BFM Business

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BFM Business

Private French radio station add

Category: Journalism

Launched in 2009.

Countries: North Africa (50%), France (25%), Ile-de-France (25%)

Main connection: Television in France

Linked to: NextradioTV




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"'Business BFM"', BFM until April 2009 and BFM Radio until November 2010, is a private French radio station add something


From November 2010, BFM Business is a "'television station"' offering national economic stall regional Ile-de-France add something


Since November 2010, the television emits format sixteen ninths on $TNT (Télévision_Numérique_Terrestre) in the Paris region and the satellite in Western Europe and North Africa via the Atlantic Bird 3, including admissible receptors labeled Fransat, BIS TV and TV Orange-labeled or not add something