 and the 128 of the late 1960s add something


Five years after the debut of the Bianchina, at the 1963 Turin Motor Show, a completely new Autobianchi model debuted: the Autobianchi Stellina add something


Economy car - In 1964 Fiat under the engineering leadership of Dante Giacosa designed the first car with a transverse engine and an end on gearbox and a hatchback - the Autobianchi Primula, It had Pininfarina styling that bore a resemblance to the Austin 1100


Hatchback - In 1964, Fiat subsidiary Autobianchi marketed the Primula hatchback, replaced by Autobianchi A112 in 1969


Fiat 127 - This was & Fiat's first super-mini-sized hatchback, along with a state-of-the-art transverse-engine/front-wheel-drive layout, with the transmission mounted on the end of the engine, both design ideas had been fully trialled since 1964, by Fiat's & Autobianchi subsidiary with the Autobianchi Primula and 1969 Autobianchi A112


Fiat 500 - In 1966 production was transferred to Desio where the Giardiniera was built by Fiat subsidiary Autobianchi


Facing a crisis in the motorcycle market, Bianchi was forced to sell its share in Autobianchi and the company was finally fully integrated into Fiat SpA in 1968 add something


The most famous Autobianchi models include the A112 released in 1969, a small hatchback very popular in Italy for racing, and which ceased production in 1986; as well as the Y10, which was the first car to use Fiat's new FIRE add something


With Primula production ceasing in 1970 and the quick demise of the A111, Autobianchi became effectively a one-model brand add something


After little more than 50,000 A111s were made, the plug was pulled as early as in 1972 add something


Indeed Peugeot in facelifting their 305 range on the early 1980s switched from their former adherence to the Mini in-sump gearbox to the Primula's end-on gearbox configuration add something


After over 1,250,000 of those small cars were built, they were finally replaced in 1986 by a new model, the Autobianchi Y10, based mechanically on the Fiat Panda add something


Autobianchi A112 - Production continued into 1986, at which point 1,254,178 Autobianchi A112s had been built


Autobianchi Y10 - In February 1989, the Autobianchi Y10 presents the second series, characterized by slight but significant aesthetic touches and the interior, and affected by important changes in engines: As a result, the new range was born: "The privilege to evolve, remaining self- same "as he plays his TV advertising launch


Autobianchi Y10 - In December 1989, confirming its leadership position in technological level reached by small Autobianchi, debuts Y10 Selectronic automatic transmission version with ECVT: Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission


The Desio plant was finally closed in 1992 and with the Y10 being replaced by the Lancia Ypsilon , the Autobianchi brand disappeared altogether in 1996 add something


Autobianchi Y10 - The car was manufactured at the FiatĀ“s Autobianchi plant in Desio, Milan until 1992 and after that in Arese, near Alfa Romeo plants


The marque survived in Italy until the end of the Y10's production in 1995, but became extinct elsewhere when the model was rebranded as a Lancia in 1989 add something