Bernard Wolfe

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Bernard Wolfe

American writer add

Category: Literature

Born in 1915.

Countries: Mexico (50%), United States (17%), Russia (17%)

Main connections: Yale University, Leon Trotsky, World War II

Linked to: Playboy, American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky, Berne incident




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Bernard Wolfe was born in 1915 add something


Wolfe was educated at Yale University, and worked in the United States Merchant Marine during the 1930s; in 1937 he served briefly as secretary to Leon Trotsky during the latter's exile in Mexico add something


During World War II he was employed as a military correspondent by a number of science magazines, and in 1946 he began to write fiction add something


He wrote several novels, and plays, mostly for television, but is known primarily for his 1952 science-fiction novel "Limbo" add something

Bernard Wolfe died in 1985 add something


Because "Limbo" was set in the then-distant future of 1990, the original British edition is titled "Limbo '90" add something