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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Upcoming American superhero film featuring the DC Comics characters Batman and Superman add

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Launched in 2012.

Countries: United States (44%), Michigan (28%), Illinois (11%)

Main connections: San Diego Comic-Con International, Zack Snyder, Superman

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Shortly after filming for "Man of Steel" finished in June 2012, Warner Bros. hired Will Beall to script a new "Justice League" film add something


It is intended to be the sequel to 2013's "Man of Steel" and the second installment of the DC Comics' shared universe films add something


The sequel was announced at 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International, after the release of "Man of Steel" add something


In June 2013, it was announced that director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer would both be returning for a "Man of Steel" sequel, which was being fast tracked by Warner Bros. with the studio considering a 2014 release for the film add something


Snyder and Goyer were both brought back in June 2013 add something


In September 2013, Larry Fong joined the crew as cinematographer after previously having worked with Zack Snyder in "300", "Watchmen", and "Sucker Punch" add something


Pre-production began at East Los Angeles College in October 2013, with principal photography starting in May 2014 in Detroit, Michigan and concluding in December 2014 add something


Initial filming commenced on October 19, 2013, at East Los Angeles College to shoot an American football game between Gotham City University and rival Metropolis State University add something


In November 2013, however, Snyder clarified that the film would not be based on the graphic novel add something


In December 2013, Chris Terrio was hired to rewrite the script, due to Goyer's commitments in other projects add something


An image of the Wonder Woman costume was revealed at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, in which the costume saturates the red, blue, and gold colors that make up the costume of most versions of the character add something


In January 2014, the film was delayed from its original July 17, 2015 release date, and moved to May 6, 2016, in order to give the filmmakers "time to realize fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story" add something


Beall was replaced by Goyer following "Man of Steel" release and in April 2014 it was announced that Zack Snyder would be following up "Dawn of Justice" as director for "Justice League" for release in 2017 add something


The film's official title "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" was revealed in May 2014 add something


The principal photography involving the main cast of the film began on May 19, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan, with scenes featuring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince being filmed early on May 16 add something


In October 2014, it was announced that "Justice League" would be a two-part film, with Snyder directing both parts add something


Additional filming began in Chicago, Illinois in November 2014 add something


Principal photography wrapped in December 2014 add something


The following month, Snyder confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con International that the sequel to "Man of Steel", now set for release in 2015, would feature Superman and Batman meeting for the first time in a cinematic format add something


In a fictional write-up of the new LexCorp on Fortune, stylized as a magazine profile and published October 5, 2015, it was revealed that Eisenberg's Luthor is described as a 31-year-old wunderkind who transformed an aging petrochemical and heavy machinery dinosaur into a tech darling of the Fortune 500 in what some call a superhuman feat add something


In December 2015, it was revealed that Doomsday would appear in the film add something


Published by Scholastic Corporation, both books will be released in February 2016 add something


The final trailer was released on February 11, 2016, which was described as "intense" by Kwame Opam of "The Verge" add something


"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will premiere on March 19, 2016 at Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, before being released in the United States and the United Kingdom on March 25, 2016, in 3D add something


"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is scheduled to be released in the United States on March 25, 2016, in 2D, 3D, 4DX, IMAX 3D and premium large formats add something


In May 2016, Warner Bros. domestic distribution chief Jeff Goldstein described the film's box office performance as a "fantastic result, by any measure add something


A director's cut, dubbed the "Ultimate Edition" with 30 minutes of additional footage, was released digitally on June 28, 2016, and on optical disc on July 19 add something


The film debuted in first place on the home video sales chart for the week ending July 24, 2016 add something


A similar result was followed by DC's third supherhero film, "Suicide Squad" released in August 2016, although "Suicide Squad" became less front loaded than "Dawn of Justice" add something


A follow-up entitled "Justice League" is set to be released in November 2017, and a standalone Superman sequel is in development add something


In June 2018, "Mise-en-scène: The Journal of Film & Visual Narration" published the article "Applying Suspense to Archetypal Superheroes: Hitchcockian Ambiguity in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"," which argued that the film "warrants analysis as a particularly ambitious development within the evolving superhero genre add something