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Baz Luhrmann

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Baz Luhrmann

American artist.add

Category: Visual Arts

Born in 1962.

Countries: United States (44%), Australia (21%), (13%)

Main connections: Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, La boheme

Linked to: St Paul's College, Manly, NPR, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, Chicago Film Critics Association Awards




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Baz Luhrmann was born in 1962 add something


Luhrmann first auditioned for the National Institute of Dramatic Art in 1980 but was not accepted add something


He successfully auditioned again two years later, starting the three-year acting course in 1983 add something


He graduated from NIDA in 1985, alongside Sonia Todd, Catherine McClements and Justin Monjo add something


Catherine McClements - She graduated from NIDA in 1985, alongside Baz Luhrmann, Sonia Todd and Justin Monjo


Catherine McClements - In 1988, McClements, along with a number of other people including Baz Luhrmann, set up an experimental theatre ensemble called 'Six Years Old', and they worked on expanding the play "Strictly Ballroom", which was first produced in their second year of NIDA in 1984


Tara Morice - She played "Fran" in "Strictly Ballroom" when it premiered as a stage play in 1988 and was a member of Baz Luhrmann's "Six Years Old" Company


Cheryl Barker - Sydney Opera House - Her first major critical success came in 1990 at her debut at the Sydney Opera House as Mimì in Puccini's "La bohème", directed by Baz Luhrmann


Kylie Minogue - In 1993 Baz Luhrmann introduced Minogue to the photographer Bert Stern, notable for his work with Marilyn Monroe


Leonardo DiCaprio - Caprio appeared opposite Claire Danes in Baz Luhrmann's film Romeo Juliet, an abridged modernization of William Shakespeare's romantic tragedy of the same name which retained the original Shakespearean dialogue.


On 26 January 1997, he wed Catherine Martin, a production designer; the couple has two children add something


Mary Schmich - In 1999, Baz Luhrmann released a song called "Everybody's Free " in which this column is read word for word as written by Schmich, who gave permission and receives royalties


Chicago Tribune - The most popular and well-known form of the essay is the successful music single released in 1999, accredited to Baz Luhrmann


Daniel Okulitch - In 2002, Okulitch was cast as Schaunard in the Baz Luhrmann production of Puccini's "La bohème", which premiered at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco, and performed on Broadway for 228 performances


Lisa Hopkins - She is best known for her portrayal of Mimi in Baz Luhrmann's 2002-03 production of "La bohème" on Broadway, for which she received a 2003 Tony *award


Nicole Kidman - She starred in a campaign of television and print ads with Rodrigo Santoro, directed by Moulin Rouge/ director Baz Luhrmann, to promote the fragrance during the holiday seasons of 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2008.


David Lean - More recently, Joe Wright has cited Lean's works, particularly "Doctor Zhivago", as an important influence on his work, and Baz Luhrmann has named Lean as one of the inspirations for his 2008 epic "Australia"


In 2008, his film "Australia" was released, starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman add something


Luhrmann's sweeping 2008 romantic epic "Australia" starred Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman add something


Richard Flanagan - He worked with Baz Luhrmann as a writer on the 2008 film "Australia"


Hugh Jackman - In 2008, director Baz Luhrmann cast Jackman to replace Russell Crowe as the male lead in his much-publicized epic film, "Australia", which co-starred Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman - In 2008, she reunited with Moulin Rouge/ director Baz Luhrmann in the Australia period film Australia, set in the remote Northern Territory during the Japanese attack on Darwin during World War II. Kidman played opposite Hugh Jackman as an Englishwoman feeling overwhelmed by the continent.


New York Musical Theatre Festival - In August 2010, NYMF announced that writer-director Baz Luhrmann would serve as Honorary Chairman of its 2010 Festival


Stanley Donen - Donen's work influenced later directors of film musicals Bill Condon, Rob Marshall and Baz Luhrmann The 2011 film "The Artist" pays tribute to "Singin' in the Rain" , and Donen praised the film after attending its Los Angeles premiere


Joel Edgerton - In 2011, Edgerton was cast as Tom Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann's 2013 remake of "The Great Gatsby"


His version of "The Great Gatsby" was released in 2013 add something


Joel Edgerton - Edgerton played Tom Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann's 2013 remake of "The Great Gatsby"


Beyonce - In 2013, Beyoncé made the "Time" 100 list, Baz Luhrmann writing "no one has that voice, no one moves the way she moves, no one can hold an audience the way she does


Beyonce Knowles - In 2013, Knowles made the "Time" 100 list, Baz Luhrmann writing "no one has that voice, no one moves the way she moves, no one can hold an audience the way she does


Steve Bisley - In 2013, he appeared as Dan Cody in Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of "The Great Gatsby"


Isla Fisher - In 2013, she starred in the Baz Luhrmann adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" with Leonardo DiCaprio and the magician crime thriller "Now You See Me" with Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson


Lana Del Rey - Together with the film's director, co-writer, and co-producer Baz Luhrmann, Del Rey penned the original song "Young and Beautiful" for the soundtrack of the 2013 film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby"


Florence and the Machine - On 4 April 2013, it was announced that Florence and the Machine had written a song for Baz Luhrmann's film rendition of "The Great Gatsby", titled "Over the Love", which was released on 17 April 2013 on SoundCloud


Leonardo DiCaprio - DiCaprio's next film was Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby", a big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel, starring Carey Mulligan and Tobey_Maguire; the film was released on May 10, 2013

2014, November 19, 2014 add something


Lola Astanova - In 2014 Astanova performed at the New York Ball honoring editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia Franca Sozzani, with Donald Trump, Valentino Garavani, Baz Luhrmann, Steven Klein, Zac Posen, Coco Rocha, and Peter Dundas attending the event and Kris Jenner introducing Astanova on stage


You're the One That I Want - Lo-Fang's cover was used in the 2014 Baz Luhrmann mini film advertisement for Chanel No. 5


Kung Fu (TV series) - On April 11, 2014, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Baz Luhrmann is in talks to direct the film and if the deal is made, Luhrmann will rewrite the film's script


In 2016, Luhrmann collaborated with award-winning playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis on the Netflix series "The Get Down" about the birth of hip-hop in the 1970s add something