Bob Seger

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Bob Seger

American rock and roll singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist add

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Born in 1945.

Countries: United States (73%), (9%), United Kingdom (8%)

Main connections: Del Shannon, Kid Rock, Glenn Frey

Linked to: Capitol Records, Ford Motor Company, Pioneer High School, Chevrolet




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Bob Seger was born in 1945 add something


In 1956, when Seger was 10 years old, his father abandoned the family and moved to California add something


As a locally successful Detroit-area artist, he performed and recorded as "'Bob Seger and the Last Heard"' and "'Bob Seger System"' throughout the 1960s add something


Bob Seger arrived on the Detroit music scene in 1961 fronting a three-piece band called the Decibels add something


The Decibels recorded an acetate demo of a song called "The Lonely One", at Del Shannon's studio in 1961 add something


Meanwhile, Seger was listening to James Brown and said that, for him and his friends, "Live at the Apollo" was their favorite record following its release in 1963 add something


Seger attended Tappan Junior High School, and graduated from Pioneer High School in 1963 add something


Seger was widely influenced by the music of The Beatles, once they hit American shores in 1964 add something


Del Shannon - In late 1964, Shannon produced a demo recording session for a young fellow Michigander named Bob Seger, who would go on to stardom much later


It was with this group that Seger first appeared on an officially released recording: the 1965 single "TGIF" backed with "First Girl", credited to Doug Brown and the Omens add something


Del Shannon - Shannon gave acetates of the session to Dick Clark and by 1966 Bob Seger was recording for Philadelphia's famed Cameo Records label, resulting in some regional hits which would eventually lead to a major-label deal with Capitol Records


As Bob Seger and the Last Heard, Seger released his version of the song with Hideout Records in January 1966, and it became his first big Detroit hit add something


Following "East Side Story", the group released four more singles: the James Brown-inspired holiday single "Sock It to Me Santa", the Dylan-esque "Persecution Smith", "Vagrant Winter", and perhaps the most notable, "Heavy Music", released in 1967 add something


Jack Van Impe - Detroit-area rock singer and songwriter Bob Seger features an audio clip of Van Impe criticizing rock and roll music in the introductory portion of his song "Heavy Music Part 2," the B side of his 1967 regional hit single "Heavy Music"


In the spring of 1968, Bob Seger & the Last Heard signed with major label Capitol Records, turning down Motown Records, who offered more money than Capitol add something


Seger's first marriage in 1968 lasted for 'one day short of a year' add something


Glenn Frey - His first professional recording experience, at age 19, was performing acoustic guitar and background vocals on Bob Seger's single, "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" in 1968


The song's success led to the release of an album of the same title in 1969 add something


Venetta Fields - From about 1969, along with fellow vocalists Clydie King and Sherlie Matthews, Fields quickly became one of the most sought-after backing singers in the US, working with artists including Diana Ross, Elkie Brooks, Steely Dan, Joe Cocker, Quincy Jones, Bette Midler, Burt Bacharach, Bob Dylan, The Supremes, Neil Diamond, Bob Seger, Burton Cummings, Tim Buckley, Paul Butterfield, Leonard Cohen and with Aretha_Franklin; her mentor and inspiration


By the early 1970s, he had dropped the "System" from his recordings and continued to strive for broader success with other various bands add something


He returned the following year and put out the System's final album, 1970's "Mongrel", this time without Tom Neme add something


Seger, having regained an eye for bands, began playing with the duo Teegarden & Van Winkle, who in 1970 had a hit single with "God, Love and Rock & Roll" add something


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were one of the bands on the forefront of the heartland rock movement, alongside bands such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger, which arose in the late 1970s and 1980s


In 1971, Seger released his first solo album, the all-acoustic "Brand New Morning" add something


John Lennon - In December 1971 at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 20,000 people attended the "John Sinclair Freedom Rally", a protest and benefit concert with contributions from Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Bob Seger, Bobby Seale of the Black Panther Party, and others


After spending the better part of 1972 touring with Teegarden & Van Winkle, Seger left the duo to put together a new backing band, referred to as both My Band and the Borneo Band, made up of musicians from Tulsa, Oklahoma add something


He had a long term relationship with Jan Dinsdale from 1972 until 1983 add something


By the end of 1973, Seger had left My Band in search of a new backing band add something


In 1973, he put together "'The Silver Bullet Band"', a group of Detroit-area musicians, with whom he became most successful on the national level with the album "Live Bullet", recorded live with the Silver Bullet Band in 1975 at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan add something


In 1974, Seger formed The Silver Bullet Band add something


In 1974, Seger put out "Back in '72", recorded partly with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, a renowned group of session musicians who had recorded with the likes of J. J. Cale and Aretha Franklin add something


Pete Carr - In 1974, Paul Simon's "There Goes Rhymin' Simon" album was nominated for two Grammy *awards; and "Against the Wind" by Bob Seger earned two Grammy *awards in 1981


In 1975, Seger returned to Capitol Records and released the album "Beautiful Loser", with help from The Silver Bullet Band on his cover of the Tina Turner penned "Nutbush City Limits" add something


In 1976, he achieved a national breakout with the studio album "Night Moves" add something


In April 1976, Seger and The Silver Bullet Band released the album "Live Bullet", recorded over two nights in Detroit's Cobo Arena in September 1975 add something


In June 1976, he was a featured performer at the Pontiac Silverdome outside Detroit in front of nearly 80,000 fans add something


Seger finally achieved his commercial breakthrough with his October 1976 album "Night Moves" add something


Despite the loss, Seger followed up strongly with 1978's "Stranger in Town" add something


Frankie Miller - In an article published in "Rolling Stone" magazine in 1978 Bob Seger remarked that Miller "was a huge influence" on him


Bill Szymczyk - At the start of the 1980s he was a highly sought-after producer, and worked on such albums as Bob Seger's 1980 album "Against the Wind" and The Who's 1981 release "Face Dances"


Dave Marsh - In his 1980 review on Bob Seger's album "Against the Wind", Marsh stated, "I'd like to say that this is not only the worst record Bob Seger has ever made, but an absolutely cowardly one as well


Bobbye Hall - She recorded with Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band in the early 1980s


The live 1981 album "Nine Tonight" encapsulated this three-album peak of Seger's commercial career add something


Seger released the acclaimed "The Distance" in the final days of 1982 add something


Moreover, it would later become one of Seger's most recognizable songs following its memorable Tom Cruise-dancing-in-his-underwear use in the 1983 film "Risky Business" add something


Kenny Rogers - Shortly afterwards, he started working with producer David Foster in 1983 recording the smash Top 10 hit Bob Seger cover "We've Got Tonight," a duet with Sheena Easton


In 1984, Seger wrote and recorded the power rock ballad "Understanding" for the film soundtrack "Teachers" add something


The song was another Top 20 hit for Seger in late 1984 add something


Beth Toussaint - Toussaint appeared in the 1984 music video for Bon Jovi's song "She Don't Know Me", Bob Seger's 1986 song "Like a Rock", and in the 1987 music video for SAGA's song "Only Time Will Tell"


Seger was no longer as prolific and several years elapsed before his next studio album, "Like a Rock" emerged in the spring of 1986 add something


Seger's 1986-1987 American Storm Tour was his self-stated last major tour, playing 105 shows over 9 months and selling almost 1,5 million tickets add something


Rick Vito - In addition, Vito has been a featured player on Bob Seger's albums since 1986


In 1987, he married actress Annette Sinclair and they divorced 1 year later add something


Bob Seger's next record was 1991's "The Fire Inside", at a time when glam metal, grunge and alternative rock were taking the forefront add something


Matt LeBlanc - He appeared in Alanis Morissette's single "Walk Away" in 1991, the last seconds of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "Into the Great Wide Open" in which he is seen getting a tattoo, and in Bob Seger's "Night Moves" in 1994


He married Nita in 1993 and they have two children, Samantha and Cole add something


Daphne Zuniga - In 1994, Zuniga appeared in the release of a video for Bob Seger's previously released 1976 hit "Night Moves"


The same was true of 1995's "It's a Mystery", although the album was certified gold add something


Seger did go back on the road again for a 1996 tour, which was successful and sold the fourth-largest number of tickets of any North American tour that year add something


Don Robey - Under the pseudonym Deadric Malone, he was given songwriting credits for many of the songs recorded on his labels, including "Turn On Your Love Light", which became popular with Van Morrison & his band Them in live sets, Bob Seger on "Smokin' O.P.'s", The Grateful Dead in their live sets, and The Blues Brothers on the soundtrack for "Blues Brothers 2000"


His iconic recording of "Old Time Rock and Roll" was named one of the Songs of the Century in 2001 add something


In 2001 and 2002, Seger won the prestigious Port Huron to Mackinac Boat Race aboard his sailboat "Lightning" add something


The iconic recording of "Old Time Rock and Roll" was named one of the Songs of the Century in 2001 add something


Seger was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2012 add something


He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 15, 2004 add something


In 2005, Seger was featured singing with 3 Doors Down on the song "Landing in London" from their "Seventeen Days" album add something


As of 2006, both "Stranger in Town" and "Against the Wind" had sold over 5 million copies each in the United States add something


Seger's first new album in eleven years, titled "Face the Promise", was released in 2006 add something


"Night Moves" was Seger's first top ten album in the "Billboard" album chart, and as of 2006 was certified at 6 million copies in the United States alone - making it the biggest-selling studio album of his entire career add something


Patty Loveless - After her release from Sony Nashville, Tennessee, in 2006 Loveless sang a duet with Bob Seger on his "Face the Promise" album, collaborating with Solomon Burke on his "Nashville, Tennessee" album and performing a duet, "Out Of My Mind", with Vince Gill on his album "These Days"


Kid Rock - He brought Bob Seger back from semi-retirement during his pre-Super Bowl concerts on February 2 and 3, 2006 in Detroit


Steve Azar - The album was influenced by Azar's 2006-2007 tour with Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band


Steve Azar - After touring with Bob Seger in 2007, Azar started writing songs for the album


Detroit, Michigan: Wayne State University Press, 2009 add something


In 2009, Seger released a compilation album entitled "Early Seger Vol. 1", which contained archival material from the 1970s and 1980s, including some fully or partially re-recorded tracks from his albums "Smokin' O.P.'s" and "Seven" and some never-before-released songs add something


However, in between his "Greatest Hits" compilation was his biggest-ever record in sales, having sold nearly 10 million copies in the United States as of 2010 add something


Seger contributed piano and vocals on Kid Rock's 2010 album "Born Free" add something


On May 28, 2011, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder proclaimed that date as Bob Seger Day for his more than 50 years of sharing his celebrated musical talents with fans all over the world add something


On October 30, 2011, he told director Bob Needham he was returning to the studio to complete another new album for release in the fall of 2012, followed by another supporting tour add something


On December 30, 2011, before a sell-out crowd at the Mandalay Bay Resort Arena in Las Vegas, Seger closed another successful tour though it's likely not to be his last add something


On June 14, 2012, Seger was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame add something


On January 10, 2013, Seger announced another tour in the US and Canada add something


Kid Rock - The tour name is named after an impromptu song he wrote after performing with Bob Seger on his winter Rebel Soul Tour in early 2013


Seger's new studio album, "Ride Out" is scheduled to be released on October 14, 2014 add something


Don Brewer - He is playing drums during Bob Seger's 2014 "Ride Out" concert tour throughout the United Sates


Copperhead Road - " 'I was a big Waylon Jennings fan,' noted Bob Seger, who covered the song on 2014's "Ride Out"


Seger was given a award on the 2015 CMT music awards add something


On Dec 22, 2016 Seeger performed Heartache Tonight as the Kennedy Center honored The Eagles add something


On January 18th 2017 Seger gave away the single "Glenn Song" on his website as a tribute marking the one year death of Glenn Frey with whom Seger was close friends with add something


On January 18, 2017 Seger gave away the single "Glenn Song" on his website as a tribute marking the one year death of Glenn Frey with whom Seger was close friends add something


On September 22, 2017, Seger announced his new album "I Knew You When" and released "Busload of Faith", a cover of the Lou Reed song from the 1989 album "New York", as the first single taken from the album add something


This tour included a show on September 22, 2017 at The Palace of Auburn Hills , which was the last event to be held at that venue add something


"I Knew You When" is scheduled for release on November 17, 2017, which would have marked the last day of Seger's "Runaway Train" tour add something


He announced his farewell tour in September 2018 add something


On September 18, 2018, Seger announced his final tour add something