Bodil Ipsen

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Bodil Ipsen

Danish actress and film director, and is considered one of the great stars of Danish cinematic history add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1889.

Countries: Denmark (80%), France (20%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Emanuel Gregers, Gull-Maj Norin, Cannes Film Festival




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Bodil Ipsen was born in 1889 add something


In 1908, after obtaining her high school diploma, Ipsen began studying at Det Kongelige Teater and made her stage debut there one year later add something


Ipsen was married the first time in 1910 with the actor Jacob Texière, but the marriage was dissolved within the same year add something


Then, in 1914, she married civil engineer H.H.O. Moltke, and they divorced after three years add something


Her marriage in 1919 with film director Emanuel Gregers lasted four years add something


Emanuel Gregers - His second marriage to Bodil Ipsen lasted three years from 1919 to 1923


In 1920, Ipsen made her film debut as a leading actress in "Lavinen," directed by her third husband, Emanuel Gregers add something


Emanuel Gregers - In the early 1920s, Gregers directed a series of films with his wife at the time Bodil Ipsen in the role


She made films with Gregers in 1922 and 1923 add something


Ipsen was married for a fourth time in 1932 to the journalist Ejnar Black add something


Her debut film, which she co-directed with Lau Lauritzen Jr. was the 1942 dark psychological thriller "Afsporet" , the first true Danish film noir add something


Ipsen became a director in 1942 and directed 10 films in 10 years add something


Gull-Maj Norin - In 1942, Norin began working with Danish director Bodil Ipsen


Cannes Film Festival - Their second film, "De røde enge" , about the Nazi occupation of Denmark during World War II, received the 1946 Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival add something


They remained together for 17 years until Black's death in 1949 add something


In 1950, Ipsen and Lauritzen again won acclaim for their film "Café Paradis" add something


In 1960, at age 71, Ipsen was awarded the Bodil again, this time as Leading Actress of the Year for the film "Tro, håb og trolddom add something

Bodil Ipsen died in 1964 add something


She died on 26 November 1964 in Copenhagen add something


The movie "Bodil Ipsen og Filmen" , released in 2006, is a portrait of her life and career add something