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Autobianchi Y10

Designer city car and economy car manufactured from 1985 to 1995 and marketed under the Lancia brand in most export markets add

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Launched in 1980.

Countries: Italy (56%), United Kingdom (22%), Brazil (22%)

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Were executed hundreds of drawings, sketches and scale models started as early as 1980, was eventually selected and developed the design of the Fiat Style Centre that best responded to the theme given to investigate a car destined to a particular user, "select and elite "a real flagship miniature desired by women as much as a handbag and signed by the men as their favorite perfume add something


All these features are unique for a small car in 1985, are on the Fiat Style Centre, at that time led by Ing. Vittorio Ghidella add something


From 1985 to 1992 Autobianchi-Lancia assembly over 850,000 Y10 models add something


In 1985 Autobianchi-Lancia assembled 63,495 Y10 add something


The "'Autobianchi Y10"' is a 'designer' city car and economy car manufactured from 1985 to 1995 and marketed under the Lancia brand in most export markets add something


The real cold shower, which curbs the enthusiasm of the first potential customer lists are Y10, judged too high, evidently people willing to spend more for a little economy car 'most wanted in 1985 are still few add something


Autobianchi A112 - As the new Autobianchi Y10 was introduced in 1985, the A112 range was cut down considerably, with only the Junior remaining on sale as a low-priced alternative


At the end of 1986 debuts the 4WD version and the total production in 1986 was of 80,403 Y10 add something


It was pipped to the European Car of the Year for 1986 by the Ford Scorpio add something


Since 1986, we add new versions, some cheaper add something


The A112 remained on sale, alongside the Y10, almost to the end of 1986 add something


The Fire now has a new radiator grille, the look is not the poorest, the outer frame adorned with stainless steel since 1986 had been a legacy of top-range versions, but with a single colored grid, that is devoid of chrome baffature add something


In 1987 was assembled 109,708 Y10 for a total of 254,000 vehicles produced from 1985 add something


"'Y10 Fila"': The first special version to debut in February 1987, is the Y10 Fila, a model aimed primarily at young and dynamic company Biella signed homonym of sports and leisure add something


"'Y10 Martini"': The Y10 Martini a few months following the first edition of Fila, and arrives in dealerships in June 1987 add something


"'Y10 Missoni"': With the arrival of autumn, in October 1987, comes the Y10 Missoni, derived from the Fire LX and signed by the famous fashion designer Ottavio Missoni , he has chosen for a body exclusive and unique Memphis Blue metallic , with matching interior fabrics, made of hazelnut Alcantara dashboard and door panels, seats while adopting a fabric "Missonato" velvet stripes, the carpet is coordinated with the exterior color, and to make recognizable this version, in the final part of the side, halfway between the rib and the rear window, is applied an adhesive of add something


The success of this first special version, especially by young award-winning, not long in coming to the point that, in March 1988, it is supported by the second version, called "'Fila 2"': the body is now painted black, this time excluding hub caps, bumpers and front grille, the strip that runs along the side wall is white and red this time, as well as the interior is the coloring of the fabric to be different, no longer blue but red add something


In February 1989, the Autobianchi Y10 presents the second series, characterized by slight but significant aesthetic touches and the interior, and affected by important changes in engines: As a result, the new range was born: "The privilege to evolve, remaining self- same "as he plays his TV advertising launch add something


In December 1989, confirming its leadership position in technological level reached by small Autobianchi, debuts Y10 Selectronic automatic transmission version with ECVT: Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission add something


A few months later, in March 1990, debuted the range of Y10 catalyzed: For each version there is a corresponding catalyzed, with the exception of Fire carburettor, which remains firmly in the top of the preferences of the public, for its award-winning its economy add something


Renovated in content and become one of the most popular towns, the Y10 is experiencing a real moment of glory and in the years 1991/92 its range has been enhanced with new exclusive versions add something


"'Y10 Mia"': Before the special series of "new course" to face the judgment of the public in July 1991, is the Y10 Mia. This is a perfect version of "old-style Lancia", an elegant but understated, which is not, as happened in previous series, from existing installations, but is a true voice of its own price, which stands alongside the versions Fire and LX i add something


"'Y10 Ego"': Two months later, in September 1991, the Ego is born, i add something


In 1992 he was presented the restyling of Y10, an update that improves the car's deep not only from the point of view of content but the aesthetic interior and exterior add something


The car was manufactured at the FiatĀ“s Autobianchi plant in Desio, Milan until 1992 and after that in Arese, near Alfa Romeo plants add something


"'Y10 Avenue"': In early 1992, on the success of the special version of "Mia", makes its way into dealerships Y10 Avenue, a true "swan song" of Y10, and moved from the Fire 1100 "Europe" of 50 HP, is characterized by four unknown body colors , has tailgate, color coordinate the body "tone on tone" and Alcantara interiors in a specific design, with padded headrests and front piping sizes matched to body color add something


"'Y10 Marrazzi Certa"': Derived from Avenue the "Y10 Certa" was prepared by Carrozzeria Marazzi and presented at the 1992 Turin Motor Show add something


Sales in the United Kingdom were not so strong, though it remained on sale until Lancia's withdrawal from the British market in 1994 add something