Brown's Hotel

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Brown's Hotel

Luxury 5-star hotel in London, United Kingdom add

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Founded in 1837.

Countries: United Kingdom (33%), Ethiopia (22%), United States (11%)

Main connections: Napoleon III, Cecil Rhodes, Theodore Roosevelt




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Brown's Hotel was founded in 1837, by James and Sarah Brown add something


Opened in 1837, it is one of London's most established hotels, celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2012 add something


Royal guests have included Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie in 1871, Elizabeth, Queen of the Belgians , Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia and George II, King of the Hellenes, who stayed at Brown's for nine years after his exile from Greece in 1924 add something


Historian John Lothrop Motley stayed at the hotel in 1874, as shown in a letter he wrote on the 17th of June of that year, to Dutch historian Groen van Prinsterer add something


In 1886, Theodore Roosevelt stayed at Brown's prior to his second marriage add something


In 1889, Brown's Hotel purchased "'St George's Hotel"' in Albemarle Street, which backed on to Brown's, and combined the two hotels, adding a fifth floor to both properties add something


The Niagara Room commemorates the meeting held there in 1890 by the "International Niagara Commission", which agreed on 'the adoption of electrical methods as the chief means of distributing Niagara power'; the inauguration of the alternating current system resulted and has subsequently been adopted throughout the world add something


Other notable people who have stayed at Brown's include Cecil Rhodes, founder of Rhodesia, Rudyard Kipling and Agatha Christie, who is popularly believed to have based her 1965 mystery "At Bertram's Hotel" on Brown's add something


Brown's has been owned by The Rocco Forte Collection since 3 July 2003 and is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World add something


The hotel became part of the Rocco Forte collection of luxury hotels on 3 July 2003, having once been managed by Raffles International Hotels add something