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Bridget Moynahan

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Bridget Moynahan

American model and actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1970.

Countries: United States (74%), Massachusetts (7%), Canada (4%)

Main connections: Tom Brady, Donnie Wahlberg, Blue Bloods (TV series)

Linked to: University of Massachusetts Amherst, People, Daily News, American Broadcasting Company




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Bridget Moynahan was born in 1970 add something


After graduating from Longmeadow, Massachusetts High School in 1989, Moynahan pursued a career in modeling add something


In 1989, she graduated from Longmeadow High School add something


Moynahan made her television debut in a guest appearance in the comedy series "Sex and the City" in 1999, where she would later have a recurring role as the character Natasha add something


She studied acting at the Caymichael Patten Studio in New York and, in 1999, made her television debut as Natasha in HBO's romantic comedy "Sex and the City" add something


Her next role was a supporting role in 2001 film "Serendipity" as Hally, the fiancée of John Cusack's character add something


In 2004, Moynahan starred alongside Will Smith in Alex Proyas' science fiction movie "I, Robot", loosely based on Isaac Asimov's short story collection of the same name add something


Moynahan dated NFL quarterback Tom Brady from 2004 until December 14, 2006 add something


Tom Brady - Brady dated actress Bridget Moynahan from 2004 until late 2006


Lord of War - Her next movie was in 2005's "Lord of War", a political crime thriller, as Ava Fontaine Orlov, the wife of Nicolas Cage's character add something


In 2006, "Maxim" magazine named her number 96 on its annual "Hot 100" list add something


In September 2006, away from film, Moynahan starred as Whitney Crane in the ABC television drama series "Six Degrees", co-starring alongside Jay Hernandez, Erika Christensen, Hope Davis, Dorian Missick, and Campbell Scott add something


Moynahan starred in the ABC television series "Six Degrees", which premiered in September 2006 add something


It debuted on September 20, 2006, and was watched by almost 13,3 million viewers. with David Hinckley of the "New York Daily News" writing, "In theory, it's an intriguing concept for a series add something


Moynahan's next film role was in the November 2006 thriller "Unknown", about a group of individuals kidnapped, and trying to work together how to escape from their captors add something


Gisele Bundchen - In December 2006, she began dating New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, while Bridget Moynahan was pregnant with Brady's child


Returning to film, as the last feature she starred in was 2007's "Noise", Moynahan appeared in "Ramona and Beezus", playing the mother to Joey King and Selena Gomez's characters add something


She was next seen in 2007, in "Gray Matters", co-starring alongside Heather Graham and Tom Cavanagh, before being cast in Henry Bean's comedy-drama "Noise", as Helen Owen, the wife of David Owen add something


The movie was screened at a special presentation at the 2007 Rome Film Festival and was released in theaters in 2008 add something


On February 18, 2007, Moynahan's representative confirmed to "People" that she was more than three months pregnant and that Brady was the father add something


The series was canceled after one season in May 2007 add something


In August 2007, she gave birth to a baby boy, John, at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica add something - In February 2007, the company gained a significant amount of press when it sent 2000 condoms to NFL quarterback Tom Brady, a week after he had announced that he had impregnated his ex-girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan


In a July 2008 interview in "Harper's Bazaar", Moynahan discussed her willingness to raise her son as a single mother add something


In December 2008, Moynahan guest starred in two episodes of the ABC television comedy-drama "Eli Stone", playing the titular character's former girlfriend add something


Walon Green - In 2008, Green was the Head Writer/Showrunner of the television pilot "Bunker Hill", starring Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan and directed by Jon Avnet


In November 2009, it was announced that Moynahan had signed a deal with Garnier to appear in television and print advertising promoting their Skincare products add something


She and director Joseph "McG" Nichol began dating in late 2010, after having met on an airplane add something


Moynahan completed work in Elizabeth Allen's "Ramona and Beezus", which was released in July 2010 add something


The film was directed by Elizabeth Allen and released in July 2010 add something


Moynahan has starred in the CBS drama "Blue Bloods" since September 2010 add something


McG - He and Bridget Moynahan began dating in late 2010, after having met on an airplane


Donnie Wahlberg - He has been starring in the drama series "Blue Bloods" with Tom Selleck and Bridget Moynahan since 2010, and since 2014 is an executive producer of the &TNT (TNT_(TV_channel)) reality television show "Boston's Finest"


It was announced in October 2013 that Moynahan will be joining Keanu Reeves in the new thriller "John Wick" add something


Moynahan married businessman Andrew Frankel on October 17, 2015 in The Hamptons add something


On October 17, 2015, Bridget married businessman Andrew Frankel add something