Ava Gardner

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Ava Gardner

American actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1922.

Countries: United States (58%), United Kingdom (14%), Spain (5%)

Main connections: The Cassandra Crossing, Howard Hughes, Sophia Loren

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Ava Gardner was born in 1922 add something


While in Newport News, Virginia, Gardner's father became ill and died from bronchitis in 1938, when Ava was 15 years old add something


Ava Gardner attended high school in Rock Ridge and she graduated from there in 1939 add something


Howard Duff - Duff had a tempestuous relationship with actress Ava Gardner in the late 1940s


Gardner was visiting her sister Beatrice in New York in 1941 when Beatrice's husband Larry Tarr, a professional photographer, offered to take her portrait add something


She was signed to a contract by MGM Studios in 1941 and appeared mainly in small roles until she drew attention with her performance in "The Killers" add something


Soon after her arrival in Los Angeles , Gardner met fellow MGM contract player Mickey Rooney; they married on January 10, 1942, in Ballard, California; she was 19 years old and he was 21 add something


Faith Domergue - After she discovered that Hughes was seeing Ava Gardner, Rita_Hayworth, and Lana Turner, the couple broke up in 1943


Gardner's second marriage was brief and to jazz musician and band leader Artie Shaw, from 1945 to 1946 add something


Other films include "The Hucksters" with Clark Gable, "Show Boat" , "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" with Gregory Peck, "Lone Star" with Clark Gable, "Mogambo" with Clark Gable and Grace Kelly, 1954's "The Barefoot Contessa" with Humphrey Bogart , "Bhowani Junction" , "The Sun Also Rises" with Tyrone Power and Errol Flynn , and the film version of Nevil Shute's best-selling "On the Beach" with Peck and Fred Astaire add something


Elizabeth Taylor - Before "Conspirator" 1949 release, a "TIME" cover article called her "a jewel of great price, a true star sapphire", and the leader among Hollywood's next generation of stars such as Montgomery Clift, Kirk Douglas, and Ava Gardner


Ludwig Stossel - In 1949, Grünig and Stössel appeared in their last film together when they received roles in the drama "The Great Sinner" starring Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner


She appeared in several high-profile films from the 1950s to 1970s, including "The Hucksters" , "Show Boat" , "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" , "The Barefoot Contessa" , "Bhowani Junction" , "On the Beach" , "Seven Days in May" , "The Night of the Iguana" , "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean" , "Earthquake" , and "The Cassandra Crossing" add something


Barbara Sinatra - The Roman Catholic church, which, in the 1950s, had savaged Sinatra for his decision to divorce Nancy Sinatra and marry Ava Gardner, officiated at his fourth marriage


Kathryn Grayson - Grayson was next cast as Magnolia Hawks in the 1951 remake of the 1927 Hammerstein and Kern musical, "Show Boat", alongside Howard Keel and Judy Garland, however, Garland dropped out of production, and the role went to Ava Gardner


Robert Sterling - He did, however, play the non-singing role of Steve Baker, opposite Ava Gardner as Julie, in the hit MGM 1951 film version of "Show Boat"


Bruce Marshall - His 1953 novel "The Fair Bride" was the basis of the 1960 film "The Angel Wore Red" starring Ava Gardner, Dirk_Bogarde, Joseph Cotten and Vittorio De Sica


Red Dust - The movie was remade by director John Ford in 1953 as "Mogambo", this time set in Africa rather than Indochina and shot on location in color, with Ava Gardner in the Harlow role and Grace Kelly playing Astor's part


Christian Dior S.A. - Actress Ava Gardner had 14 dresses created for her in 1956 by Christian Dior for the Mark Robson film "The Little Hut"


Christian Dior SE - Actress Ava Gardner had 14 dresses created for her in 1956 by Christian Dior for the Mark Robson film "The Little Hut"


Gardner divorced Sinatra in 1957 and headed to Spain where she began a friendship with writer Ernest Hemingway add something


On the Beach (1959 film) - "'On the Beach"' is a 1959 American black-and-white post-apocalyptic science fiction drama film from United Artists, produced and directed by Stanley Kramer, starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred_Astaire and Anthony Perkins


She found herself billed between Charlton Heston and David Niven in the epic "55 Days at Peking" in 1963, a lavish version of the Chinese revolt against foreign control during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 add something


Sue Lyon - In 1963, Lyon was again cast as a seductive teen in John Huston's "The Night of the Iguana" , competing for the affections of Richard Burton's disgraced preacher against the likes of Deborah Kerr and Ava Gardner


Seven Days in May - "'Seven Days in May"' is an American political thriller motion picture directed by John Frankenheimer, starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Fredric March, and Ava Gardner, and released in February 1964


Two years later, in 1966, Gardner briefly sought the role of Mrs. Robinson in Mike Nichols' "The Graduate" add something


Gardner died at her London home, 34 Ennismore Gardens, where she had lived since 1968 add something


Gardner moved to London , England in 1968, undergoing an elective hysterectomy to allay her worries of contracting the uterine cancer that had claimed the life of her own mother add something


Mayerling (1968 film) - "'Mayerling"' is a 1968 romantic tragedy film starring Omar Sharif, Catherine Deneuve, James Mason, Ava Gardner, Geneviève_Page, James Robertson Justice and Andréa Parisy


She appeared in a number of disaster films throughout the 1970s, notably "Earthquake" with Charlton Heston, "The Cassandra Crossing" , and the Canadian movie "City on Fire" add something


Elizabeth Taylor - Although limited by a "thin and inflexible voice", Taylor continued to star in numerous theatrical films throughout the 1970s, such as "Zee and Co." with Michael Caine, "Ash Wednesday" , "The Blue Bird" with Jane Fonda and Ava Gardner, and "A Little Night Music"


Richard Harris - Harris starred in the Man in the Wilderness in 1971, the Juggernaut in 1974, in 1976 in The Cassandra Crossing, along with the actresses Sophia Loren and Ava Gardner, and in a B-movie, Orca, in 1977.


J. J. Abrams - The film is being scripted by Academy Award winner Dustin Lance Black, and while it shares a title and event with Universal's 1974 feature starring Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner, it will not be a remake


Sophia Loren - The film had its premiere on U.S. television on 12 November 1974 as part of the Hallmark Hall of Fame series on NBC. In 1976 she starred in "The Cassandra Crossing", a classic disaster film featuring such veteran stars as Richard Harris, Martin Sheen, and Ava Gardner


The Cassandra Crossing - "'The Cassandra Crossing"' is a 1976 Italian-British disaster/thriller film directed by George Pan Cosmatos and starring Richard Harris, Sophia Loren, Martin Sheen, Burt Lancaster, Lee Strasberg, Ava Gardner and O. J. Simpson about an infected Swedish terrorist who plagues a train's passengers as they head to a derelict arch bridge


In the 1980s she acted primarily on television, including the miniseries remake of "The Long Hot Summer" and the prime-time soap opera "Knots Landing", in 1985 add something


Gardner continued to act regularly until 1986, four years before her death, at age 67, in London in 1990 add something


In 1986 she appeared in her two final projects, the TV movies "Harem" and "Maggie" add something


Two strokes in 1986 left her partially paralyzed and bedridden add something


Mosaraf Ali - After a stint in rural India studying homeopathy, herbalism and medical fasting, and working in Hong Kong at the Vital Life Centre from 1988 until May 1991, he came to London to work at the Hale Clinic where his therapies reportedly proved successful for patients such as Sarah Miles and Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner died in 1990 add something


Marcia Gay Harden - In 1992, she played actress Ava Gardner alongside Philip Casnoff as Frank Sinatra in the made for TV miniseries "Sinatra


Deborah Kara Unger - In 1998 she played the role Ava Gardner in HBO film "The Rat Pack"


Ryan Phillippe - On September 9, 1999, Phillippe and Witherspoon welcomed a daughter named Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, after actress Ava Gardner


Gardner has been portrayed by Marcia Gay Harden in the TV miniseries "Sinatra", Deborah Kara Unger in HBO's "The Rat Pack", Kate Beckinsale in the 2004 Howard Hughes biopic, "The Aviator" and Anna Drijver in the 2012 Italian TV film "Walter Chiari - Fino all'ultima risata" add something


Kate Beckinsale - Also in 2004, Beckinsale portrayed Ava Gardner in Martin Scorsese's Howard Hughes biopic "The Aviator"


March 2010 Gardner's friendship with Hemingway led to her becoming a fan of bullfighting and bullfighters such as Luis Miguel Dominguín, who became her lover add something


Evans's notes and sections of his draft of Gardner's autobiography, which he based on their taped conversations, were published in the book "Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations" after his death in 2012 add something


The 2018 Spanish TV Series "Arde Madrid" is a dramatic comedy with thriller elements based on Ava Gardner's life in Franco's Spain add something