Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson

British Conservative Party politician and journalist, who has been the elected Mayor of London since 2008 add

Category: Politics

Born in 1964.

Countries: United Kingdom (66%), United States (5%), (5%)

Main connections: Brexit, Theresa May, David Cameron

Linked to: Conservative Party, The Daily Telegraph, News of the World, Transport for London




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Boris Johnson was born in 1964 add something


"'Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson"' is a British Conservative Party politician, who was first elected Mayor of London in 2008 add something


The chair of the UK Statistics Authority Sir Michael Scholar, who served as private secretary to former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the early 1980s, wrote to the committee's chair Keith Vaz MP to tell him the figures Johnson had quoted to a panel of MPs "do not appear to stand up to scrutiny" add something


In 1987, he married Allegra Mostyn-Owen; the marriage was dissolved in 1993 add something


He faces other charges in relation to the brutal suppression of the Shia Muslim uprising after the first 1991 Gulf War. At the time, Johnson wrote an article in the "Daily Telegraph", stating he had taken the cigar case and would return it to its owner upon request add something


In 1995, a recording of a telephone conversation was made public revealing a plot by a friend to physically assault a "News of the World" journalist add something


Johnson was criticised in 1995, when a recording of a telephone conversation made in 1990 was made public, in which he is heard agreeing under pressure to supply to a former schoolmate, Darius Guppy, the private address and telephone number of the "News of the World" journalist Stuart Collier add something


James Whale (radio) - In 1995, he hosted "The James Whale Show" on TalkSport until he was sacked in 2008 after urging his listeners to elect Boris Johnson as Mayor of London


After having been defeated in Clwyd South in the 1997 general election, Johnson was elected MP for Henley, succeeding Michael Heseltine, in the 2001 General Election add something


She was referring especially to the occasion on which Johnson, as a journalist in 1999, accused the Macpherson Inquiry, which reported on police racism following the Lawrence murder, of 'hysteria', adding that the "recommendation that the law might be changed so as to allow prosecution for racist language or behaviour 'other than in a public place'" was akin to "Ceausescu's Romania" add something


Richard Rogers - From 2001 to 2008 he was chief advisor on architecture and urbanism to Mayor of London Ken_Livingstone; he was subsequently asked to continue his role as an advisor by new mayor Boris Johnson in 2008


He described this election in his 2002 book, "Friends, Voters, Countrymen" add something


These remarks were followed by criticism from two black Labour London MPs, Diane Abbott and Dawn Butler, who criticised a column written by Johnson in 2002, saying he had used "most offensive language of the colonial past", showing "that the Tory party is riddled with racial prejudice" add something


The Daily Telegraph - The paper won "Columnist of the Year" three years' running from 2002 to 2004: Zoë Heller , Robert Harris and Boris Johnson


Appearing in 2003, Johnson nominated boiled eggs, Lynda Lee Potter, smoking bans, Richard Clayderman and people who shout things like "you Tory tosser" at him whilst he was cycling as his selections to put into "Room 101", with only the last of the five being rejected add something


Johnson has been investigated by the police for the 'theft', in 2003, of a cigar case belonging to Tariq Aziz, an associate of Saddam Hussein, which Johnson had found in the rubble of Aziz's house in Baghdad add something


He was from November 2003 vice-chairman of the Conservative Party, with an emphasis on campaigning add something


Germany's "Der Spiegel" and America's National Public Radio reported the race, both quoting Johnson as saying "if you vote for the Conservatives, your wife will get bigger breasts, and your chances of driving a BMW M3 will increase", without however giving a source for this; the BBC has quoted the same statement by him from his 2004 campaign trail add something


He was nominated in 2004 for a British Academy Television Award and has attracted several unofficial fan clubs and sites add something


His comic first novel "Seventy-Two Virgins" was published in 2004, and his next book will be "The New British Revolution", though he has put publication on hold until after the London Mayoral election add something


In 2004 he was appointed to the front bench as Shadow Minister for the Arts in a small reshuffle resulting from the resignation of the Shadow Home Affairs Spokesman, Nick Hawkins add something


In 2004, British newspapers reported that Johnson had had a four-year affair with Petronella Wyatt add something


In 2004, Johnson was nominated for a BAFTA Television Award in the entertainment category for his performance on the show in 2003 add something


His official website and blog started in September 2004 add something


Johnson was dismissed from these high-profile posts in November 2004 over accusations that he lied to Michael Howard about a four-year extramarital affair with Petronella Wyatt, "The Spectator"'s New York correspondent and former deputy editor add something


When David Cameron was elected leader of the Conservative Party in 2005, Johnson was re-appointed to the front bench as Shadow Minister for Higher Education and resigned as Editor of "The Spectator" add something


Johnson returned to front "Have I Got News for You" in November 2005 add something


He was appointed Shadow Minister for Higher Education on 9 December 2005 by new Conservative Leader David Cameron, and resigned as editor of "The Spectator" soon afterward add something


In 2006 and 2008 he took part in the London Gay Pride celebrations add something


In 2006, he took part in a charity football match between England and Germany, consisting of celebrities and former players add something


In a 2006 column, Johnson likened Conservative leadership disputes to "Papua New Guinea-style orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing" and was criticised in Papua New Guinea add something


Johnson is a popular historian; and his first documentary series, "The Dream of Rome", comparing the Roman Empire and the modern-day European Union, was broadcast in 2006 add something


Johnson stood for the February 2006 election of Rector of the University of Edinburgh, after receiving seven times more nominations than needed to stand add something


On 2 April 2006 it was alleged in the "News of the World" that Johnson had had another extramarital affair, this time with "Times Higher Education Supplement" journalist Anna Fazackerley add something


In September 2006, his image was used in 'Boris needs you' and 'I Love Boris' material to promote the Conservative Party's image during Freshers' Week in universities add something


He hosted "Have I Got News for You"'s Christmas special on 15 December 2006, his fourth appearance as host add something


In April 2007 Johnson was called upon to resign by the MPs for the city of Portsmouth after claiming in a column for "GQ" that the city was "one of the most depressed towns in Southern England, a place that is arguably too full of drugs, obesity, underachievement and Labour MPs" add something


Originally broadcast on ITV1 on 28 April 2007, Johnson was a guest on "The Dame Edna Treatment" add something


In September 2007, he was selected as the Conservative candidate for the 2008 London mayoral election add something


David Cameron - A photograph showing Cameron in a tailcoat with other members of the club, including Boris Johnson, surfaced in 2007, but was later withdrawn by the copyright holder.


Rob Wilson - In July 2007 Wilson was promoted to the Conservative frontbench as Shadow Higher Education Minister replacing Boris Johnson


New Routemaster - On 3 September 2007 the Conservative mayoral candidate for London, Boris Johnson, announced that he was contemplating introducing a modern-day Routemaster


After several days of speculation, Johnson announced he was a potential Conservative candidate for the London mayoral election in 2008 on 16 July 2007 add something


His campaign was launched in Edmonton in March 2008 when David Cameron, introducing Johnson, commented "I don't always agree with him, but I respect the fact that he's absolutely his own man add something


Johnson assumed control at City Hall on 4 May 2008 add something


He appointed Richard Barnes as his Deputy Mayor on 6 May 2008, as well as appointing the following to newly devolved offices; Ian Clement as Deputy Mayor for Government Relations, Kit Malthouse as Deputy Mayor for Policing and Ray Lewis as Deputy Mayor for Young People add something


The formation of the Forensic Audit Panel was announced on 8 May 2008 add something


The London Overground was added later in June 2008 add something


Political opponents questioned Johnson's judgment when Ray Lewis resigned on 4 July 2008, shortly after taking up his post, following allegations of financial misconduct during his prior career as a Church of England priest and inappropriate behaviour in respect of a false claim to have been appointed as a magistrate add something


In August 2008, Johnson broke from the traditional procedure of those in public office not publicly commenting on other nations' elections when he openly endorsed then-Senator Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States add something


On 20 August 2008, Johnson was the subject of the BBC family history programme "Who Do You Think You Are-" add something


In October 2008, Johnson forced the resignation of the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis Ian Blair, hours after taking control of London's police authority add something


In December 2008, BBC2 aired a two-part documentary written and presented by Johnson, called "After Rome", in which he looked at the influence Muslims have had on the world, especially in Europe during the peak of the Islamic Empire add something


After hearing the noise he looked around puzzled and said, "Who hooted at me-" He returned to the show on 7 December 2008, spinning out on every corner during test runs, before setting a lap time of 1m 57,4s in the Chevrolet Lacetti add something


Conservative Party (UK) - Despite traditional links between the UK Conservatives and US Republicans, and between Labour and the Democrats, London Mayor Boris Johnson, a Conservative, endorsed Obama in the 2008 election


Ken Livingstone - He stood unsuccessfully as the Labour Party candidate in the London mayoral elections of 2008 and 2012, both times losing to Conservative candidate Boris Johnson


Nicholas Bye - In 2008 fellow Conservative Boris Johnson was elected as the first Conservative mayor of London


Transport for London - Livingstone and Wetzel remained in office until the election of Boris Johnson as Mayor in 2008


Ken Livingstone - Livingstone sought re-election in 2008, but was defeated by Conservative candidate Boris Johnson on a night that saw a huge swing against Labour right across Britain


ArcelorMittal Orbit - The project came about after Mayor of London Boris Johnson and Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell decided in 2008 that the Olympic Park needed "something extra"


New Routemaster - The withdrawal of the Routemaster became an issue of the 2008 London mayoral election, and Boris Johnson was subsequently elected mayor, with one of his campaign pledges being to introduce a new Routemaster


Danny Goffey - On 7 March 2008, Goffey accompanied politician Boris Johnson in a bid to try to save the post office near where he had grown up in Forest Hill, at Stanton St. John, Oxfordshire


David Ross (businessman) - After Boris Johnson was elected Mayor of London, in May 2008 Ross was Johnson's nominee to the board of the London Organising Committee of the 2012 Olympic Games


James Whale (radio) - In May 2008, Whale was sacked because he twice called on listeners to vote for Boris Johnson before the London mayoral election in 2008


Nicholas Boles - In May 2008, he was appointed as the Chief of Staff for the new Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson for a period of three months


Conservative Party (UK) - The Conservatives gained control of the London mayoralty for the first time in May 2008 after Boris Johnson defeated Labour incumbent Ken Livingstone


Patience Wheatcroft, Baroness Wheatcroft - On 8 May 2008 she was appointed head of the newly created Forensic Audit Panel by the incoming Mayor of London , Boris Johnson


Eric Clapton - In September 2008 Clapton performed at a private charity fundraiser for The Countryside Alliance at Floridita in Soho, London, that included such guests as the London Mayor Boris Johnson


Ken Livingstone - The deal was discontinued in September 2008 by incoming mayor Boris Johnson


ArcelorMittal Orbit - According to London mayor Boris Johnson, in around October 2008 he and Tessa Jowell decided that the site in Stratford, London that was to become the Olympic Park for the 2012 Olympics needed "something extra" to "distinguish the East London skyline", and "arouse the curiosity and wonder of Londoners and visitors"


Ian Blair - On 2 October 2008 Blair announced that he would officially step down from the post on 1 December after disagreements with Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London


On 7 January 2009, several sources reported that the Greater London Authority and the Metropolitan Police Authority had decided to pursue a formal investigation of Johnson in-house add something


The GLA announced that Johnson had been found not guilty on all counts on 24 February 2009 add something


On 2 April 2009, Johnson walked out of a House of Commons inquiry midway through giving an answer add something


On 16 April 2009, the Crown Prosecution Service announced that it was not going to bring a case against either Damian Green or Galley, the Home Office civil servant who passed data to Mr Green, as there was "insufficient evidence" for either to face charges add something


On 22 June 2009, Ian Clement resigned after breaking rules by paying for personal items using a corporate credit card add something


In a July 2009 interview with Stephen Sackur on the BBC programme "HARDtalk", Johnson referred to the £250,000 per annum income he receives from his side job as a columnist for "The Daily Telegraph" as "chicken feed," suggesting that he wrote the columns "as a way of relaxation add something


On 17 July 2009, Johnson filmed a short scene in the British soap opera "EastEnders", appearing as himself in a scene with Peggy Mitchell add something


In October 2009, it was alleged that Johnson had selected former "Evening Standard" editor Veronica Wadley as head of the Arts Council For London because of her support for him during his 2008 mayoral campaign add something


Johnson's period in the Bullingdon Club alongside David Cameron, and his campaign to become President of the Oxford Union, were examined in the Channel 4 docu-drama, "When Boris Met Dave", which was broadcast on 7 October 2009 add something


On 2 November 2009, Johnson intervened in the attempted mugging of a London resident as she was walking home add something


InSpiral Lounge - Further to the involvement with Capital Growth, in March 2009 The inSpiral Lounge approached Boris Johnson and Camden Council directly, requesting the use of land near Hawley Wharf for development into a growing space


Wi-Fi - In May 2010, London, UK, Mayor Boris Johnson pledged to have London-wide Wi-Fi by 2012


New Routemaster - A static mock-up was unveiled at Acton depot on 11 November 2010: the first engineering prototype was driven by Boris Johnson at a public demonstration on 27 May 2011


David Starkey - During the 2011 Conservative Party Conference, he spoke at a fringe meeting, declaring London Mayor Boris Johnson as a "jester-despot", and Prime Minister David Cameron as having "absolutely no strategy" for running the country


West Ham United F.C. - On 3 March 2011 West Ham United's proposed move to the Olympic Stadium was formally approved by the British government and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson


Lee Jasper - In July 2011, Jasper suggested there were similarities between the extremist Anders Behring Breivik and Mayor of London Boris Johnson


2011 England riots - In September 2011, she was *awarded the Team London *award at the annual Peace *awards by Boris Johnson


Once, Johnson has actually shown apparent acceptance of homosexual rights; three weeks before the London mayoral election, 2012, he prevented the London buses from advertising a Christian campaign which aimed to preach that homosexuality could be "cured add something


In an interview to the "New Statesman" in February 2012 he criticised London's St Patrick's Day gala dinner celebrations add something


On 4 May 2012, Johnson was re-elected as Mayor, again defeating Livingstone add something


On the 11 June 2012, Johnson made an international appearance on the American talk show "The Daily Show" to promote his book "Johnson's Life of London" add something


Abu Qatada - According to conservative politician Boris Johnson, Abu Qatada's residence in Britain is estimated to have cost the British taxpayer at least £500,000 in benefit payments to his family and other expenses by early 2012


Alan Johnson - In 2012, after Livingstone's defeat by Boris Johnson, many Labour members said that Johnson should have been the Labour candidate


Gangnam Style - On October 9, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson held a speech at the 2012 Conservative Party Conference where he told the audience that he and the British Prime Minister David Cameron have danced "Gangnam Style"


Hay Festival - The 2012 festival included writers Martin Amis, Jung Chang, Louis de Bernières, Mark Haddon, Mario Vargas Llosa, Hilary Mantel, Ian McEwan, Michael Morpurgo, Ben Okri, Ian Rankin, Salman Rushdie, Owen Sheers, Jeanette Winterson, comedians Bill Bailey, Rob Brydon, Julian Clary, Jack Dee, Tim Minchin, politicians Peter Hain and Boris Johnson, scientists John D. Barrow, Martin Rees, Simon Singh, and general speakers Harry Belafonte, William Dalrymple, Stephen Fry, A.C. Grayling, Germaine Greer, Michael Ignatieff, and David Starkey


InSpiral Lounge - The inSpiral Lounge is involved with London's Capital Growth Project, an initiative run in partnership with the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, London Food Link and the Big Lottery's Local Food Fund aiming to create 2012 new community food growing spaces across London by the end of 2012


Ministry of Sound - On 12 March 2012, current London mayor Boris Johnson held a public hearing into his proposed plan to overturn the Southwark council's decision


West Ham United F.C. - With a decision due by the Olympic Park Legacy Company in May 2012 Boris Johnson delayed the final selection of future tenants until completion of the 2012 Olympics stating that it was "overwhelmingly likely" that the tenants would be West Ham United


Ken Livingstone - On 4 May 2012 Livingstone was defeated in the London 2012 Mayoral Elections by the incumbent Mayor, Boris Johnson


British Airways - On 18 May 2012 it flew the Olympic flame from Athens International Airport to RNAS Culdrose while carrying various dignitaries, including Lord Sebastian Coe, Princess Anne, Olympics minister Hugh Robertson and London Mayor Boris Johnson, along with footballer David Beckham


Michael Bloomberg - During an appearance on "The Daily Show" in June 2012, London Mayor Boris Johnson told host Jon Stewart that he didn't know why Bloomberg had ruled out a bid for the presidency in the upcoming election, declaring that he'd be "a great candidate"


Eduardo Paes - On 12 August 2012, at the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony, Paes received the Olympic Flag, via Jacques Rogge, from London Mayor, Boris Johnson


New Routemaster - However, Boris Johnson won the election and in September 2012 approved the order for 600 of the new buses, with public funding required estimated at about £160 million


Barry Laden - His latest venture, a new garment factory in London's Bethnal Green called East End Manufacturing, opened in October 2012 and was officially launched by May or of London, Boris Johnson on February 26th 2013


Guardian journalist Peter Walker has questioned Johnson's "true commitment" to cycling, after journalist Andrew Gilligan was appointed as London's Cycling Commissioner with few apparent qualifications in January 2013, but later that year praised Johnson for "daring to think big about cycling" add something


After heavy criticism, much from bloggers, that his policies were not going far enough and that London was still an extremely dangerous place to cycle, Johnson in March 2013 announced a change in his plans and declared an intention to "de-lycrafy" cycling through nearly £1 billion of investment in a variety of cycle infrastructure over the next few years including a "Crossrail for bikes" of 15 miles of segregated cycle track running east-west through London add something


The mayor's office insisted that Macintyre's appointment was part of a "thorough, transparent process", It emerged on 21 May 2013 that Macintyre had lost an appeal against a July 2012 High Court ruling rejecting an application for a privacy injunction add something


Boris Johnson was present at the launch of the World Islamic Economic Forum in London in July 2013, where he answered questions alongside Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and other public figures add something


On 4th August 2013, Johnson took part in the inaugural Ride London event, a 100 mile cycle ride from the Olympic Park in Stratford, passing through the Surrey Hills and finishing on the Mall in central London add something


In September 2013 on LBC radio, Johnson vowed to change his name by deed poll to "Barclays Johnson" if the bank were to give a further £100 million towards the scheme add something


On 21 November 2013 Johnson announced major changes to the operation of London Underground, including the extension of Tube operating hours to run through the night at weekends add something


Get Reading festival - Before the actual 2013 festival, there were special readings by celebrities around London, such as Harry Enfield, Boris Johnson, and other high profile figures reading extracts from books such as "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" , "George's Marvellous Medicine" , and others


Grant Shapps - Credited with helping John Howard to win three Australian elections and the re-election of Boris Johnson as May or of London, Crosby is a controversial figure who was accused of having influenced government smoking policy in July 2013


Ara Darzi, Baron Darzi of Denham - In September 2013, Lord Darzi was appointed by the May or of London Boris Johnson to lead a new clinically-led review of health and wellbeing and services in London


Ministry of Sound - These culminated in a hearing before May or of London Boris Johnson at City Hall in November 2013


In August 2014, Johnson announced he would stand for election in the 2015 general election add something


On 26 August 2014 it was reported that Johnson had submitted his name for selection to stand as Conservative candidate for MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip in the 2015 General Election add something


On 12 September 2014, Johnson was adopted as the Conservative Party candidate for MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip in the 2015 general election add something


Long Live Southbank - On 16 January 2014, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson came out in support of Long Live Southbank


Jeremy Paxman - Newsnight - Paxman presented his last "Newsnight" on 18 June 2014 in an edition which included an interview with Peter Mandelson and one with London May or Boris Johnson, while they both rode a tandem bicycle, as well as a brief reappearance of Michael Howard who, following on from his 1997 interview, was simply asked: "Did you-"


Uxbridge and South Ruislip (UK Parliament constituency) - On 12 September 2014, May or of London Boris Johnson, was selected to be Randall's replacement as Conservative candidate


February 15, 2015 Boris Johnson announced his intention to give up US citizenship to prove his loyalty to Britain add something


In February 15, 2015 Boris Johnson announced his intention to give up US citizenship to prove his loyalty to Britain add something


He endorsed Vote Leave in the the "Out" campaign for the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, 2016 add something


Johnson was the cause of a slight furor in February 2016 when he announced publicly that he was supportive of the Brexit campaign and labeled David Cameron's fears on the matter as "greatly over exaggerated" add something


Johnson became the centre of great media interest when after much delay in answering popular speculation , on 21 February 2016 he announced publicly to a large crowd of reporters outside his home that he was supportive of the Brexit campaign, thus providing that campaign with a high-profile and widely-popular representative add something


In June 2016, Nick Clegg described him as "like Donald Trump with a thesaurus" add something


He has been Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs since July 2016 and has served as the Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip since 2015 add something


Following Theresa May's victory in the leadership contest and subsequent appointment as Prime Minister, Johnson was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs on 13 July 2016 add something


"Telegraph", Kate McCann, 18 July 2016 add something


In August 2016 May called on "feuding ministers" Johnson and Liam Fox to 'stop playing games' after Fox wrote to Johnson saying that British trade couldn't flourish whilst future policy responsibility remained in Johnson's department add something


In September 2016, Johnson supported the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen and refused to block UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia, saying there is no clear evidence of breaches of international humanitarian law by Saudi Arabia in the war in Yemen add something


Tottenham Hotspur F.C. - On 25 February 2016, Boris Johnson continued his support for the Northumberland Development Project by granting Tottenham permission to build a new £400 million stadium


Theresa May - In late June 2016, after Cameron had resigned, May was touted as the favourite to replace him as PM by a narrow margin over Boris Johnson in opinion polls commissioned by The Times and by The Independent


Michael Gove - In a move that surprised most political analysts, Gove withdrew his support for Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and announced his own candidacy instead on 30 June 2016


Michael Gove - By 5 July 2016, Gove was in third place in the Conservative Party leadership election, 2016 behind Theresa May and &Andrea_Leadsom; the latter had gained an endorsement from Boris Johnson


Uxbridge and South Ruislip (UK Parliament constituency) - "'Uxbridge and South Ruislip"' is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament by Boris Johnson, a Conservative, who has served as Foreign Secretary in the cabinet since 13 July 2016 and former Mayor of London from 2008 to 2016


2015 military intervention in Yemen - In September 2016, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson refused to block UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia, saying there is no clear evidence of breaches of international humanitarian law by Saudi Arabia in the war in Yemen


2015 military intervention in Yemen - In September 2016, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was accused of blocking the UN inquiry into Saudi war crimes in Yemen


2015 military intervention in Yemen - Indeed, in October 2016, Boris Johnson commended the notion of referring allegations of Russian and Russian-backed war crimes to the International Court of Justice


In January 2017 the former government minister Lord Wallace of Saltaire said that Johnson's work on Brexit had left civil servants "in despair" and that he was "alienating other EU foreign ministers" add something


In August 2017, Rachel Sylvester reported in "The Times" that Johnson was ineffective and incoherent on major issues like North Korea and Qatar whilst on Brexit, he appeared to have no idea of what was required add something


In an op-ed published in "The Telegraph" in September 2017, Johnson reiterated Vote Leave's pledge of £350m a week extra for the NHS after the completion of Brexit add something


He further denied this media speculation on September 16, 2017 as well, insisting on his Twitter page that he was "all behind Theresa for a glorious Brexit add something


On 1 November 2017, Johnson told the Foreign Affairs Select Committee that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British citizen serving a 5 year prison sentence in Iran after being arrested on holiday on suspicion of training BBC Persian employees, had been "simply teaching people journalism" add something


Ruislip - As of the 2017 general election, Ruslip is represented by two Conservative MP's: Boris Johnson and Nick Hurd


John Kerr, Baron Kerr of Kinlochard - In an August 2017 article, Lord Kerr criticised Boris Johnson, "Callaghan, Carrington, Howe, Hurd


Vince Cable - In September 2017 Cable echoed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in calling for greater taxation of foreign speculators in the housing market


On 27 February 2018 in a leaked letter to Theresa May, Johnson suggested that Northern Ireland may have to accept border controls after Brexit and that it wouldn't seriously affect trade having initially said a hard border would be unthinkable add something


In March 2018, Johnson was reprimanded by Commons Speaker John Bercow for using what he called sexist language add something


In March 2018, a Russian former spy, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in Salisbury, England, with a Novichok nerve agent add something


On 20 March 2018, Johnson said in an interview with "Deutsche Welle" that scientists from the Porton Down laboratory were absolutely categorical about the Russian origin of the substance used add something


On 3 April 2018, Gary Aitkenhead, the chief executive of the Government's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down responsible for testing the substance involved in the case, said they they had been unable to verify the "precise source" of the Novichok nerve agent add something


In May 2018, Johnson backed the Iran nuclear deal framework despite Donald Trump's withdrawal add something


In June 2018, while attending an event for EU diplomats in London, Johnson was reported to have been asked about corporate concerns over a so-called hard Brexit add something


He became Foreign Secretary under Theresa May's premiership, but resigned in July 2018 following the resignation of David Davis in criticism of May's Chequers cabinet strategy on Brexit add something


In July 2018, three days after the cabinet had its meeting at Chequers to agree a Brexit strategy, Johnson, along with Brexit Secretary David Davis, resigned their posts add something


On 18 July 2018, Boris Johnson delivered his resignation speech to the House of Commons add something


In August 2018, Johnson was criticised for a column that he had written in the "Daily Telegraph" add something


On 5 August 2018 the "Daily Telegraph" published an article written by Johnson that discussed the introduction of a burqa ban in Denmark add something


On 8 August 2018, it was reported that the Conservative Party had received dozens of complaints about Johnson's comments add something


In September 2018, Johnson wrote: "We have opened ourselves to perpetual political blackmail add something


In September 2018, "The Sunday Times" reported that hours before his separation from Marina Wheeler became public, aides of Prime Minister Theresa May were circulating a 4,000-word "war book" dossier written by the former deputy head of Theresa May's policy unit, which contained "lurid allegations about Johnson's sexual liaisons, quips from him about cocaine and damning assessments of his character add something


In early September 2018 Johnson and Wheeler issued a statement confirming that after 25 years of marriage they had separated "several months ago", and had begun the process of getting divorced add something


In December 2018 Johnson was ordered to apologise to Parliament for failing to declare £50,000 of earnings add something


In December 2018, Johnson was cleared by an independent panel, chaired by Naomi Ellenbogen QC, which had been established by the Conservative Party in light of complaints received about his comments add something


Kay Burley - In 2018, during an interview concerning Boris Johnson's remarks about the burqa, Burley drew criticism when she used as an example the lack of visible facial expression of war hero Simon Weston, who had received severe facial injuries in the Falklands War


John Bercow - On March 27 2018, he told off Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, for referring to Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry as Baroness Nugee, stating that "it was quite frankly sexist", to which he was met with applause from MPs in the House of Commons


Jeremy Hunt (politician) - Hunt was appointed Foreign Secretary in July 2018 following the resignation of Boris Johnson


Conservative Party (UK) - In August 2018 there was further controversy over Islamophobia in the Conservative Party as a result of former Conservative Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson saying Muslim women wearing burkas "look like letter boxes" and like "a bank robber"


Nadine Dorries - In August 2018, Boris Johnson was criticised for a column that he had written in the "Daily Telegraph"


Democratic Unionist Party - The third such annual DUP reception at the Conservative conference took place in October 2018, with Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson addressing the DUP conference a month later


In January 2019, Johnson came under criticism for remarks he had made during the 2016 Leave campaign regarding the prospect of Turkish accession to the European Union; he denied making such remarks add something


In March 2019, Johnson said that expenditure on investigating historic allegations of child abuse, instead of more police on the streets, was money "spaffed up the wall" add something


On 16 May 2019, Johnson confirmed that he would be standing in the Conservative Party leadership election following Theresa May's resignation add something


In June 2019, Johnson said that he paints wooden crates to resemble buses as a hobby add something


The case was subsequently thrown out by the High Court on 7 June 2019 add something


In July 2019 he was elected Conservative Leader and appointed Prime Minister add something


Johnson received more than £500,000 in political donations in May-July 2019 add something


On 24 July 2019, Queen Elizabeth II accepted Theresa May's resignation and appointed Johnson as Prime Minister add something


On 19 August 2019, Johnson wrote a letter to the EU and asked for the removal of "backstop" accord, which was signed by the previous Prime Minister Theresa May. However,the proposal was rejected by the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk add something


On 26 August 2019, Johnson said that Britain will not pay £39 billion for the withdrawal agreement, if his nation leaves without a deal on 31 October add something


It has been suggested by some that this prorogation amounts to a self-coup, and on 31 August 2019, protests occurred in towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom add something


As of 2 September 2019, three separate court cases challenging Johnson's action were in progress or were scheduled to take place add something


On 3 September 2019, Phillip Lee crossed the floor and defected to the Liberal_Democrats (Liberal_Democrats_(UK)) following disagreement with Johnson's Brexit policy add something


Despite government opposition, the opposition bill to block a no-deal exit passed the Commons on 4 September 2019, causing Johnson to propose a general election on 15 October add something


On 5 September 2019, Johnson's brother Jo Johnson resigned from the government and announced that he would step down as an MP, describing his position as "torn between family and national interest" add something


Brexit - Javid said that this was so that departments would be free to plan for the planned Brexit date of 31 October 2019, but there was speculation that the increased spending was to gain popularity in preparation for a possible election in autumn 2019 add something


Eton College - As of 2019, Boris Johnson will become the 20th Prime Minister to have attended the school, and the fifth since the end of the Second World War


National unity government - In 2019, the idea of a government of National Unity has been proposed by politicians including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson to stop a no-deal Brexit spearheaded by Prime Minister Boris Johnson


James Duddridge - On 27 Jul 2019 he was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union in Boris Johnson's administration


Alan Sugar - Sugar endorsed Boris Johnson during the 2019 Conservative Party leadership election


General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade - This claim was adopted by Boris Johnson during his 2019 campaign to lead the Conservative Party


Priti Patel - Under Boris Johnson's leadership, she assumed the role of Home Secretary in 2019, the first woman of ethnic minority descent to hold the office


Max Hastings - In June 2019, Hastings described the Conservative Party leadership candidate Boris Johnson as "unfit for national office, because it seems he cares for no interest save his own fame and gratification


Esther McVey - Following Boris Johnson winning the leadership contest and becoming Prime Minister in July 2019, McVey returned to the cabinet when he made her Minister of State for Housing and Planning


Angus MacNeil - In July 2019 MacNeil criticized Tory leader candidate Boris Johnson for stating that learning English is essential for immigrants


Alastair Campbell - In July 2019, as Boris Johnson became PM, Campbell made a visit to Australia to make a series of speeches about mental health


Dominic Grieve - In July 2019, following the appointment of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, Grieve described Johnson as a "charlatan"


Philip Hammond - In July 2019, he spoke in an interview of his plans to tender his resignation to Theresa May should Boris Johnson be announced as the new Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister


Alastair Campbell - In July 2019, in the week Boris Johnson became PM, Campbell penned a 3,500 word open letter to Jeremy Corbyn saying he no longer wished to be re-admitted to the Party, despite legal advice saying he would win a court case against his expulsion


David Evennett - In July 2019, the new Prime Minister Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP appointed Sir David as a Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party


Priti Patel - Patel was appointed Home Secretary by Boris Johnson in July 2019


David Gauke - On 20 July 2019, Gauke confirmed to "The Sunday Times" that he would resign as Secretary of State after Prime Minister's Questions on 24 July 2019, citing that he could not serve Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and run the risk of persuing a no-deal exit from the European Union


Anne Milton - On 23 July 2019, Milton resigned as Minister of State for Skills and Apprenticeships shortly before Boris Johnson was announced as the new leader of the Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister


David Lidington - He resigned from the government on 24 July 2019, in anticipation of the appointment of Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister


Sajid Javid - On 24 July 2019, Javid was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer in the new Boris Johnson cabinet


Andrea Leadsom - On 24 July 2019, Leadsom was appointed Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industral Strategy by incoming Prime Minister Boris Johnson


Theresa May - She is expected to step down as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by 24 July 2019, following the election of her former Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader


United Kingdom - The current Prime Minister is Boris Johnson, who has been in office since 24 July 2019


Government of the United Kingdom - The current prime minister is Boris Johnson, who took office on 24 July 2019


Conservative Party (UK) - Theresa May resigned as Prime Minister on the 24 July 2019 after her successor, Boris Johnson, was elected on 23 July 2019


Minister of State for Europe - On the 25 July 2019 newly elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed Conservative MP for Tamworth, Christopher Pincher to the role as a part of his cabinet reshuffle


Philip Hammond - In August 2019, Hammond, and 20 other Tory MPs including former Cabinet ministers Rory Stewart and David Gauke, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, accusing him of ruining any chance of a new deal with European Union by setting "the bar on his red lines so high"


John Major - On Friday, 30. of August 2019, it was announced by diverse media that John Major intended to join a court case by Gina Miller against the proroguing of Paliament by prime Minister Boris Johnson


Sajid Javid - ' A tweet which contained part of this quote on his leadership campaign Twitter account was deleted on 29 August 2019, the day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson's controversial decision to prorogue parliament


Richard Benyon - First elected as a Conservative, Benyon had the Conservative whip removed on 3 September 2019, after voting against the government, by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and currently sits as an independent politician


Justine Greening - On 3 September 2019, Greening joined 20 other rebel Conservative MPs to vote against the Conservative government of Boris Johnson


Philip Hammond - On 3 September 2019, Hammond joined 20 other rebel Conservative MPs to vote against the Conservative government of Boris Johnson


Rory Stewart - On 3 September 2019, Stewart joined 20 other rebel Conservative MPs to vote against the Conservative government of Boris Johnson