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Betty Blythe

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Betty Blythe

American actress best known for her dramatic roles in exotic silent films such as The Queen of Sheba add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1893.

Countries: United States (56%), California (33%), United Kingdom (11%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Paul Scardon, Claire Windsor, Louise Glaum

Linked to: 20th Century Fox




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Betty Blythe was born in 1893 add something


After touring Europe and the States, she entered films in 1918 at the Vitagraph Studios in Brooklyn, she was brought to Hollywood 's Fox studio as a replacement for actress Theda Bara add something


Blythe was married to the movie director Paul Scardon from 1919 until his death in 1954 add something


Corinne Griffith - Contradicting testimony by actresses Betty Blythe and Claire Windsor, who had both known her since the 1920s, did not shake her story


Louise Glaum - In March 1935, Glaum and Betty Blythe, another star of the silent screen, starred in "Angel Cake", which was written by Ansella Hunter, who had three plays staged by the Shuberts


One of her last roles was a small uncredited role in a crowd scene in 1964's "My Fair Lady" add something


Betty Blythe died of a heart attack in Woodland Hills, California in 1972, aged 78 add something

Betty Blythe died in 1972 add something