Bruno Rizzi

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Bruno Rizzi

Italian unorthodox political theorist add

Category: Politics

Born in 1901.

Countries: Russia (33%), Italy (33%), France (33%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Leon Trotsky, Yvan Craipeau, Soviet Union

Linked to: Communist Party of Italy, Italian Socialist Party, Soviet Union, Category:Italian Communist Party politicians




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Bruno Rizzi was born in 1901 add something


Born in Porto Mantovano, he joined the Italian Socialist Party in 1918 but among others, left in 1921 to be among the founders of the Communist Party of Italy in 1921 add something


During the later 1930s he intervened in the debates involving Leon Trotsky, James Burnham and Yvan Craipeau concerning the nature of the Soviet Union add something


His most important work, "La Bureaucratisation du Monde" , was published in Paris in 1939, but most copies were seized by the French government add something


Rizzi returned to Italy in 1943, but withdrew to private life, working as a shoe salesman add something

Bruno Rizzi died in 1977 add something