Bob Drake (musician)

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Bob Drake (musician)

American multi-instrumentalist musician and recording engineer add

Category: Music

Born in 1957.

Countries: Colorado (40%), United States (20%), Pennsylvania (20%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Colorado, Pennsylvania, B movie




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Bob Drake was born in 1957 add something


He moved to Denver , Colorado in 1978 where he worked for a while as a sound engineer on $B_horror_movie (B_movie) sets add something


He was a founding member of the avant-rock band Thinking Plague in the early 1980s, and a member of the 5uu's, Hail and The Science Group add something


In the late 1980s the Denver music scene "just evaporated" as musicians seeking "greener pastures" moved elsewhere add something


Drake and Johnson played in a few cover bands before forming Thinking Plague in 1982 add something


By 1990 Thinking Plague had recorded three albums and established a name for themselves in progressive circles add something


Drake recorded six solo albums between 1994 and 2005 add something


Drake released his first solo album, "What Day is It-" in 1994 add something


In 1994 Drake and Kerman moved to an old farm house owned by Cutler and Henry Cow's sound engineer EM Thomas in Caudeval, southern France add something


Drake continued to work on and off in the 2000s with Thinking Plague and the 5uu's add something


He formed his own band, Bob Drake's Cabinet of Curiosities in 2007 add something


In 2007 he formed his own group, Bob Drake's Cabinet of Curiosities to perform material from his solo albums live on stage add something


They played at NEARfest in Pennsylvania in June 2007 with guests Olivier Tejedor and Lynnette Shelley add something