Barney Rapp

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Barney Rapp

American orchestra leader and jazz musician from 1920's to the 1940s add

Category: Politics

Born in 1900.

Countries: United States (67%), Connecticut (33%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Ohio, Doris Day




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Barney Rapp was born in 1900 add something


"'Barney Rapp"' was an American orchestra leader and jazz musician from 1920's to the 1940s add something


Born "'Barney Rappaport"' in New Haven, Connecticut, Rapp first organized a jazz orchestra in the 1920s that played dancing music called "Barney Rapp and his New Englanders" add something


Barney Rapp married Ruby Wright in 1936 add something


His band was active through the 1940s, launching many artists who later rose to fame add something


His official position was assistant to Frank Sennes, official entertainment director of the venue in the late 1940s add something


Doris Day - To Al Jorden, a trombonist whom she first met when he was in Barney Rapp's Band, from March 1941 to 1943.


In September 1956, the Rapps started the Reds' Rooters Fan Club add something


After Barney's death in 1970, Rapp's wife took over the leadership of the Barney Rapp Agency and the Reds' Rooters add something

Barney Rapp died in 1970 add something


Rapp died on October 12, 1970, and is buried at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio in the Memorial Mausoleum, E-28, D-0 add something


In 1976, she created the Barney Rapp Travel agency and traveled with its tours add something