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Brownie McGhee

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Brownie McGhee

Piedmont blues singer and guitarist, best known for his collaborations with the harmonica player Sonny Terry add

Category: Music

Born in 1915.

Countries: United States (63%), Illinois (13%), New York (13%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Reverend Gary Davis, California, Muddy Waters

Linked to: Columbia Records, March of Dimes




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Brownie McGhee was born in 1915 add something


Despite their later fame as "pure" folk artists playing for white audiences, in the 1940s Terry and McGhee attempted to be successful black recording performers, fronting a jump blues combo with honking saxophone and rolling piano, variously calling themselves "Brownie McGhee and his Jook House Rockers" or "Sonny Terry and his Buckshot Five," often with Champion Jack Dupree and Big Chief Ellis add something


After Fuller's death in 1941, J. B. Long of Columbia Records had McGhee adopt his mentor's name, branding him "Blind Boy Fuller No. 2 add something


By that time, McGhee was recording for Columbia's subsidiary Okeh Records in Chicago, but his real success came after he moved to New York in 1942, when he teamed up with Sonny Terry, whom he had known since 1939 when Sonny was Blind Boy Fuller's harmonica player add something


Bobby Robinson (record producer) - However, he recorded blues performers such as Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, and had his first major success with "Shake Baby Shake" by Champion Jack Dupree in 1953


As a duo, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee did most of their work from 1958 until 1980, spending 11 months of each year touring, and recording dozens of albums add something


Cisco Houston - Houston toured India in 1959 under the sponsorship of the State Department with Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, and Marilyn Childs


Sister Rosetta Tharpe - In April - May 1964, at the height of a surge of popular interest in the blues, she toured Europe as part of the Blues and Gospel Caravan, alongside Muddy Waters and Otis Spann, Ranson Knowling and Little Willie Smith, Reverend Gary Davis, Cousin Joe and Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee


"Guitar Styles of Brownie McGhee" was published in New York in 1971 add something


With Sonny Terry, he appeared in the 1979 Steve Martin comedy "The Jerk" add something


The pairing was an overnight success; as well as recording, they toured together until around 1980 add something


In 1987, McGhee gave a small but memorable performance as ill-fated blues singer Toots Sweet in the supernatural thriller movie, "Angel Heart add something


" He appeared in a 1988 episode of "Family Ties" titled "The Blues Brother" in which he played fictional blues musician Eddie Dupre, as well as a 1989 episode of "Matlock" entitled "The Blues Singer add something


One of McGhee's final concert appearances was at the 1995 Chicago Blues Festival add something

Brownie McGhee died in 1996 add something


McGhee died from stomach cancer in February 1996 in Oakland, California, California at age 80; he missed his planned return trip to Australia add something