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Bermuda was discovered in 1505 by Spanish explorer Juan de Bermúdez add something


The first European known to have reached Bermuda was the Spanish sea captain Juan de Bermúdez in 1505, after whom the islands are named add something


It is mentioned in "Legatio Babylonica", published in 1511 by historian Pedro Mártir de Anglería, and was included on Spanish charts of that year add something


Shipwrecked Portuguese mariners are now thought to have been responsible for the 1543 inscription on Portuguese Rock add something


It established a colony at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607 add something


In 1609, the English $ $Virginia Company, which had established Jamestown in Virginia two years earlier, permanently settled Bermuda in the aftermath of a hurricane, when the crew and passengers of the "Sea Venture" steered the ship onto the surrounding reef to prevent its sinking, landed ashore add something


In 1610, all but three of the survivors of "Sea Venture" sailed on to Jamestown add something


In 1612, the English began intentional settlement of Bermuda with the arrival of the ship "Plough" add something


The island was administered as an extension of Virginia by the Company until 1614 add something


In 1615, the colony was passed to a new company, the Somers Isles Company, named after the admiral who saved his passengers from "Sea Venture" add something


Its spin-off, the Somers Isles Company, took over in 1615 and managed the colony until 1684 add something


In 1616 and 1620 acts were passed banning the hunting of certain birds and young tortoises add something


In 1620, a Royal Proclamation granted Bermuda limited self-governance; its Parliament is the fifth oldest in the world, behind the Parliament of the United Kingdom, the Tynwald of the Isle of Man, the Althing of Iceland, and Sejm of Poland add something


English Civil War - In 1649, the English Civil War was in its seventh year and King Charles I was beheaded in Whitehall, London add something


Despite the banning of the importation of Irish after they were perceived to be the leaders of a foiled 1661 uprising by Irish and coloured slaves, the passing of a law against miscegenation in 1663, and the first of a succession of attempts to force free blacks to emigrate in 1656 , and frequent encouragement of the owners of black slaves to export them, by the Eighteenth Century, the merging of the various minority groups, along with some of the white English, had resulted in a new demographic group, "coloured" Bermudians, gaining a slight majority add something


Warwick Academy was established in 1662 and is in the parish of Warwick add something


This interference led to the islanders demanding, and receiving, the revocation of the Company's charter in 1684, and the Company was dissolved add something


The islands became a British colony following the 1707 unification of the parliaments of Scotland and England, which created the Kingdom of Great Britain add something


George Berkeley - In 1725, he began the project of founding a college in Bermuda for training ministers and missionaries in the colony, in pursuit of which he gave up his deanery with its income of £1100.


The Population of Bermuda in 1727 included 4,470 whites and 3,877 coloured add something


Bermuda's ambivalence towards the American rebellion changed in September 1774, when the Continental Congress resolved to ban trade with Great Britain, Ireland, and the West Indies after 10 September 1775 add something


In late 1775, the British Parliament passed the Prohibitory Act to prohibit trade with the American rebelling colonies, and sent HMS "Scorpion" to keep watch over the island add something


The island's forts were stripped of cannon, such that by the end of 1775, all of Bermuda's forts were without cannon, shot and powder add something


Lacking political channels with Great Britain, the Tucker Family met in May 1775 with eight other parishioners, and resolved to send delegates to the Continental Congress in July, with the goal of an exemption from the ban add something


In June 1776, HMS "Nautilus" secured the island, followed by in September add something


Loyalist privateers based in Bermuda captured 114 prizes between 1777 and 1781, while 130 were captured in 1782 add something


After France's entry into the war in 1778, Sir Henry Clinton refortified and garrisoned the island under the command of Major William Sutherland add something


As a result, 91 French and American ships were captured in the winter of 1778-1779, bringing the population once again to the brink of starvation add something


Bermudian trade was severely hampered by the combined efforts of the Royal Navy, the British garrison and loyalist privateers, such that famine struck the island in 1779 add something


Abraham Whipple - Following this adventure, Whipple cruised off Bermuda before arriving at Charleston, South Carolina, on December 23, 1779


The death of George Bruere in 1780 turned the governorship over to his son, George Jr., an active loyalist add something


The Bermuda Gazette, Bermuda's first newspaper, began publishing in 1784 add something


Thomas Moore - In 1803 he was appointed registrar to the Admiralty in Bermuda


Miller Worsley - Although he passed the examination for Lieutenant in 1810, owing to the large numbers of officers in the Royal Navy at the time he was still a Midshipman when drafted from Bermuda in 1812 with several other officers to serve in Canada


In 1811, work began on the large Royal Naval Dockyard on Ireland Island, in the west of the chain, which was to serve as the islands' principal naval base guarding the western Atlantic Ocean shipping lanes add something


War of 1812 - During the War of 1812 between Britain and the United States, the British attacks on Washington, D.C. and the Chesapeake were planned and launched from Bermuda, where the headquarters of the Royal Navy's North American Station had recently been moved from Halifax, Nova Scotia add something


Once the Royal Navy established a base and dockyard defended by regular soldiers, however, the militias were disbanded following the War of 1812 add something


Thomas Spalding - War of 1812 - He was a commissioner from the United States of America to Bermuda to negotiate relative to property taken or destroyed in the South by the British in the War of 1812


Francis Forbes - He was called to the Bar in 1812 and became a Crown Law Officer in Bermuda and married Amelia Sophia Grant in 1813, returning to England in 1815


Charles Stirling - When war broke out with America, he was placed under the command of Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren in September 1812, and led his squadron in harassing American shipping and conducting coastal raids in the Bermuda area


Constantine Richard Moorsom - He was with until 1814 when he was rewarded with his own command of a sloop at Bermuda - HMS "Goree"


Edward Nicolls - Sailing from Bermuda in the summer of 1814, the expedition Nicolls commanded stopped in Spanish Havana, where it was told not to land in Florida by the Captain General, Juan Ruiz de Apodaca, without prior request


Edward Nicolls - The Royal Marine detachment were duly returned to Ireland Island in Bermuda, arriving on 1 July 1815, to rejoin the 3rd Battalion as a supernumerary company


David Milne (Royal Navy officer) - In May 1816, he was appointed to command the North American Station, living in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Bermuda


William Charles Fahie - He retired in 1824 and was subsequently knighted, settling in Bermuda with his second wife


Edward Griffith Colpoys - Griffith Colpoys returned to Halifax again in 1830, but his health was failing and he died at Bermuda on his journey back to Britain in 1832


Edward Griffith Colpoys - However his health was rapidly failing and despite elevation to a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath in May 1831 he was replaced in 1832, sailing for Bermuda


William Charles Fahie - He died on Bermuda in January 1833, having lived almost his entire life in the Caribbean


The majority of blacks in Bermuda can be termed "Bermudian blacks", whose ancestry dates back centuries between the 17th century and the end of slavery in 1834, Bermuda's black population was self-sustaining, with its growth resulting largely from natural expansion add something


Andrew Leith Hay - On 6 February 1838, on being appointed to the governorship of Bermuda, he resigned his seat in parliament


George Dundas - Dundas purchased a Second Lieutenantcy in the Rifle Brigade in 1839, serving in various places such as Bermuda and Nova Scotia


Thomas Harvey (Royal Navy officer) - The command was exercised from Bermuda, and it was there, at Admiralty House that he died, still serving, in May 1841


Andrew Leith Hay - Circumstances, however, arose which prevented him from going to Bermuda, and on 7 July 1841 he was again elected for the Elgin burghs, and continued to sit till 23 July 1847


" Those first immigrants arrived from Madeira aboard the vessel the Golden Rule on 4 November 1849 add something


Butterfield Bank - In 1858 the Bank of N. T. Butterfield was founded as Bermuda's first bank


Joseph Rainey - In 1862, Rainey and his family escaped to Bermuda


Luke P. Blackburn - In 1864, he traveled to Bermuda to help combat a yellow fever outbreak that threatened Confederate blockade running operations there


Luke P. Blackburn - A devastating outbreak of yellow fever struck the island of Bermuda in April 1864


By 1871 the permanent population included 4,725 whites and 7,376 coloured add something


This tournament began in 1872 when Captain Moresby of the Royal Navy introduced the game to Bermuda, holding a match at Somerset to mark "forty years since the unjust thraldom of slavery" add something


Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll - In 1883, for reasons of her fragile health, she spent the winter in Bermuda, popularising a trend for wealthy North Americans to escape to Bermuda's relatively mild climate during the winter months


Today's association of football with the working classes began in 1885 when the FA changed its rules to allow professional players add something


Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll - Her visit brought such attention to Bermuda that a palatial hotel, which opened in 1885, intended to cater to these new visitors, was named after her; the Princess Hotel was built on the shore of Hamilton Harbour, in the parish of Pembroke


The island had formerly been part of the Boer POW camp, housing teenaged prisoners from 1901 to 1902 add something


On the night of 25 June 1902, Duquesne slipped out of his tent, worked his way over a barbed-wire fence, swam 1,5 miles past patrol boats and bright spot lights, through storm-wracked waters, using the distant Gibbs Hill Lighthouse for navigation until he arrived ashore on the main island add something


Fritz Joubert Duquesne - On 25 June 1902, Duquesne and Nicolaas du Toit travelled by ferry to Bailey's Bay, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda to meet Anna Maria Outerbridge, a leader of a "Boer Relief Committee", who was so well known for trying to assist Boers in escaping that the military searched her house whenever there was an escape, the Colonial Assembly outlawed assisting and harbouring escaped prisoners of war, and on Guy Fawkes Night an effigy of her, not Guy Fawkes, was burnt


Butterfield Bank - Butterfield was incorporated by an Act of Parliament in Bermuda in 1904


Lord Kitchener's brother, Lt. Gen. Sir Walter Kitchener, had been the Governor of Bermuda from 1908 until his death in 1912 add something


The New York Yankees of Major League Baseball held Spring Training in Bermuda in 1913 add something


He claimed to be responsible for the 1916 death of Lord Herbert Kitchener in the sinking of HMS Hampshire, the head of the British Army who had commanded British forces in South Africa during the second Boer War, but this had resulted from a mine add something


Owen Merton - After the 1921 death of his wife, Merton lived in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in Bermuda


Thomas Merton - In 1922, Merton and his father traveled to Bermuda, having left John Paul with his in-laws, the Jenkins family, in Douglaston


Alain Gerbault - In September, 1923, Gerbault left New York to continue his circumnavigation, heading first for Bermuda


In 1930, after several failed attempts, a Stinson Detroiter seaplane flew to Bermuda from New York City, the first aeroplane ever to reach the islands add something


William Beebe - Although Beebe continued to use Nonsuch Island as his base of operations throughout the 1930s, with the onset of World War II in 1939 it was announced that the ferry linking Bermuda to New York would soon be making its final run, requiring Beebe and his team to hastily abandon their station there


William Beebe - During the course of his expeditions Beebe gradually developed an interest in marine biology, ultimately leading to his 1930s dives in the Bathysphere off the coast of Bermuda, along with the Bathysphere's inventor Otis Barton


Harry DeWolf - In May 1931 he married Gwendolen Gilbert of Somerset, Bermuda who he had met while serving aboard HMCS "Patriot" which had spent a winter training there several years earlier


James M. Masters, Sr. - During his battleship cruise to the Azores, Halifax, and Bermuda in 1932, Masters opted for the Marine Corps, observing "


Navigation and weather forecasting improved in 1933 when the Royal Air Force established a station at the Royal Naval Dockyard to repair float planes for the fleet add something


Georgia O'Keeffe - In the spring of 1933 and 1934, O'Keeffe recuperated in Bermuda, and she returned to New Mexico in the summer of 1934


David Niven - After detours to Bermuda and Cuba, he arrived in Hollywood in 1934


Evelyn Hoey - She asked him to test her voice when she returned from a trip to Bermuda in 1934


In 1936, Luft Hansa began to experiment with seaplane flights from Berlin via the Azores with continuation flights to New York City add something


In 1937, Imperial Airways and Pan American Airways began operating scheduled flying boat airline services from New York and Baltimore to Darrell's Island, Bermuda add something


H. Montgomery Hyde - He was Military Liaison and Security Officer, Bermuda from 1940 to 1941 and Assistant Passport Control Officer in New York from 1941 to 1942


William Beebe - Transportation to and from Bermuda resumed in 1940, and Beebe returned there in May 1941, but the environment was slowly being transformed due to the war


In May 1940, the US requested base rights in Bermuda from the United Kingdom, but British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was initially unwilling to accede to the American request without getting something in return add something


In September 1940, as part of the Destroyers for Bases Agreement, the UK granted the US base rights in Bermuda add something


Construction began in 1941 of two airbases consisting of of land, largely reclaimed from the sea add something


The US Army established the Bermuda Base Command in 1941 to coordinate its air, anti-aircraft, and coast artillery assets during the war add something


In 1942, Col. Duquesne was arrested by the FBI for leading the Duquesne Spy Ring, which still to this day is the largest espionage case in the history of the United States add something


The US Navy operated a submarine base on Ordnance Island from 1942 through 1945 add something


Evelyn King (politician) - He was a member of parliamentary delegations to Bermuda and Washington DC in 1946, Tokyo 1947, Cairo and the Middle East 1967, Jordan and the Persian Gulf 1968, Kenya and the Seychelles 1969, Malta 1970 , and Malawi 1971


Arthur Coningham (RAF officer) - He disappeared on 30 January 1948 when the airliner G-AHNP "Star Tiger" in which he was travelling to Bermuda was lost off the east coast of the United States


After 1949, when Newfoundland became part of Canada, Bermuda became the oldest remaining British overseas territory add something


From the 1950s onwards, Bermuda relaxed its immigration laws, allowing increased immigration from Britain and Canada add something


In the 1950s, after the end of World War II, the Royal Naval dockyard and the military garrison were closed add something


Eugene O'Neill - Eugene O'Neill, Jr., a Yale classicist, suffered from alcoholism and committed suicide in 1950 at the age of 40. and Shane O'Neill, became a heroin addict and moved into the family home in Bermuda, "Spithead," with his new wife, where he supported himself by selling off the furnishings


Tim Heywood - He was a member of the crew of "Gulvain" in 1950 when it performed well in the Newport Bermuda Race and when it came home first in the first post-war transatlantic race, from Bermuda to Plymouth, immediately afterwards


Other commonly known fauna of Bermuda include its national bird, the Bermuda petrel or cahow, which was rediscovered in 1951 after having been thought extinct since the 1620s add something


Ray King (footballer) - Together they had a son, Gary, in 1951; he became an educator, who taught in Bermuda, New_York, and Thailand


Lois Browne-Evans - She first gained recognition in 1953 as the Bermuda's first female barrister


Lois Browne-Evans - Browne-Evans was educated at King's College London, and became Bermuda's first female barrister in 1953 after being called to the bar at Middle Temple in June 1953


The first summit was held in December 1953, at the insistence of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, to discuss relations with the Soviet Union during the Cold War add something


An additional US Navy compound known as Naval Facility Bermuda , a submarine-detecting SOSUS station, was located to the west of the Annex near a Canadian Forces communications facility in the Tudor Hill area; it was converted from a US Army coast artillery bunker in 1954 and operated until 1995 add something


Clarence Wiseman - At the beginning of 1954 the Wisemans returned to Toronto where the now Colonel Wiseman was appointed field secretary for the Canada and Bermuda Territory


William Bennett Kilpack - Dorothy died December 1, 1955, in Southampton, Bermuda


In 1957, a second summit conference was held add something


Sam Snead - In December 1959, Snead took part in a controversial match against Mason Rudolph, at the Mid Ocean Club in Bermuda


Universal adult suffrage and the development of a two-party political system took place in the 1960s add something


Butterfield Bank - During the 1960s, the bank opened branches in the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands and formed new companies to handle mortgages and trusts, followed by its third Bermuda branch, in Somerset, Bermuda, in 1970


Macmillan returned in 1961 for the third summit with President John F. Kennedy add something


Lois Browne-Evans - She was the first black woman to be elected to the House of Assembly of Bermuda, defeating the long-serving incumbent Sir Bayard Dill, becoming the Member of Parliament for the Devonshire North constituency in 1963


Brian Close - He first met his wife Vivien, an air stewardess with BOAC, in Bermuda whilst touring there with Yorkshire in 1964, when she was engaged to someone else


Scott Carpenter - In July 1964 in Bermuda, Carpenter sustained a grounding injury from a motorbike accident while on leave from NASA to train for the Navy's SEALAB project


Prior to 1965, the Bermuda school system was racially segregated add something


When the desegregation of schools was enacted in 1965, two of the formerly maintained "white" schools and both single-sex schools opted to become private schools add something


Tony Barrell (broadcaster) - He worked as a writer and researcher for Pathé Films from 1965 to 1969 and made journeys to shoot Pathe Pictorial in Morocco, Bermuda, Florida, New York and Hong Kong


David B. Wingate - He went on to become the Conservation Officer for the Bermuda Government Parks Department from 1966 to his retirement in 2000


Clarence Wiseman - In 1967 Canada celebrated its centenary, and that year Clarence Wiseman was appointed territorial commander for the Canada and Bermuda Territory - the first Canadian to hold the office


The Constitution of Bermuda came into force on 1 June 1967; it was amended in 1989 and 2003 add something


The UBP, which had been in government from 1968 to 1998, argued that joining CARICOM was detrimental to Bermuda's interests: add something


Conrad Swan - He did so in Bermuda in 1969 and in Brisbane in 1977


Tony Whelan - He signed as a full professional in December 1969 and, in May 1970, aged just 17, he was selected to go on the first team's three week tour of Bermuda, Canada and the United States, where he played against Eintracht Frankfurt and the Bermuda national football team


By the end of the 1970s, however, international business had supplanted tourism as the dominant sector of Bermuda's economy add something


In 1970 the country switched its currency from the Bermudian pound to the Bermudian dollar, which is pegged at par with the US dollar add something


The principal installation, Kindley Air Force Base on the eastern coast, was transferred to the US Navy in 1970 and redesignated Naval Air Station Bermuda add something


While calypso appealed more to tourists than to the local residents, reggae has been embraced by many Bermudians since the 1970s with the influx of Jamaican immigrants add something


Pamela Sharples, Baroness Sharples - She accompanied him to Bermuda in 1972 when he was appointed governor


Edwin Leather - In 1973, following the murder of Sir Richard Sharples, Leather was appointed Governor of Bermuda


On 10 March 1973, the Governor of Bermuda, Richard Sharples, was assassinated by local Black Power militants during a period of civil unrest add something


Pamela Sharples, Baroness Sharples - Sir Richard was shot on 10 March 1973 at the governor's mansion in Pembroke, Bermuda by Erskine Burrows along with his aide-de-camp and his Great Dane


Edwin Leather - Despite the assassination of his predecessor and an aide, he lived informally and mixed with locals; he continued to live in Bermuda after his retirement in 1977


Bermudian model Gina Swainson was crowned "Miss World" in 1979 add something


Gina Swainson - As the official representative of Bermuda to the 1979 Miss World pageant held in London , United Kingdom on November 15, she captured the crown of Miss World 1979, becoming the only woman to win a major international pageant for Bermuda as of 2010 and the most successful at both Miss Universe and Miss World


Carolyn Seaward - Later that year she won the Miss United Kingdom pageant, and went on to represent Great Britain in Miss World 1979, becoming this time first runner-up to the first runner-up from Miss Universe, the same girl from Bermuda, Gina Swainson, who won the Miss World title


Butterfield Bank - During the 1980s the bank took over the Bermuda National Bank, expanded its overseas business and introduced automated teller machines into Bermuda


Gina Swainson - Upon her return to Bermuda, there was a parade in her honour and Swainson was depicted on a series of Bermudian postage stamps in 1980


John Lennon - Lennon emerged from retirement in October 1980 with the single " Starting Over", followed the next month by the album "Double Fantasy", which contained songs written during a journey to Bermuda on a 43-foot sailing boat the previous June, that reflected his fulfilment in his new-found stable family life


Local resident Tom Butterfield founded the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art in 1986, initially featuring works about Bermuda by artists from other countries add something


Department of Information Services, 1988 add something


Denys Roberts - Accordingly, Roberts continued to serve as Chief Justice of Brunei Darussalam after his retirement and became President of the Court of Appeal of Bermuda from 1988 to 1994


Denys Roberts - After retiring in 1988, he had served as President of the Court of Appeal of Bermuda, Chief Justice and President of Court of Appeal of Brunei Darussalam before finally retiring from the judicial service in 2003


Troy Douglas - For Bermuda he participated at the 1988, 1992 and 1996 Summer Olympics, reaching the semi finals on the 200 metres in 1996 as well as the semi finals on the 400 metres in 1992 and 1996


The highest recorded temperature was in August 1989 add something


The most recent summit conference in Bermuda between the two powers occurred in 1990, when British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher met US President George H. W. Bush add something


The only boys' school opened its doors to girls in the 1990s, and in 1996, one of the aided schools became a private school add something


Jack Carter (politician) - After his divorce Carter married Elizabeth Brasfield on May 15, 1992, and they lived in Bermuda, where they started an investment company, before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2003, where he formed the investment consultant firm Carter Global


A small Royal Navy supply base, HMS Malabar, continued to operate within the dockyard area, supporting transiting Royal Navy ships and submarines until it, too, was closed in 1995, along with the American and Canadian bases add something


Although leased for 99 years, US forces withdrew in 1995, as part of the wave of base closures following the end of the Cold War add something


The American military presence lasted until 1995 add something


Prior to this, the leaders of Bermuda and the United States had not met at the White House since a 1996 meeting between Premier David Saul and President Bill Clinton add something


The Bermuda Education Act 1996 requires that only three categories of schools can operate in the Bermuda Education system: add something


Victor Grandia - He had previously toured England in 1996 with the Dutch Colts and played in the International Youth Tournament in 1997 in Bermuda


Vostok Gas - The company was founded in 1996 and has its headquarters in Bermuda


After the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, Bermuda became the most populous remaining dependent territory add something


Damian Mills - Mills represented Canada for the first time in 1997 in the final International Youth Tournament in Bermuda


In 1998, Bermuda established its own Basketball Association add something


Although the number of residents born in Africa is very small, it has tripled between 2000 and 2010 add something


In summer 2001, they performed at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., United States add something


The four men were among 22 Uyghurs who claimed to be refugees, who were captured in 2001 in Pakistan after fleeing the American aerial bombardment of Afghanistan add something


Accenture - The international company was first incorporated in Bermuda in 2001


James G. Howes - Bermuda Transport Minister Dr. Ewart Brown celebrated the 2002 result by throwing a party for all airport employees and their families


James G. Howes - Howes has been a consultant to the Bermuda government since 2002


James G. Howes - In 2002 and 2003, the Bermuda International Airport placed highly in the International Air Transport Association's survey of overall passenger satisfaction, winning its North American Region both years and rising from ninth to fourth worldwide


Diana Dill - In 2002, Dill married Donald Webster in the old Devonshire Parish Church in Bermuda


Effective January 2003, all Jamaican nationals who are not Bermudian must have a visa to enter Bermuda on business or vacation add something


Bermuda became an associate member of the Caribbean Community in July 2003, despite not being in the Caribbean region add something


Before that, Hurricane Fabian on 5 September 2003 was the last major hurricane to hit Bermuda directly add something


At the 2004 Summer Olympics, Bermuda competed in sailing, athletics, swimming, diving, triathlon and equestrian events add something


Richard Staple - He first played first-class cricket for the USA in 2004, playing ICC Intercontinental Cup matches against Canada and Bermuda


Aijaz Ali - He made his first-class debut in 2004, playing matches in the ICC Intercontinental Cup against Canada in Fort Lauderdale and against Bermuda in Hamilton


Usain Bolt - Under the guidance of new coach Fitz Coleman, Bolt turned professional in 2004, beginning with the CARIFTA Games in Bermuda


The affordability of housing became a prominent issue during Bermuda's business peak in 2005 but has softened with the decline of Bermuda's real estate prices add something


They were cleared as safe for release from Guantánamo in 2005 or 2006, but US domestic law prohibited deporting them back to China, their country of citizenship, because the US government determined that China was likely to violate their human rights add something


In 2006, the Bermuda Hogges were formed as the nation's first professional football team to raise the standard of play for the Bermuda national football team add something


The Government announced in 2006 that it would provide substantial financial support to Bermuda's cricket and football teams add something


Bermuda's national cricket team participated in the Cricket World Cup 2007 in the West Indies add something


In 2007, Bermuda hosted the 25th PGA Grand Slam of Golf add something


In 2007, the 16th biennial Marion-Bermuda yacht race occurred add something


Sabena - On 16 January 2007 the Belgian - Flemish news program Terzake reported that during the nineties, several members of the board were paid large sums illegally through a SABENA affiliate in Bermuda


Montel Williams - They married before friends and family on a beach in Bermuda on October 6, 2007


In 2008, the museum opened its new building, constructed within the Botanical Gardens add something


Jillian Teceira competed in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 add something


The event returned to Bermuda in 2008 and 2009 add something


Lois Browne-Evans - In 2008, Brown's government created a National Heroes Day holiday to commemorate Browne-Evans, intended to replace the existing national holiday Bermuda Day


Juniperus Capital - It was incorporated in Bermuda on April 11, 2008


The most recent meeting was on 23 June 2008, between Premier Ewart Brown and President George W. Bush add something


Saad Bin Zafar - He made his Canadian debut on 4 July 2008 playing against the Bermuda


In September 2008, the men were cleared of all suspicion and Judge Ricardo Urbina in Washington ordered their release add something


Willis Group - Willis announced plans in 2009 to relocate its registered office from Bermuda to Ireland


In May 2009, Bermudian Government's application was approved to become a contributory member of the University of the West Indies add something


Congressional opposition to their admittance to the United States was very strong and the US failed to find a home for them until Bermuda and Palau agreed to accept the 22 men in June 2009 add something


On 11 June 2009, four Uyghurs who had been held in the United States Guantánamo Bay detention camp, in Cuba, were transferred to Bermuda add something


However, in September 2009, the Irish press reported that a growing number of companies were moving from Bermuda to Ireland as part of a search for "a more stable environment" add something


Lucas Glover - In October 2009, Glover won the PGA Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda


Bermuda u/19 team won the 2010 Caribbean Championships add something


Bermuda's 2010 Census put Bermuda's population at 64,237 and, with an area of , it has a calculated population density of 1207/km² add something


Bermuda's membership enabled Bermudian students to enter the University at an agreed upon subsidised rate by 2010 add something


In 2010, his sculpture "We Arrive" was unveiled in Barr's Bay Park, overlooking Hamilton Harbour, to commemorate the freeing of slaves in 1835 from the American brig "Enterprise" add something


Tokio Millennium Re Ltd. - In the fiscal year 2010/2011 TMR was a Venturer Supporter of Raleigh International Bermuda, a branch of Raleigh International


The Bermuda Rugby Union team won the 2011 Caribbean championships, defeating Guyana in the final add something


The Bermuda sevens team competed in the 2011 Las Vegas Sevens, defeating the Mexican team add something


Tokio Millennium Re Ltd. - In 2011 TMR was elected one of the "Top 10 Employers That Stand Out in Bermuda" by the Bottom Line magazine


Tokio Millennium Re Ltd. - In April 2012 the Bermuda Cricket Board announced that TMR would sponsor 8&Under League for the 2012 season


Tokio Millennium Re Ltd. - In June and July 2012 TMR will support Bermuda Glee, a ten-day intensive in the performing arts for Bermudian students aged 14 to 19


David B. Wingate - More recently, "Rare Birds: The Extraordinary Tale of the Bermuda Petrel and the Man Who Brought It Back from Extinction", a biography of Wingate and the story of his fight to save the cahows, was published in October 2012


Bermuda competes in the biennial Island Games, which it hosted in 2013 add something


In 2013 and 2017 Bermuda chaired the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association add something


The team played in the United Soccer Leagues Second Division but folded in 2013 add something


JetBlue Airways - As of October 2013, JetBlue Airways flies to over 80 destinations in multiple countries, including Aruba, The Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Sint Maarten, Puerto Rico and the United States


In December 2013, Bermuda's bid to host the 2017 America's Cup was announced add something


JetBlue Airways - As of February 1, 2015, JetBlue Airways flies to over 87 destinations in multiple countries, some countries include Aruba, The Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Saint Maarten, Puerto Rico, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and the United States


JetBlue Airways - As of November 5, 2015, JetBlue Airways flies to 92 destinations in North, Central, and South_America; some countries include Aruba, The Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Mexico, Saint Maarten, Puerto Rico, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States


Reg Grundy - Grundy died on 6 May 2016 at his Bermuda home, with his family by his side


XL Group - In July 2016, the company moved its domicile from Ireland to Bermuda


The current governor is John Rankin; he was sworn in on 5 December 2016 add something


The current ruling party in Bermuda is the Progressive Labour Party, commonly referred to as the PLP. They were voted into power in July 2017 after Bermuda was ruled by the One Bermuda Alliance for five years, from 2012 to 2017 add something


The most recent took place on 18 July 2017 add something


JetBlue Airways - As of May 2018, JetBlue Airways flies to 102 destinations in North, Central, and South_America; including destinations in Aruba, The Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Grenada, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, &Puerto_Rico (xyzgh_Puerto_Rico), Saint Maarten, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands and the United States


The current US Consul General is Constance M. Dierman, who took office in June 2018 add something


As of July 2018, its population is 71,176, the highest of the British overseas territories add something


As of July 2018, the population is estimated to be 71,146 add something