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Baby Lloyd Stallworth

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Baby Lloyd Stallworth

2012 inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, He was inducted as a member of the Flames along with Bobby Bennett, group founder Bobby Byrd, and Johnny Terry, after group lead singer James Brown|James Brown's controversial solo induction in 1986 add

Category: Music

Founded in 1941.

Countries: United States (85%), Turkey (8%), United Kingdom (8%)

Main connections: James Brown, Bobby Byrd, The Famous Flames

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The youngest member of James Brown's singing group, The Famous Flames, Stallworth was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1941 add something


"'Lloyd Eugene Stallworth"', known as "'Baby Lloyd"'" , was an American singer, dancer, songwriter, musician, choreographer, and recording artist, notable as a member of King Records R&B vocal group The Famous Flames from 1958 to 1967, and is a 2012 inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, He was inducted as a member of the Flames along with Bobby Bennett, group founder Bobby Byrd, and Johnny Terry, after group lead singer James Brown's controversial solo induction in 1986 add something


After the group's initial breakup in 1957,with original group members Bobby Byrd, Sylvester Keels, NaFloyd Scott,Nash Knox, and Johnny Terry leaving the group due to the group's managers Clint Brantley and Ben Bart giving James Brown top billing,Brown was having trouble keeping The Flames together add something


James Brown - Following his dismissal of the 1957-58 Famous Flames lineup, he hired "Baby" Lloyd Stallworth and Bobby Bennett as replacements with Byrd and Johnny Terry returning as members


Becoming a member of The Flames, Lloyd sang with the group on many hit singles, including "Bewildered", "Good Good Lovin", "This Old Heart", "I Don't Mind", "Think", "I'll Go Crazy","Three Hearts in a Tangle", and "Oh Baby Don't You Weep", and co-wrote Brown's 1961 hit "Lost Someone" add something


Bobby Byrd - Though the late 1961 recording, "Lost Someone", was sung by Brown alone, the song was credited as a Famous Flames recording and featured Byrd and fellow member Lloyd Stallworth as co-writers, and Byrd played organ on the recording


In addition, Lloyd recorded several albums with the group, including the million-selling 1963 "Live at The Apollo" album, which was credited on the label and cover solely to James Brown, but was, in fact, a recording by "'James Brown and The Famous Flames"' add something


Stallworth appeared with the Flames and James Brown in the 1964 American International Pictures concert film "The T.A.M.I. Show", recorded live at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, in an explosive show-stealing performance where the group upstaged The Rolling Stones add something


Stallworth appeared with the group in the 1965 Frankie Avalon motion picture "Ski Party", and on a 1966 telecast of "The Ed Sullivan Show" on CBS add something


By 1968 Byrd and Bennett had left as well add something


The Famous Flames disbanded in 1968, leaving Brown to go on as a solo artist add something


After a few more years, Byrd too would leave over monetary disputes in 1973 add something


Byrd returned for a time, eventually left Brown for good in 1973 add something


About the rest of the Famous Flames not getting inducted back in 1986, Stewart went on to say: "There was no legislative intent why they weren't included; somehow they just got overlooked add something


When James Brown was inducted as one of the charter members of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, the other members of his vocal group, The Famous Flames, Group founder Bobby Byrd, Bobby Bennett, Johnny Terry, and "Baby Lloyd" Stallworth, were not inducted add something


The Famous Flames - Any hint of a reunion with the Famous Flames ended first with the death of Lloyd Stallworth in 2001, followed by Johnny Terry in 2005 and Brown in December 2006


In a 2002 article in the "New York Daily News", it was reported that Famous Flames members Stallworth, Bobby Byrd,and Bobby Bennett had employed attorney Richard Yellen to issue a lawsuit against James Brown for alleged non-payment of royalties add something


Bobby Byrd - In 2003, a few years prior to his death, Bobby, his wife Vicki, and Famous Flames Bobby Bennett and Lloyd Stallworth, sued lead singer James Brown and Universal Music for non-payment of royalties stating that monies that rightfully belong to them for Byrd's hit "I Know You Got Soul", which was sampled by numerous rappers, including Eric B. & Rakim, were sent by Universal to James Brown instead, who allegedly subsequently kept them


Bobby Bennett,at age 74 as of 2012, the last surviving member of the Famous Flames, accepted the award in behalf of the group at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony in Cleveland add something


Famous Flame Bobby Bennett said, in a 2012 interview for Goldmine, the famous Oldies music magazine: add something


Finally, in 2012, some eleven years after Lloyd Stallworth's death, 5 years after Bobby Byrd's death in 2007, and 7 years after the death of Famous Flame Johnny Terry in 2005, Rock Hall CEO Terry Stewart set up a special committee in 2011 in which bands and groups that had been eligible for induction but were left out because of the impact of the bands' lead singers/front men, finally correcting issues that had been implicit in the first two years of the induction ceremony add something


In 2012, some 27 years after the solo induction of lead singer James Brown, the other Flames were inducted, and the error was finally corrected add something


On the eve of the group's 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Famous Flame Bobby Bennett,the last surviving member of the group, in an interview with "The Cleveland Plain Dealer" newspaper, stated: "Every time one of The Flames left, it was because of money, James wanted all of the money for himself, and we wanted to get paid our money" add something


The Famous Flames were inducted in April 2012 alongside other "backing groups" such as The Midnighters , The Comets , The Crickets , The Blue Caps and The Miracles In reality,these were not really "backing groups" at all, since their lead singers were all members of their respective groups in the first place add something


Bennett, as the group's only surviving member, accepted the induction on behalf of the Famous Flames in person in Cleveland on April 14, 2012 add something


Sadly, less than a year after the group's induction, Bobby Bennett, too, passed away due to complications of diabetes on January 18, 2013 at the age of 74 add something


Choreographer Codie Wiggins played Famous Flame "Baby Lloyd" Stallworth in the 2014 biopic, "Get On Up-The James Brown Story" that was released in theatres nationwide on August 1st, 2014 add something


Choreographer Codie Wiggins played Famous Flame "Baby Lloyd" Stallworth in the 2014 biopic, "Get On Up" that was released in theatres nationwide on August 1, 2014 add something