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Brief Encounter

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Brief Encounter

1945 British film directed by David Lean about British suburban life, centering on Laura, a married woman with children whose conventional life becomes increasingly complicated because of a chance meeting at a railway station with a stranger, Alec add

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Launched in 1945.

Countries: United Kingdom (58%), United States (21%), Sweden (4%)

Main connections: Noel Coward, David Lean, Jenny Seagrove

Linked to: American Broadcasting Company, BBC, Piccadilly Incident




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Second World War - As well as a busy station being necessary for the plot, it was located far enough away from major cities to avoid the blackout for film purposes, shooting taking place in early 1945 before the Second World War had finished add something


"'Brief Encounter"' is a 1945 British film directed by David Lean about British suburban life, centering on Laura, a married woman with children whose conventional life becomes increasingly complicated because of a chance meeting at a railway station with a stranger, Alec add something


The US premiere at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, CA ran from September 1945 to October 2009 ://www add something


The film shared the 1946 Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival add something


The script used was a 1947 adaptation for radio by Maurice Horspool, which had been in the BBC's ownership and had never been used or performed since add something


Ronald Neame - He shared Academy *award nominations for Best Screenplay for "Brief Encounter", in 1947, and "Great Expectations", in 1948, with co-writers Lean and Havelock-Allan


The first version aired on April 6, 1947 over ABC with Ingrid Bergman, Sam Wanamaker, and Peggy Wood add something


The second one was presented over NBC on November 13, 1949 and starred Helen Hayes and David Niven add something


A 1974 television remake of the film, shown in the US on the "Hallmark Hall of Fame", starred Richard Burton and Sophia Loren, but was not well received add something


Updating the story may have left those values behind and with them vanished the credibility of the plot, which may be why the 1974 remake could not compete add something


Irene Shubik - "Staying On" was made in 1980 and put stars Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson together on screen again for the first time since "Brief Encounter"


Meanwhile, in his 1993 BFI book on the film, Richard Dyer notes that owing to the rise of homosexual law reform, gay men viewed the plight of the characters as comparable to their own social constraint in the formation and maintenance of relationships add something


The first national tour took place in 1996 and later transferred into the West End in 2000 starring Jenny Seagrove add something


In 1999 "Brief Encounter" came second in a British Film Institute poll of the top 100 British films add something


Derek Malcolm included the film in his 2000 column "The Century of Films" add something


Jenny Seagrove - In 2000 she appeared in "Brief Encounter" at the Lyric Theatre; followed by Neil Simon's "The Female Odd Couple" at the Apollo


In 2004, the magazine "Total Film" named it the 44th greatest British film of all time add something


John Caird (director) - In 2007-8 he wrote the libretto for "Brief Encounter", a new opera by André Previn based on the play "Still Life" by Noël Coward and the "Brief Encounter" screenplay by Coward and David Lean


The 2008 London cast included Amanda Lawrence and Tamzin Griffin, with Tristan Sturrock and Naomi Frederick in the lead roles add something


The 2008 Kneehigh Theatre production, produced by David Pugh and Dafydd Rogers, was adapted for the stage and directed by Emma Rice and is a mixture of the film and the stage play, with additional musical elements add something


It toured the UK before opening in February 2008 at the Haymarket Cinema in London, which was converted into a theatre for the play add something


The production ran until November 2008 and toured the UK for 27 weeks from February 1945 to July 2009, with venues including the Oxford Playhouse, Marlowe Theatre and the Richmond Theatre and with the two leads played by Hannah Yelland and Milo Twomey add something


In May 2009 Houston Grand Opera premiered a two-act opera "Brief Encounter" based on the story, with music by André Previn from a libretto by John Caird add something


On 30 October 2009, as part of the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the BBC's Maida Vale Studios, Jenny Seagrove and Nigel Havers starred in a special Radio 2 production of "Brief Encounter", performed live from Maida Vale's studio 6 add something


A Roundabout Theatre Company production of the Kneehigh adaptation opened at Studio 54 in New York City on 28 September 2010 starring Hannah Yelland, Tristan Sturrock, and other members of the London cast add something


The limited engagement closed on 2 January 2011, after 21 previews and 119 performances, including a four-week extension add something


After an Australian tour in autumn 2013, Kneehigh's production of Noël Coward's Brief Encounter appears at the new Wallis Annenberg Center in Beverly Hills and the Shakespeare Theater in Washington in Spring 2014 add something


Jenny Seagrove - Brief Encounter - In 2015, she and Martin Shaw starred in a radio adaptation of "Brief Encounter" at the Theatre Royal Windsor, playing the parts of Laura Jesson and Alec Harvey


In 2017 a poll of 150 actors, directors, writers, producers and critics for "Time Out" magazine saw it ranked the twelfth best British film ever add something


The production will return to the UK, opening at Birmingham Repertory Theatre and The Lowry, Salford in February 2018 before opening at the Haymarket Cinema in London from March 1945 to September 2018 add something