Bob Gibson (musician)

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Bob Gibson (musician)

Folk singer who led a folk music revival in the late 1950s and early 1960s add

Category: Music

Born in 1931.

Countries: United States (30%), Illinois (30%), Florida (20%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Hamilton Camp, Pete Seeger, Florida

Linked to: Playboy, The Byrds, The Limeliters, Alcoholics Anonymous




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Bob Gibson was born in 1931 add something


In 1953 Gibson met Pete Seeger, helping Seeger to complete rebuilding his home add something


Grossman had an idea for a folk club on the near north side of Chicago and, in 1956, opened the Gate of Horn add something


He produced a number of LPs in the decade from 1956 to 1965 add something


Newport Folk Festival - He introduced a largely unknown Joan Baez at the Newport Folk Festival of 1959 add something


Although many remembered Gibson, he was never again to capture the mass public appeal of his early 1960s period add something


Bob Gibson was on his way to becoming a legend in Chicago in the early 1960s, helped along by a talented singer and songwriter, Hamilton Camp add something


In the early 1960s, Bob Gibson was at the center of the folk music universe, influencing everyone around him add something


Hamilton Camp - Newport Folk Festival - Camp's debut as a folk singer was at the Newport Folk Festival in 1960; and his first recording, with Bob Gibson, was "Bob Gibson & Bob Camp at the Gate of Horn", from 1961


His best known album, "Gibson & Camp at the Gate of Horn", was released in 1961 add something


In 1961 their debut album was released on Elektra Records, "Gibson and Camp at the Gate of Horn" add something


From 1969 to 1978, Gibson tried repeatedly to restart his career, but his addictions made it impossible add something


After getting sober in 1978, he attempted a comeback, but the musical scene had changed and his traditional style of folk music was out of favor with young audiences add something


By 1978 there was an audience that was an entirely new generation add something


In 1978 he attended an AA meeting in Cleveland and learned to live a life without alcohol and drugs add something


Starting about 1990, Gibson started to experience the symptoms of an illness that would not be diagnosed until four years later add something


In 1993 he was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy add something


Their last production was in Nashville in 1993 entitled "Makin' A Mess" for Kyle Lhenning at Asylum records add something


In 1994 he entered the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida where he was diagnosed with Progressive supranuclear palsy add something

Bob Gibson died in 1996 add something


Failing from his illness, Gibson invited many of his friends to a farewell concert on September 20, 1996 in Chicago add something


He died from PSP on September 28, 1996 in Portland, Oregon , Oregon add something


One week later, on September 28, 1996, Gibson died at the home of his daughter, Susan, in Portland, Oregon , Oregon add something


Pelican Publishing Company: Gretna, Louisiana 2001 add something


Records Inc. & Rhino Entertainment Company 2002 add something


Records Inc. & Rhino Entertainment Company 2002 add something