Brian Wilson

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Brian Wilson

American musician, best known as the leader and chief songwriter of the group The Beach Boys add

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Born in 1942.

Countries: United States (61%), United Kingdom (20%), (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: The Beach Boys, Mike Love, Pet Sounds

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Brian Wilson was born in 1942 add something


The large rooms were built to record the big orchestras and ensembles of the 1950s, not small rock groups add something


The song, adapted from Chuck Berry, is widely seen as emblematic of the early 1960s American rock cultural experience add something


Wilson enrolled at El Camino College in Los Angeles, majoring in psychology, in September 1960 add something


Carol Kaye - As a session musician, Kaye was the bassist on many Phil Spector and Brian Wilson productions in the 1960s and 1970s


Russ Titelman - Beginning his career in the 1960s, he has worked with musicians such as The Monkees, Dion Dimucci, George Harrison, Bee Gees, Little Feat, Christine McVie, Meat Loaf, Paul Simon, Brian Wilson, The Allman Brothers Band, James Taylor, Rickie Lee Jones, Chaka Khan, Ry Cooder, Randy Newman, Gordon Lightfoot, Eric Clapton and Gerry Goffin


Lewis Shiner - Several of his novels have rock music as a theme or main focus, especially the musicians of the late 1960s; for example, Shiner's 1993 novel "Glimpses" considers the great never-recorded albums of The Doors, Brian Wilson, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix


At some point in 1961 he wrote his first all-original melody, loosely based on a Dion and the Belmonts version of "When You Wish Upon a Star" add something


Brian Wilson and his bandmates, following a set by Ike and Tina Turner, performed their first major live show at The Ritchie Valens Memorial Dance on New Year's Eve, 1961 add something


Brian and his brothers Carl and Dennis Wilson along with Mike Love and Al Jardine first appeared as a music group in the summer of 1961, initially named the Pendletones add something


Over Labor Day weekend 1961, Brian took advantage of the fact that his parents were in Mexico City for a couple of days and intended to use the emergency money they had left for the boys to rent an amp, a microphone, and a stand-up bass add something


Although an early demo of the song was recorded in February 1962 at World-Pacific Studios, it was not re-recorded and released until 1963, when it became a top ten hit add something


Looking for a followup single for their radio hit, Brian and Mike Love wrote "Surfin' Safari", and attempts were made to record a usable take at World Pacific, including overdubs, on February 8, 1962, along with several other tunes including an early version of "Surfer Girl" add something


Recording sessions for the band's first album took place in Capitol's basement studios in August 1962, but early on Brian lobbied for a different place to cut Beach Boy tracks add something


Surfer Girl - The front cover of "Surfer Girl" features Dennis Wilson, David Marks, Carl Wilson, Mike Love and Brian Wilson holding a surfboard from the same 1962 photo shoot that produced the cover of their album debut "Surfin' Safari"


Additionally, during the taping of their first LP Brian fought for, and won, the right to be in charge of the production- though his first acknowledged liner notes production credit did not come until the band's third album "Surfer Girl", in 1963 add something


Brian was first credited as The Beach Boys' producer on the "Surfer Girl" album, recorded in June and July 1963 and released in September 1963 add something


On July 20, 1963, "Surf City", which he had co-written with Jan Berry of Jan and Dean, was the first surf song to reach the top of the US charts add something


Feeling that surfing songs had become limiting, Brian decided to produce a set of largely car-oriented tunes for The Beach Boys' fourth album "Little Deuce Coupe", which was released in October 1963, only three weeks after the "Surfer Girl" LP. The departure of guitarist David Marks from the band that month meant that Brian was forced to resume touring with The Beach Boys, for a time reducing his availability in the recording studio add something


Rock music - From 1963 the group began to leave surfing behind as subject matter as Brian Wilson became their major composer and producer, moving on to the more general themes of male adolescence including cars and girls in songs like "Fun, Fun, Fun" and "California Girls"


Sweet Little Sixteen - The Beach Boys' 1963 song "Surfin' U.S.A." features lyrics by Brian Wilson set to the music of "Sweet Little Sixteen


The Beach Boys - At the beginning of a tour of the Mid-West in April 1963, Jardine rejoined the Beach Boys at Brian's request


The Beach Boys - Five days prior to the release of "Surfin' U.S.A." Brian produced "Surf City", a song he had written for Jan and Dean, which eventually hit number one on the US charts in July 1963, a development that pleased Brian but angered Murry, who felt his son had "given away" what should have been the Beach Boys' first chart-topper


Following a nervous breakdown on board a flight from L.A. to Houston on December 23, 1964, Wilson stopped performing live with the Beach Boys in an effort to concentrate solely on songwriting and studio production add something


The Beach Boys - By the end of 1964, the stress of road travel, composing, producing and maintaining a high level of creativity became too much to bear for Brian Wilson


Glen Campbell - From December 1964 to early March 1965, Campbell was a touring member of the Beach Boys, filling in for Brian Wilson


In late 1965, Wilson began working on material for a new album after hearing the Beatles' 1965 album "Rubber Soul" add something


Carl Wilson - Although all members of the band played on their early recordings, Brian Wilson began to engage experienced session musicians to play on Beach Boys backing tracks by 1965


Mike Love - His consistent partnership with Wilson stalled over Christmas 1965 when the Beach Boys' intense touring schedule clashed with the pressure on Brian Wilson to keep writing and producing new records for the band


Bruce Johnston - On April 9, 1965, Johnston joined the Beach Boys, replacing Glen Campbell, who was playing bass on the road and singing Brian Wilson's vocal parts


The Beach Boys - In December 1965, the Beatles released "Rubber Soul", an album which enthralled Brian Wilson


Having been introduced to Parks at a garden party at Terry Melcher's home, Wilson liked Parks' "visionary eloquence" and began work with him in the fall of 1966 add something


However, over Christmas 1966 conflict within the group and Wilson's own growing personal problems threw the project into terminal disarray add something


In this version, "Good Vibrations" features Tony Asher's original lyrics in the verses, instead of Mike Love's lyrics from the released 1966 version add something


The album was released May 16, 1966 and, despite modest sales figures at the time, has since become widely critically acclaimed, often being cited among the all-time greatest albums add something


Carl Wilson - Following his dynamic lead vocal performance on "God Only Knows" in 1966, Wilson was increasingly lead vocalist for the band, a role previously dominated by Mike Love and Brian Wilson


Frank Marocco - His best-known contributions include Pet Sounds by Brian Wilson in 1966, and Crossroads by Tracy Chapman in 1989.


Mike Love - Historically there is much debate about the stalled Beach Boys' project, Smile, which Brian Wilson commenced in the autumn of 1966 and abandoned in May 1967 just weeks before the Beatles' release of "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"


Frank Marocco - In 1966, he worked together with Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, and performed on the world-famous album Pet Sounds.


The Beach Boys - The song was the same arrangement as Brian's 1966 version, with Carl adding vocals and overdubs


God Only Knows - "'God Only Knows"'" is a song written by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher for American rock band The Beach Boys, released in 1966 as the eighth track on the group's album "Pet Sounds"


Carol Kaye - She worked on Brian Wilson's ill-fated but legendary "Smile" project and was present at the "Fire" session in late November 1966 when Wilson reportedly asked the studio musicians to wear toy fire hats


Throughout mid-to-late 1967, Wilson concurrently oversaw the production of such heavily orchestrated songs as "Can't Wait Too Long" and "Time to Get Alone" , alongside the albums "Smiley Smile" and the R&B-inflected "Wild Honey", both of which performed only modestly on the charts add something


With mental health finally on the mend, Wilson decided to complete the aborted "Smile" project from 1967 add something


Originally scheduled for release in January 1967, the date was continually pushed back until press officer Derek Taylor announced its cancellation in May 1967 add something


By March 1967, the bad feeling got too much for Parks and, having no desire to break up The Beach Boys, he walked out add something


Mike Love - The Brian Wilson-Mike Love composition "Anna Lee, the Healer" on the 1968 Friends Beach Boys album is based on his experiences in India


In 1969 and 1970 Wilson's health temporarily stabilized add something


He made concert appearances, and stood in for Mike Love during a 1970 Northwest tour when Love was convalescing from illness add something


He resumed writing and recording with the Beach Boys at a brisk pace; seven of the twelve new songs on the 1970 album "Sunflower" were either written or co-written by Wilson add something


Nevertheless, the album was a commercial failure in the United States, peaking at 151 during a four-week "Billboard" chart stay in October 1970 add something


The Beach Boys - Despite the much-publicized "Brian's Back" campaign in the late 1970s, most critics believed the group was past its prime, and that Brian Wilson would be the latest celebrity drug casualty


Mike Love - Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, as Brian Wilson's health declined and revived, Mike Love continued to tour, effectively leading the Beach Boys on stage, with Carl Wilson as de facto musical director of the band


In late 1971 and early 1972, he worked on an album for American Spring titled "Spring", a new collaboration between erstwhile Honeys Marilyn Wilson and Diane Rovell add something


Wilson played and sang on much of the 1971 "Surf's Up" album and wrote or co-wrote four of the album's ten songs, including the title track, which was a Carl Wilson-produced rerecording of the legendary 1966 "Smile" track add something


Pet Sounds - Retrospectively, in Stephen Davis's 1972 "Rolling Stone" review, Davis called it "by far" Brian Wilson's best album and said that its "trenchant cycle of love songs has the emotional impact of a shatteringly evocative novel"


The Beach Boys - The band was still expecting to complete and release "Smile" as late as 1972, before it became clear that only Brian could comprehend the endless fragments that had been recorded


Wilson spent a great deal of the two years following his father's death in June 1973 secluded in the chauffeur's quarters of his home, sleeping, abusing alcohol, taking drugs and overeating add something


Subsequently, though still under contract to Warner Brothers, Wilson signed a sideline production deal with Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher's Equinox Records in early 1975 add something


Dismayed by his continued deterioration and reluctant to payroll Wilson as an active partner in the touring Beach Boys , Marilyn and the Wilson family enlisted the services of radical therapist Eugene Landy in October 1975 add something


Wilson returned to regular stage appearances with the band, alternating between piano and bass and, under Landy's advice, made a solo appearance on "Saturday Night Live" in November 1976; producer Lorne Michaels stipulated Wilson's exclusive performance, much to the chagrin of the other Beach Boys add something


Wilson was under Landy's care for fourteen months until December 1976, when the therapist was dismissed for doubling his monthly fee add something


The Beach Boys - For the remainder of 1976 to early 1977, Brian Wilson spent his time making sporadic public appearances and producing the band's next LP "Love You", a quirky collection of 14 songs mostly written solely by Brian


Rob Mounsey - In 1976, he moved to New York to become a noted studio musician, arranger and producer for a wide range of well-known artists, including Rihanna, Aaron Neville, Michael Franks, Carly Simon, Natalie Cole, Diana Krall, Steely Dan, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Chaka Khan, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Diana Ross, Donald Fagen, Brian Wilson, Aztec Camera and countless others


In April 1977, the all-original Wilson album "Love You" was released; Wilson himself has often called this his favorite Beach Boys album add something


The Beach Boys - After a show at Central Park, New York City on September 1, 1977, the band split up into two camps, Dennis and Carl Wilson on one side, and Mike Love and Al Jardine on the other with Brian remaining a neutral party


The Beach Boys - On September 17, 1977, due to not wanting to lose family ties and their contract with Caribou, the band met at Brian's house and negotiated a settlement which resulted in Mike Love gaining corporate control of Brian's vote in the group, meaning he along with Al could vote against Carl and Dennis Wilson on any matter


Bruce Johnston - Johnston returned to the fold in 1978 at Brian Wilson's request to appear on the album "L.A. "


The Wilsons' divorce in January 1979 cited allegations of infidelity on Marilyn's part and inappropriate behavior on Brian's but was considered more a mutual surrender to the pressures of Wilson's continued emotional health problems add something


By way of explaining Brian's variable input, Carl Wilson told "Musician" magazine in 1981 that his brother had become seriously addicted to cocaine during this period add something


By 1982, Wilson weighed over 325 pounds and was again immersed in his addictions add something


Van Dyke Parks - By 1984, Parks was refused future collaborations with Wilson, instead being informed by an unnamed representative that "Mike Love is Brian Wilson's exclusive collaborator


As Wilson's recovery consolidated, he rejoined the Beach Boys for Live Aid in 1985 and participated in the recording of the Steve Levine-produced album, "The Beach Boys" add something


Partly due to the control that Landy exercised, Wilson stopped working with The Beach Boys on a regular basis after the release of the Levene-produced album "The Beach Boys" in 1985 add something


Gary Usher - He worked with Brian Wilson again in 1986 but clashed with Wilson's controversial therapist Eugene Landy; most of this work has never been released


The Return of Bruno - "'The Return of Bruno"' is a 1987 comedic film, originally aired as a one-hour special on HBO and later released on VHS. It is a mockumentary starring Bruce Willis as his fictitious alter ego "Bruno Radolini", a legendary blues singer/musician who influenced, as the story goes, a number of famous musicians who appear in cameo, such as Elton John, Phil Collins, Brian Wilson, Grace_Slick, Joan Baez, Jon Bon Jovi, Paul Stanley, The Bee Gees, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, and Ringo Starr appear in the film as themselves, paying tribute to Radolini


After years of treatment and recuperation, he began a solo career in 1988 with "Brian Wilson", the same year that he and The Beach Boys were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame add something


Wilson launched a career as a solo artist in 1988 to critical acclaim add something


The eventual solo album, "Brian Wilson", was released in July 1988, to generally favorable reviews and in its wake came a faux memoir, "Wouldn't It Be Nice - My Own Story", published in 1990 add something


The Beach Boys - By 1988, Brian Wilson had officially left the Beach Boys


Mike Love - In 1988, the Beach Boys had a US Number 1 hit with "Kokomo", the only Number 1 the band achieved without Brian Wilson's involvement


Jeff Lynne - Lynne co-wrote and produced the track "Let It Shine" for Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson's first solo album in 1988


By 1989, despite the critical success of a debut solo album "Brian Wilson", rumors abounded that Wilson had either suffered a stroke or had been permanently disabled due to excessive drug use add something


Wilson's proposed second solo album under the direction of Landy, entitled "Sweet Insanity", was rejected by Sire in 1990 add something


Robert Schneider - The Wall of Sound production style implemented by his heroes Phil Spector and Brian Wilson was used on these records and cemented Schneider's reputation as the man behind the sound of many bands of the Elephant 6 label, which grew through the 1990s into a sprawling collective of psychedelic pop and experimental groups


Van Dyke Parks - Between 1992 and 1995, Parks teamed up again with a then-reclusive Brian Wilson to create the album "Orange Crate Art"


Ringo Starr - In 1992, Starr released his first studio album in nine years, "Time Takes Time", which was produced by Phil Ramone, Don Was, Lynne and Peter Asher and featured guest appearances by various stars including Brian Wilson and Harry Nilsson


Carl Wilson - In 1992, Wilson told Michael Feeney Callan his hope was to record new Brian Wilson material


In writer-director Michael Feeney Callan's 1993 RTE film marking the Beach Boys' thirtieth anniversary, "The Beach Boys Today", Mike Love contested any suggestion that he had blocked the project, and Carl Wilson attributed its collapse principally to drug usage and Brian's unstable health add something


Carl Wilson - After this, Love increasingly dominated the band's recorded output and became the driving force behind the 1993 album "Summer in Paradise", the first and only Beach Boys album with no input from Brian Wilson in any form


The Beach Boys - In 1993, the band appeared in Michael Feeney Callan's film "The Beach Boys Today", which included in-depth interviews with all members except Brian Wilson


A court-appointed conservator was appointed to oversee Wilson's financial and legal affairs in 1994 add something


Maury Chaykin - Chaykin had his first starring role in "Whale Music", a 1994 film in which he played a burned-out rock star, a character based largely on Brian Wilson


Mike Love - In a 1994 lawsuit against Brian Wilson, the jury's verdict established Love's co-authorship credit for many of The Beach Boys hits


In 1995, Wilson married Melinda Ledbetter, a car saleswoman and former model he met several years earlier while under the care of Eugene Landy add something


Wilson released two albums simultaneously in 1995 add something


The Beach Boys - In 1995, Brian Wilson appeared in the critically acclaimed documentary "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times", which saw him performing for the first time with his now-adult daughters, Wendy and Carnie of the group Wilson Phillips


Having missed out on the Beach Boys' 27th studio album "Summer in Paradise" due to Landy's intervention, Wilson returned for the 1996 album, "Stars and Stripes Vol. 1", a group collaboration, backing country music artists singing lead vocals of Beach Boys' standards add something


The Beach Boys - It marked the group's first live performance to include Brian since 1996


After considerable mental recovery, he mended his relationship with his daughters Carnie and Wendy and the three of them released an album in 1997 titled "The Wilsons" add something


Don Was - In 1997, he directed and produced a documentary, "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times", about former-Beach Boy Brian Wilson


In 1998, he teamed with Chicago-based producer Joe Thomas for the album, "Imagination add something


Jardine joined the Beach Boys for the first time since 1998 at a tribute for Ronald Reagan on February 5, 2011 add something


Heart (band) - The sisters appeared at benefits and special events, including the tribute to Brian Wilson at New York's Radio City Music Hall in March 2001


Lead Belly - Lead Belly has been covered by Brian Wilson, Delaney Davidson, Tom Russell, Lonnie Donegan, Bryan Ferry-ref 'Frantic'Album 2002


Directly afterward, "Smile" was abandoned, and Wilson would not return to complete it until 2004, when it was released as a Brian Wilson album of the same name add something


In 2004, Wilson promoted "Smile" with a tour of Australia, New Zealand and Europe add something


Wilson's third solo album "Gettin' In Over My Head" featured collaborations with Elton John, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and brother Carl, who died in February 1998 add something


His work was finally revealed in concert on February 20, 2004, 37 years after it was conceived add something


Wilson debuted "Smile" at the Royal Festival Hall in London and subsequently toured the UK. Following the tour, "Smile" was recorded, and released in September 2004 add something


Jimmy Little - In 2004 he released his 34th album, "Life's What You Make It", a collection of distinctive and poignant versions of songs by contemporary artists as diverse as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, PJ Harvey, Neil Young, Brian Wilson, Elvis_Costello and Bruce Springsteen


In November 2005, former bandmate Mike Love sued Wilson over "shamelessly misappropriating add something


In December 2005, he released "What I Really Want for Christmas" for Arista Records add something


Mike Love - On November 3, 2005, Love, who owns the rights to The Beach Boys name, sued Brian Wilson and the Mail On Sunday newspaper, arguing that both misused Love's songs, likeness and The Beach Boys' name in a promotional CD that was given free with the paper to promote the 2004 Smile release


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Pet Sounds", Wilson embarked on a brief tour in November 2006 add something


Tony Kaye (director) - He won a Grammy in 2006 for the famous Johnny Cash video "God's Gonna Cut You Down" with cameo appearances by Bono, Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Patti Smith, Terrence Howard, Iggy Pop, The Dixie Chicks, Brian Wilson, Woody_Harrelson, Keith Richards, Chris Martin, Sharon Stone, Lisa Marie Presley, Flea, Chris Rock, Justin Timberlake, Kate Moss, Peter Blake, Sheryl Crow, Dennis Hopper, Mick Jones, Jay-Z, Kris Kristofferson, Owen Wilson, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Amy Lee


God Only Knows - Bono said in October 2006 during Brian Wilson's induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame that "the string arrangement on 'God Only Knows' is fact and proof of angels"


The piece originally debuted in a series of September 2007 concerts at London's Royal Festival Hall, and in January 2008 at Sydney's State Theatre while headlining the Sydney Festival add something


In 2008, "Rolling Stone" magazine published a list of the "100 Greatest Singers of All Time", and ranked Wilson number 52 add something


Wilson released "That Lucky Old Sun" in September 2008 add something


On September 30, 2008, Seattle's Light in the Attic Records released "A World of Peace Must Come", a collaboration between Wilson and Stephen Kalinich, originally recorded in 1969, but later lost in Kalinich's closet add something


Pacific Ocean Blue - It has allegedly been praised by his older brother Brian Wilson, but in a 2008 interview with Pitchfork Media, Brian denied knowing that Dennis had recorded an album at all


In 2009 Wilson's workload increased when he signed a two-record deal with Disney add something


In summer 2009, Wilson was approached by the Gershwin estate to record an album of his interpretations of classic Gershwin songs, and to assess unfinished piano pieces by Gershwin for possible expansion into finished songs add something


George Gershwin - In October 2009, it was reported by "Rolling Stone" that Brian Wilson is completing at least two unfinished compositions by George Gershwin for possible release in 2010


In June 2010, the "Las Vegas Sun" reported that Brian Wilson would join the Beach Boys for their 50th anniversary tour add something


The resulting album, "Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin", was released on August 17, 2010 on Disney's Pearl label add something


Love stated that during the middle of 2011, the band reunited to re-record their song "Do it Again" and for it to be made into a music video to promote the world tour add something


On July 27, 2011, Love announced that, "Where we're at right now is Brian's written some songs, I've written some songs add something


In October 2011, Jardine reported that the Beach Boys would reunite in 2012 for 50 U.S. dates and 50-60 overseas dates add something


Wilson's second album for Disney was "In The Key Of Disney", a collection of classic Disney movie songs, which was released on October 25, 2011 add something


On December 16, 2011, a 50th Anniversary Reunion was announced and Brian returned to The Beach Boys add something


Daft Punk - A 2011 Bodytonic podcast featured tracks from all of the artists named in "Teachers", the Brian Wilson speech quoted in the liner notes of "Homework", and a Kraftwerk-like 1983 track produced by Daniel Vangarde, father of Bangalter


The Beach Boys - Despite some uncertainty and limited public comment, on December 16, 2011, it was announced that Brian Wilson, Mike_Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks would reunite for a new album and 50th anniversary tour in 2012 that would include a performance at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in April 2012


Mike Love - On December 16, 2011 it was announced that Love would reunite with Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks for a new Beach Boys album and 50th anniversary tour in 2012


The album's title track was released as its first single in April 2012 add something


The Beach Boys released their new album, "That's Why God Made the Radio", on June 5, 2012 add something


The Beach Boys - Having no involvement from Brian Wilson whatsoever due to interference from caretaker Eugene Landy, "Summer in Paradise" was poorly received by both critics and fans, and would become their last album of original material for two decades until the 2012 release of "That's Why God Made the Radio"


Good Vibrations - The 2012 stereo mix was made possible by newly invented digital technology by Derry Fitzgerald, with the blessings of Brian Wilson and Mark Linett


Bruce Johnston - In June 2012, Johnston, Brian Wilson, Mike_Love, Al Jardine, and David Marks reunited for a new album and 50th anniversary tour


Mike Love - On June 5, 2012 That's Why God Made the Radio, the first new all-original Beach Boys album to feature the core Brian Wilson-Mike Love-Al Jardine reunion since 1985's Steve Levine-produced work, was released


On June 6, 2013, Wilson's website announced that he is recording and self-producing an 11th solo album with Capitol Records add something


It was announced on August 5, 2013 that Wilson would embark on a fall 2013 tour with Jeff Beck add something


Shooting wrapped on the film on August 27, 2013 although a release date for the film has yet to be announced add something


Blondie Chaplin - In late 2013 it was announced that Chaplin would be featured at select shows featuring former Beach Boys band mate Brian Wilson and Guitarist Jeff Beck, the tour will feature former Beach Boys Al Jardine and David Marks


A biopic on Wilson's life titled, "Love and Mercy" will be released in 2014 add something


In January 2014, Wilson clarified that he did not write any material with Beck, and that Beck would only be a guest performer add something


In August 2014, Beck was surprised to learn that "Danny Boy" would be included on the album, reporting that the track was left unfinished with only a rough guitar track played by him add something


A cover of Paul McCartney's "Wanderlust" was contributed by Wilson for the tribute album "The Art of McCartney", released in November 2014 add something


Nate Ruess - In July 2014, Ruess was reported as having sung on Brian Wilson's upcoming album "No Pier Pressure"


Wilson is set to release an autobiography to be published in fall 2015 add something


Earlier in January 2015, Wilson contributed vocals to Mini Mansions' single "Any Emotions" from the album "The Great Pretenders" add something


Almost two years after recording began, Wilson will release his eleventh solo album, "No Pier Pressure", on April 7, 2015 add something


On September 17, 2015, Wilson announced that he would play a November 4 benefit concert as part of a new partnership with the Campaign to Change Direction add something


Elizabeth Banks - Also in 2015, alongside John Cusack as Brian Wilson and Paul Giamatti as Eugene Landy, Banks portrayed the girlfriend and later wife of the Beach Boys co-founder, Melinda Ledbetter Wilson in Bill Pohlad's film "Love & Mercy"


Paul Dano - In 2015, Dano played a younger version of the Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson, with John Cusack as an older version of Wilson, in the biopic "Love and Mercy"


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of " Pet Sounds", Wilson will embark on the Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary World Tour in April 2016 add something


In October 2016, Wilson announced a new album, "Sensitive Music for Sensitive People", comprising originals and rock and roll cover songs add something


He describes the name as a "working title", and that recording would begin in December 2016 add something


Chris Rainbow - During the 2017 leg of Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary Tour, 'Dear Brian' was played over the sound system prior to the show and during intermission


The Beach Boys - Subsequently, in January 2017, Love stated "If it were possible to make it just Brian and I, and have it under control and done better than what happened in 2012, yeah, I'd be open to something


The Beach Boys - In December 2018, Love described his new holiday album, "Reason for the Season," as a "message to Brian" and admitted that he "would love nothing more than to get together with Brian and do some music


Wilson continues to tour in 2019 with fellow former Beach Boys Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin and his band add something