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Bernie Ecclestone

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Bernie Ecclestone

English business magnate, as president and CEO of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration and through his part-ownership of Alpha Prema, the parent company of the Formula One Group of companies add

Category: Business

Born in 1930.

Countries: (29%), United States (13%), United Kingdom (13%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Formula One, Brabham, Flavio Briatore

Linked to: Formula One Constructors Association, Brabham, Lehman Brothers, Alta Car and Engineering Company




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Bernie Ecclestone was born in 1930 add something


The son of a fisherman, he attended primary school in Wissett before the family moved to Bexleyheath, Kent, in 1938 add something


His first racing experience came in 1949 in the 500cc Formula 3 Series, acquiring a Cooper Mk V in 1951 add something


He returned to racing in 1957 as manager of driver Stuart Lewis-Evans, and purchased two chassis from the disbanded Connaught F1 team, whose driver line-up over the years had included Lewis-Evans, Roy Salvadori, Archie Scott Brown, and Ivor Bueb add something


Ecclestone even attempted, unsuccessfully, to qualify a car himself at Monaco in 1958 add something


Ecclestone himself entered two Grand Prix races during the 1958 season, failing to qualify for either of them add something


He became increasing involved with his roles at FISA and the FOCA in the 1970s, in particular with negotiating the sport's television rights, in his decades-long advocacy for team control add something


His control of the sport, which grew from his pioneering the sale of television rights in the late 1970s, is chiefly financial, but under the terms of the Concorde Agreement he and his companies manage the administration, setup and logistics of each Formula One Grand Prix add something


Rindt, on his way to the 1970 World Championship, died in a crash at the Monza circuit, though he was awarded the championship posthumously add something


Formula One - Beginning in the 1970s, Bernie Ecclestone rearranged the management of Formula One's commercial rights; he is widely credited with transforming the sport into the billion-dollar business it is now


Brabham - British businessman Bernie Ecclestone owned Brabham during most of the 1970s and 1980s, and later became responsible for administering the commercial aspects of Formula One. Ecclestone sold the team in 1988


Monaco Grand Prix - For the next two races, By the early 1970s, as Brabham team owner Bernie Ecclestone started to marshal the collective bargaining power of the Formula One Constructors Association , Monaco was prestigious enough to become an early bone of contention


During the 1971 season, Ecclestone was approached by Ron Tauranac, owner of the Brabham team, who was looking for a suitable business partner add something


Brabham - At the end of 1971 Bernie Ecclestone bought MRD. He retained the Brabham brand, as did subsequent owners


Brabham - He sold the company for £100,000 at the end of 1971 to British businessman Bernie Ecclestone, Jochen_Rindt's former manager and erstwhile owner of the Connaught team


Ecclestone and Tauranac were both dominant personalities and the Australian left Brabham early in the 1972 season add something


In 1972, he bought the Brabham team, which he ran for fifteen years add something


In early 1972, Ecclestone purchased the Brabham team from Ron Tauranac add something


The team achieved little during 1972, as Ecclestone moulded the team to fit his vision of a Formula One team add something


For the 1973 season, Ecclestone promoted Gordon Murray to chief designer add something


The following year, Murray, who since 1973 had designed cars that had scored 22 GP wins, left Brabham to join McLaren add something


In parallel to his activities as team owner, Ecclestone formed the Formula One Constructors Association in 1974 with Frank Williams, Colin Chapman, Teddy Mayer, Ken Tyrrell, and Max Mosley add something


The young South African produced the triangular cross-section BT42, the first of a series of Ford powered cars with which the Brabham team would take several victories in 1974 and 1975 with Carlos Reutemann and Carlos Pace add something


Teddy Pilette - He participated in 4 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, the first on 12 May 1974 with Bernie Ecclestone's Brabham team


Despite the increasing success of Murray's nimble Ford-powered cars, Ecclestone signed a deal with Alfa Romeo to use their powerful but heavy flat-12 engine from the 1976 season add something


The 1976 and 1977 seasons saw Brabham fall towards the back of the field again, before winning two races again in the 1978 season when Ecclestone signed the Austrian double world champion Niki Lauda, intrigued by Murray's radical BT46 design add something


Also in 1978, Ecclestone hired Sid Watkins as official Formula One medical doctor add something


Ecclestone became chief executive of FOCA in 1978 with Mosley as his legal advisor; together, they negotiated a series of legal issues with the FIA and Jean-Marie Balestre, culminating in Ecclestone's famous coup, his securing the right for FOCA to negotiate television contracts for the Grands Prix add something


Formula One Group - In 1978 Bernie Ecclestone became the executive of FOCA and fought the Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile for control of F1 commercial rights


The Brabham-Alfa era ended in 1979, the team's first season with the up-and-coming young Brazilian Nelson Piquet when Alfa Romeo started testing their own Formula One car during this season add something


Piquet formed a close and long lasting relationship with Ecclestone and the team, losing the title after a narrow battle with Alan Jones in 1980 and eventually winning in 1981 and 1983 add something


In the summer of 1981 Brabham had tested a car powered by a BMW turbo engine, and 1982's new BT50 was powered by BMW's turbocharged 4-cylinder M10 add something


Ecclestone and BMW came close to splitting before the turbo car duly took its first win at the 1982 Canadian Grand Prix but the partnership took the first turbo-powered world championship in 1983 add something


James Hunt - In 1982, Bernie Ecclestone owner of the Brabham team, offered Hunt a salary of £2,6 million for the season but was rejected by Hunt


Monaco Grand Prix - In 1983 the ACM became entangled in the disagreements between Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile and FOCA. The ACM, with the agreement of Bernie Ecclestone, negotiated an individual television rights deal with ABC in the United States


Ayrton Senna - Peter Warr of Lotus, Ron Dennis of McLaren, and Bernie Ecclestone of Brabham made offers for testing in 1984 and presented long-term contracts that tied Senna to driving later on


The team continued to be competitive until 1985 add something


Lola Cars - Car, engine, drivers and sponsors were all troublesome and the team folded after the 1986 season with most of its assets being sold to Bernie Ecclestone


BMW withdrew from Formula One after the 1987 season add something


Brabham continued under Ecclestone's leadership to the end of the 1987 season, in which the team scored only eight points add something


McLaren - Subsequent Concorde Agreements were signed in 1987 and 1992 but in 1996 McLaren were again one of the teams pitched into dispute over the terms of a new agreement, this time with former FOCA president Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Promotions and Administration organisation


Formula One Group - When the Concorde Agreement ended in 1987, Bernie Ecclestone ceased being a team owner and established the Formula One Promotions and Administration , to manage TV rights for the teams


On 6 November correspondents from three newspapers inquired whether Labour had received any donations from Ecclestone; he had donated £1 million in January 1997 add something


Despite heart surgery and triple coronary bypass in 1999, Ecclestone has remained as energetic as always in promoting his own business interests add something


Earlier, in February 2000, he said that women would never excel in Formula One, stating "she would have to be a woman who was blowing away the boys add something


In April 2000 Ecclestone sold International Sportsworld Communicators to David Richards add something


In early 2004, he sold one of his London residences in Kensington Palace Gardens, never having lived in it, to steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal for £57,1 million, at the time making it the most expensive house ever sold add something


Ecclestone came under fire in October 2004 when he and British Racing Drivers' Club president Jackie Stewart were unable to come to terms regarding the future British Grand Prix, causing the race to be dropped from the 2005 provisional season calendar add something


British Grand Prix - In October 2004 the British Grand Prix was left off the preliminary race schedule for 2005 because the BRDC refused to pay the race fee demanded by Bernie Ecclestone


In 2005, when speaking about Indycar racer Danica Patrick, he remarked "You know I've got one of those wonderful ideas add something


CVC acquired Lehman Brothers share at the end of March 2006 add something


On 21 March 2006 the EU competition authorities approved the transaction subject to CVC selling Dorna, which controls the rights to MotoGP add something


Mexican Grand Prix - After the 2006 United States Grand Prix, Bernie Ecclestone announced that the Grand Prix of Mexico would return for the 2009 season


The revenue sharing with the various teams, the Concorde Agreement, expired on the last day of 2007, and the contract with the FIA expired on the last day of 2012 add something


On 21 July 2007, Ecclestone announced in the media that he would be open to discuss the purchase of Arsenal Football Club add something


On 3 September 2007, it was announced that Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore had bought Queen Park Rangers Football Club add something


Gianluca Vialli - In 2007 he was linked with a move to the managers position at Queens Park Rangers, following the club takeover by Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone and the dismissal of John Gregory as manager, but ultimately declined any interest in the job


Malaysian Grand Prix - On 8 April 2007, shortly before the 2007 Malaysian Grand Prix, Formula One president Bernie Ecclestone was quoted as stating that the circuit was getting "shabby" and "a bit tired" from the lack of care, describing it as "an old house that needs a bit of redecorating"


Queens Park Rangers F.C. - After a number of years of financial difficulties which included a period in financial administration, QPR was bought by Formula One tycoons and multi-millionaires Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore in a £14 million takeover in August 2007


Lakshmi Mittal - However, on 20 December 2007 it was announced that the Mittal family had purchased a 20 percent shareholding in Queens Park Rangers football club joining Flavio Briatore and Mittal's friend Bernie Ecclestone


After the loss of Silverstone as the venue for the British Grand Prix in 2008, Ecclestone came under fire from several high-profile names for his handling of Formula One's revenues add something


In 2008, the year after Blair stepped down as Prime Minister, internal Downing Street memos revealed that in fact the decision had been made at the time of the meeting, and not two weeks later as Blair stated in Parliament add something


The following day, at a meeting of team bosses at Heathrow Airport in London, Ecclestone offered the teams a total of £260,000,000 over three years in return for unanimous renewal of the Concorde Agreement, which expired in 2008 add something


"The Sun" newspaper announced on 20 November 2008 that Slavica Ecclestone had moved out of the family home and filed for divorce add something


Tony George - George and Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone could not reach an agreement to continue the US Grand Prix at the Brickyard for 2008 and beyond


Brazilian Grand Prix - In March 2008, the mayor of São Paulo announced that he had signed a new deal with Bernie Ecclestone to continue the holding of the Brazilian Grand Prix


The divorce was granted on 11 March 2009 add something


Karun Chandhok - After the team's driver, Giancarlo Fisichella, moved from Force India to Ferrari during the 2009 season, Chandhok was briefly linked with the seat, with even long-time supporter Bernie Ecclestone supporting him


Belgian Grand Prix - In 2009, Bernie Ecclestone said in an interview that he would like the Belgian Grand Prix to rotate with a Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, rather than the Nürburgring rotating with the Hockenheimring


World Jewish Congress - In July 2009, Bernie Ecclestone faced calls from WJC President Ronald S. Lauder to resign as Formula One chief after he had praised Adolf Hitler in a newspaper interview and said that Hitler got things done


Ronald Lauder - In July 2009, Bernie Ecclestone faced calls from Lauder to resign as Formula One chief after he had praised Adolf Hitler in a newspaper interview and said that Hitler got things done


United States Grand Prix - In August 2009, Formula One president Bernie Ecclestone remarked that there was no immediate plan to return Formula One to the US, vowing "never to return" to Indianapolis


HRT F1 - On 22 December 2009, Bernie Ecclestone voiced concerns about the team's ability to be on the grid for the first race of the 2010 F1 season


US F1 Team - On December 22, 2009, F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone was one of those to express doubts about the team making it to the grid for 2010


On 7 January 2010, it was announced that Ecclestone had, together with Genii Capital, submitted a bid for Swedish car brand Saab Automobile add something


Chinese Grand Prix - However, immediately after the 2010 Shanghai race Bernie Ecclestone, who manages the contracts with the various circuits, said of the 2011 calendar, "We are not dropping anything


Italian Grand Prix - On 18 March 2010 however, Bernie Ecclestone and the Monza track managers signed a deal which meant that the race will be held there until at least 2016


Grand Prix of America - In May 2010 Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone announced plans to bring a Formula One race to New York City for the 2012 season


Monaco Grand Prix - In July 2010 Bernie Ecclestone announced that a 10-year deal had been reached with the race organisers, keeping the race on the calendar until at least 2020


It was announced on 18 August 2011 that Ecclestone and Briatore had sold their entire shareholding in the club to Tony Fernandes, known for his ownership of the Caterham Formula 1 team add something


Turkish Grand Prix - For 2011 the race was put in doubt due to the fact that Bernie Ecclestone wanted to double the fees for hosting the race


United States Grand Prix - On 15 November 2011, it was reported that construction of the circuit had been temporarily halted as the owners had not yet been awarded the contract to stage the race in 2012, following reports that Bernie Ecclestone had cast doubt on the race taking place


In a 2012 trial against the former BayernLB Chief Risk Officer Gerhard Gribkowsky, the public prosecutor accused Ecclestone of being a co-perpetrator in the case add something


Ecclestone announced his engagement to Fabiana Flosi in April 2012 add something


The news of their marriage became public 26 August 2012 add something


In November 2012 pirivate equity form Bluewaters Communications Holdings filed a £409m lawsuit against the 2005 sale of Formula One, alleging it was the sports rightful owners add something


Danica Patrick - After the announcement of the return of Formula One to the USA in 2012, Formula One executive Bernie Ecclestone said that "to have someone like Danica Patrick in F1 would be a perfect advert


Grand Prix of America - In July 2012, Bernie Ecclestone confirmed that New Jersey had been included on the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile 2013 Grand Prix schedule on its 2013 calendar as the "'Grand Prix of Jersey "'


Singapore Grand Prix - On September 22, 2012, the AP reported that Bernie Ecclestone and the Singapore Grand Prix agreed that the Grand Prix will remain on the Formula One calendar through the year of 2017


In May 2013 "Süddeutsche Zeitung" reported that the Munich prosecutors office had charged Ecclestone with two bribery charges after a two year investigation into his relationship with Gribkowsky add something


In July 2013, German prosecutors indicted Ecclestone for alleged bribery add something


Grand Prix of America - In June 2013, it was announced that race organizer Leo Hindery had signed a new, 15-year contract with F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone after all permits had been secured


Austrian Grand Prix - In July 2013, it was reported that Red Bull had reached an agreement with Bernie Ecclestone to revive the Austrian Grand Prix after a ten-year absence from the calendar


On 14 January 2014, a court in Munich ruled that Ecclestone would indeed be tried on bribery charges in Germany add something


Ecclestone has always been a critic of social media, suggesting in June 2014 that there was no need to invest in social media after reports suggested TV audiences were dropping in Italy and Germany add something


He further raised controversy when he said in November 2014 that F1 didn't need to target young viewers, saying that "I tried to find out but in any case I'm too old-fashioned add something


Sochi - President Vladimir Putin has reportedly reached a deal with Bernie Ecclestone for the city to host the Formula One Russian Grand Prix from 2014


Azerbaijani Grand Prix - The idea of a Grand Prix in Azerbaijan was first put forward in 2014, when Bernie Ecclestone named Baku as a potential host for the sport


Tavo Hellmund - In July 2014, Bernie Ecclestone confirmed the Mexican Grand Prix would return to the F1 schedule in the 2015 Formula One season


Korean Grand Prix - On 12 December 2014 Bernie Ecclestone explained that Korean Grand Prix had to be added to 2015 calendar for legal reason citing contract obligations but that organizers are not keen on having the race


In total, Ecclestone has five grandchildren; in addition to his grandson by Deborah, he has two granddaughters and two grandsons by his youngest daughters as of 2015 add something


Indian Grand Prix - The Indian Grand Prix was set to have a one year hiatus and return on the 2015 Formula One season calendar, this being confirmed by the &FIA (Fédération_Internationale_de_l'Automobile). Bernie Ecclestone later cast doubt on this, suggesting that the race would be further delayed until 2016, and this doubt was later confirmed by Ecclestone in August of 2014 in Belgium


Ecclestone was removed from his position as chief executive of Formula One Group on 23 January 2017, following its takeover by Liberty Media in 2016 add something


On 23 January 2017, it was announced that Bernie Ecclestone had been replaced by Chase Carey as chief executive of the Formula One Group, though he has been appointed as chairman emeritus and will act as an adviser to the board add something