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BMW 3 Series (E30)

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BMW 3 Series (E30)

Compact executive car with rear-wheel-drive layout produced by BMW. The BMW M3 was first introduced on the E30 platform add

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Launched in 1980.

Countries: Germany (30%), Australia (20%), Portugal (10%)

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Built to celebrate Bathurst wins by BMW in 1980's - there were 8 special edition E30 John Player Special cars brought into Australia add something


At the launch of the E30 range in 1982, the 316 used a 1,766 cc M10 fed by a carburetor and producing , this engine allowed BMW to offer a cheap, entry-level car in the range add something


Following on from the E21, at the launch of the E30 range in 1982 it was fitted with M10 straight-4 and M20 straight-6 engines add something


The E30 was released in 1982 and was replaced by the BMW E36 in 1992 add something


The total production from 1982 to 1994 was 2,339,520 units add something


Gerhard Berger - Berger was fortunate to be alive after a serious road accident shortly after entering Formula One. A week after the 1984 season ended, he was driving home in his $BMW_323i (BMW_3_Series_(E30)) through the hills above Salzburg when his car was rammed from behind, resulting in it cartwheeling off a cliff


Both automatic transmissions were manufactured by &ZF (ZF_Friedrichshafen) - they were the 3-speed 3 HP 22, which was available on the M10 316 and 318i models until year 1985, and the 4-speed 4 HP 22, which was available on all models later add something


In 1985, the 323i was replaced with a 2,5 L version of the M20, which produced and used Bosch Motronic fuel injection add something


They were only built in small numbers in 1986 add something


The 1987 "Series 2" update boosted the 320i to and the 325i to and improved fuel economy add something


The 1987 "Series 2" update introduced a new four-cylinder SOHC engine, the 1,796 cc with add something


In September 1987, BMW introduced a major update to the E30 add something


In 1988, the anodized aluminum bumpers for the North American market were shortened by revising the cover/fillers and shortening the shocks add something


In 1989 the chrome plated steel bumpers were replaced with shorter plastic bumpers in body-colour add something


The 318iS coupe was released in 1989, soon followed by the 318i sedan and 318iC convertible add something


This resulted in the 325iS of late 1990 add something


Matt Neal - He was the British Group N Champion in 1990 and 1991, he co-drove a $BMW_M3 (BMW_3_Series_(E30)) to victory at the 1990 Willhire 24 Hour race at Snetterton


Due to increased competition in the production car race series it was competing in, another version was released in late 1991 called the 325iS Evo. The main revisions were a front aerofoil to smooth underbody airflow, shorter stiffer springs, thicker rear anti-roll bar and changes to the throttle body, exhaust manifold and inlet valves add something


In South Africa and perhaps some other markets, the old M10-powered 316 continued until 1991, gaining the new bumpers when the range was updated add something


Matt Neal - Neal made his BTCC debut with Pyramid Motorsport at the Silverstone round of the 1991 BTCC season driving a $BMW_M3 (BMW_3_Series_(E30))


Matt Neal - For 1992 he joined his father's Team Dynamics team driving the $BMW_M3 (BMW_3_Series_(E30)) which Will Hoy had taken to the championship title the year before until the car was badly damaged forcing Neal to switch to the new BMW 318 for the final race of the season


BMW continued to produce the cabriolet E30 well into 1993 and the touring until 1994 add something


It did win the 1993 Group N race series under Robbie Smith and set various track records in the process add something


The cabriolet version continued to be built to the end of April 1993 and the touring version continued to be built to the end of February 1994 add something


For Portugal and Italy only, due to considerably higher VAT and vehicle tax for cars with engines exceeding 2000 cc, a special model was created: the 320is add something


BMW 3 Series (E21) - This series was the immediate successor to the & BMW 2002 and was superseded by the $BMW_E30 (BMW_3_Series_(E30))