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Bernhard Bästlein

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Bernhard Bastlein

German Communist and resistance fighter against the Nazi r add

Category: Politics

Born in 1894.

Countries: Germany (91%), Russia (5%), France (5%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Gestapo, Julius Leber, Soviet Union

Linked to: Communist Party of Germany, Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany, Gestapo, Soviet Union




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Bernhard Bästlein was born in 1894 add something


In 1911, Bästlein finished his training as a mechanic and joined the Socialist Workers Youth Party , where he met his future wife, the seamstress Johanna Elisabeth Hermine Berta Zenk, daughter of Wilhelmine and Albert Zenk, a working-class family and Social Democrats add something


The following year, Bästlein joined the metal workers' union and the SPD and from 1913 till 1915, he went to work at different armaments factories, at which point he became a soldier and went to fight in France on the western front in 1916 add something


On returning to civilian life, he was elected to a council of workers and soldiers in November 1918 and he began writing as the "worker correspondent" for the "Hamburg Peoples' Press", a volunteer position add something


The two were able to take part in the IV World Congress of the Communist International in December 1922 add something


From 1923 to 1930, Bästlein worked as an editor at several KPD newspapers in Dortmund , Hagen, Wuppertal, Remscheid and Solingen add something


An amnesty in Germany led to the couple's return in January 1923 add something


Their first child was born in 1924, but died shortly after birth add something


In 1929, he was editor-in-chief of the "Bergische Arbeiterstimme" in Solingen and he became the KPD deputy district leader in Düsseldorf add something


In 1930, Bästlein received only a small stipend, so small that he and his wife had to sublet from members of the party add something


In 1930, he became the district leader in Cologne add something


The following year, in February 1931, Bästlein became the Political Secretary of the middle Rhine district of the KPD and for the first time received enough salary to live on add something


In 1932, Bästlein became a member of the Prussian Federal State Parliament and his second child was born, a son add something


After the Nazis came to power in 1933, she and their son had to vacate their home of two years add something


He was imprisoned very shortly after the Nazis seized power in 1933 and was imprisoned almost without interruption until his execution in 1944, by the Nazis add something


Bernhard Bästlein was elected to the Reichstag on March 5, 1933, but this was the election that brought the Nazis to greater power in the government and he was never able to fulfill his duties add something


Heinrich Rau - On 23 May 1933 Rau was arrested and on 11 December 1934 convicted, together with Bernhard Bästlein, for "preparations to commit high treason" by the People's Court of Germany


Upon release on February 12, 1935, he returned to his family in Hamburg add something


On March 8, 1935, he was placed in preventive detention, indicted as the "intellectual author" of a murder in Bonn add something


Despite the fact that the case was closed, Bästlein was sent to the concentration camp in Esterwegen and in 1936, to Sachsenhausen, where he met Robert Abshagen, Franz Jacob, Julius Leber, Harry Naujoks, Wilhelm Guddorf and Martin Weise add something


She and son moved to Hamburg, where she lived from social welfare, but it was cut off in 1938 add something


The war that began in 1939 had "awoken all memories of the 1914-1918 war and strengthened his conviction that as long as the capitalist social order existed, there would again and again be wars which would destroy all feeling in human society and likewise result in tremendous loss of material wealth add something


In 1941, they built the Bästlein-Jacob-Abshagen Group, with the objective of educating workers and organizing acts of sabotage add something


In the middle of 1942, there was a major leaflet campaign directed at construction workers, primarily in Hamburg, who were forced to work with the Organisation Todt in Norway and the Soviet Union add something


In mid-May 1942, four people entered Germany illegally by parachute, jumping from Soviet planes over East Prussia add something


On October 15, 1942, the Gestapo began a wave of arrests and two days later, they arrested Bästlein at work add something


On November 30, 1942, he gave the Gestapo a written statement explaining why he had been and would remain a Resistance fighter add something


In 1943, Hamburg was the target of severe bombing and they lost their home in July add something


In August 1943, Bästlein was moved to Plötzensee Prison in Berlin to serve as a witness in the trial of Martin Weise, but in January 1944, the prison was bombed during an air raid and Bästlein was able to escape add something

Bernhard Bästlein died in 1944 add something


But on May 30, 1944, he was once again arrested add something


He was sentenced to death on September 5, 1944 for the crimes of conspiracy to commit high treason, aiding the enemy and undermining military strength add something


Bästlein was executed on September 18, 1944 at Brandenburg-Görden Prison add something


She remained ignorant of her husband's execution until September 30, 1944 add something


Anton Saefkow - In 1944, he, Bernhard Bästlein and Franz Jacob led the Saefkow-Jacob-Bästlein Organization, which agitated against the war in Berlin munitions plants, and called on people to commit sabotage


In 1964, the GDR released stamps honoring Bästlein, Saefkow and Jacob on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of their execution by the Nazis add something


The ship was sold to Chinese breakers in 1986 and the name was shortened to "Bernhard" add something