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Burt Lancaster

American actoradd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1913.

Countries: United States (72%), Italy (4%), United Kingdom (4%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: John Frankenheimer, Clark Gable, Charlton Heston

Linked to: American Film Institute, DeWitt Clinton High School, New York University, Democratic Party




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Burt Lancaster was born in 1913 add something


At the age of nine, Lancaster met Nick Cravat, with whom he continued to work throughout his life. add something


Rodd Redwing - After coming to films for Cecil B. DeMille in 1931's "The Squaw Man", he became gun handling coach to Alan Ladd, Ronald Reagan, Burt Lancaster, Glenn_Ford, Richard Widmark, Anthony Quinn, Charlton Heston, Dean Martin, Fred MacMurray and scores more


Clark Gable - The film was good enough to bring Gable more movie offers, including Run Silent, Run Deep, with co-star and producer Burt Lancaster, which featured his first on screen death since 1937, and which garnered good reviews.


However, in 1939 an injury forced Lancaster to give up the profession, with great regret. add something


Emilio Cigoli - He was the Italian voice of nearly every major Hollywood star from the 1940s through the 1960s, including John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, William Holden, Charlton Heston, Burt Lancaster, Steve_Reeves, Vincent Price, Lee Van Cleef, and Orson Welles


Morris Ankrum - Ankrum appeared in such westerns as "Ride 'Em Cowboy" in 1942, "Vera Cruz" opposite Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster, "Apache" and "Cattle Queen of Montana" with Barbara Stanwyck and Ronald Reagan


He served with General Mark Clark's Fifth Army in Italy from 1943–1945. add something


Harry Brown (writer) - Brown wrote a play "A Sound of Hunting" that was produced on Broadway in 1946 starring Burt Lancaster and Frank Lovejoy


Anthony Veiller - This seminal example of film noir, which introduced Burt Lancaster to filmgoers, won an Edgar *award as best mystery film of 1946, and in 2008 was enshrined in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant"


Desert Fury - "'Desert Fury"' is a 1947 Paramount Pictures color film noir drama directed by Lewis Allen and featuring Lizabeth Scott, John Hodiak and Burt Lancaster, with Mary Astor and Wendell Corey


The Crimson Pirate with producer Harold_Hecht (who had previously produced three Lancaster films under his own production company Norma Productions; Kiss the Blood Off My Hands, The Flame and the Arrow, and Ten Tall Men). add something


John Bromfield - In 1948, he was cast as a detective in the film "Sorry, Wrong Number", starring Burt Lancaster and Barbara Stanwyck for Columbia Pictures


Double Indemnity (film) - It was adapted to the October 15, 1948 broadcast of the "Ford Theatre" with Burt Lancaster and Joan Bennett and the October 30, 1950 broadcast of "Lux Radio Theater" with MacMurray and Stanwyck


Kieron Moore - Despite this setback, Moore was invited to Hollywood , where in 1951 he made two films, playing Uriah the Hittite in the biblical epic "David and Bathsheba" and a Foreign Legion officer in "Ten Tall Men", starring Burt Lancaster


Broken Arrow (1950 film) - "Broken Arrow" was dramatized as a hour-long radio play on January 22, 1951, starring Burt Lancaster and Debra Paget


He claims he was romantically involved with Deborah Kerr during the filming of From Here to Eternity in 1953. add something


In 1953, Lancaster played one of his best remembered roles with Deborah Kerr in From Here to Eternity. add something


Oliver Crawford - By 1953, he had had contracted to work with both Harold Hecht and Burt Lancaster


Chuck Connors - In 1953, he starred opposite Burt Lancaster as a rebellious Marine private in the film "South Sea Woman"


In 1954, they collaborated again on His Majesty O'Keefe, with Lancaster acting and Hecht producing. add something


Diana Dors - She gained a second Hollywood offer from Burt Lancaster for a lead role in his 1954 production "His Majesty O'Keefe", but this time Hamilton turned down the part on her behalf before she even knew of the offer


Yap - The 1954 film "His Majesty O'Keefe" cast Burt Lancaster in the captain's role


Walter Matthau - In 1955, he made his motion picture debut as a whip-wielding bad guy in The Kentuckian opposite Burt Lancaster.


N. Richard Nash - It was translated to over 40 languages and made into a 1956 Hollywood film starring Burt Lancaster and Katharine Hepburn, and a 1982 full-length TV production


Gina Lollobrigida - She appeared in the circus drama "Trapeze" directed by Carol Reed with Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis in 1956 and starred in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" directed by Jean Delannoy with Anthony Quinn the same year


Susan Harrison - She is most famous for her appearance in the 1957 film noir classic "Sweet Smell of Success" as the sister for whom Burt Lancaster has an unhealthy affection as well as in "The Twilight Zone" episode "Five Characters in Search of an Exit


Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (film) - "'Gunfight at the O.K. Corral"' is a 1957 American film starring Burt Lancaster as Wyatt Earp and Kirk Douglas as Doc Holliday, based on a real event which took place on October 26, 1881


Don Rickles - In 1958, Rickles made his film debut in a serious part in "Run Silent, Run Deep" starring Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster


Wendy Hiller - She won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1959 for the film "Separate Tables" , as a lonely hotel manageress and mistress of Burt Lancaster


Lancaster won the 1960 Academy Award for Best Actor, a Golden Globe Award, and the New York Film Critics Award for his performance in Elmer Gantry. add something


Arnold Laven - During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Levy-Gardner-Laven team remained active as producers on such films as "Clambake", a 1967 Elvis Presley musical co-starring Shelley Fabares, "The Scalphunters", an 1968 western directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Burt Lancaster, Ossie_Davis and Telly Savalas, and "Kansas City Bomber", a 1972 drama starring Raquel Welch as a roller derby athlete


Shirley Jones - However, she won a 1960 Academy *award for her performance in "Elmer Gantry" portraying a woman corrupted by the title character played by Burt Lancaster


Pat Hingle - In 1960, he had been offered the title role in "Elmer Gantry", but Burt Lancaster filled the part because Hingle had been in a near fatal accident


Torben Meyer - In 1961, at the age of 76, he got his best role in the classic "Judgment at Nuremberg" starring Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard_Widmark, Marlene Dietrich, Maximilian Schell, Judy Garland and Montgomery Clift, playing the guilt-ridden "Werner Lampe", one of the ex-Nazi judges on trial whose inability to explain his actions is one of the most powerful moments


Thomas E. Gaddis - The 1962 film "Birdman of Alcatraz" starred Burt Lancaster as Stroud


John Frankenheimer - The finished film, released in 1962, was a huge success and was nominated for four Oscars, including one for Lancaster's performance.


Lancaster was a vocal supporter of liberal political causes, and frequently spoke out in support of racial minorities, including at the March on Washington in 1963. add something


Robert Horton (actor) - In 1963, producer David Merrick hired him as the male lead in the musical version of N. Richard Nash's play "The Rainmaker" , in the part played on the screen by Burt Lancaster


Marlon Brando - In August 1963, Brando participated in the March on Washington along with fellow celebrities Harry Belafonte, James Garner, Charlton Heston, Burt Lancaster, and Sidney Poitier.


Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume - The museum's war episode was depicted in John Frankenheimer's 1964 film "The Train", starring Burt Lancaster and Jeanne Moreau


Seven Days in May - "'Seven Days in May"' is an American political thriller motion picture directed by John Frankenheimer, starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk_Douglas, Fredric March, and Ava Gardner, and released in February 1964


Richard Boone - In 1965, he came third in the Laurel *award for Best Action Performance; Sean Connery won first place with "Goldfinger" and Burt Lancaster won second place with "The Train"


Pamela Tiffin - She co-starred with Burt Lancaster in the western "The Hallelujah Trail" and with Paul Newman in the private-detective film "Harper" in 1966


Carthy of Minnesota, and frequently spoke on his behalf during the Democratic primaries. add something


In 1968, at the age of 54, Lancaster appeared nude in director Frank Perry's film, The Swimmer. add something


William W. Norton - His big screen breakthrough came with his script for the 1968 film "The Scalphunters", set in the antebellum West, with the movie starring Burt Lancaster, Ossie_Davis and Shelley Winters


Carl Boenish - Boenish's cinematography work included the 1969 John Frankenheimer parachuting film classic "The Gypsy Moths", starring Burt Lancaster and Gene Hackman, and a National Geographic Explorer segment on jumps from El Capitan


Airport (1970 film) - "'Airport"' is a 1970 American drama film starring Burt Lancaster and Dean Martin, directed and written by George Seaton, and based on Arthur Hailey's 1968 novel of the same name


Jon Cypher - Cypher made his first film appearance as the villain Frank Tanner in the 1971 Western "Valdez Is Coming" opposite Burt Lancaster and Susan Clark


Luchino Visconti - Berger appeared in Visconti's Ludwig in 1972 and Conversation Piece in 1974 along with Burt Lancaster.


Mark Lane (author) - Lane was thought to be a screenwriter for the 1973 action movie, "Executive Action", starring Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan, but in actuality he only worked on the first draft of the screenplay


Catherine Bach - Bach's first screen appearance was in the Burt Lancaster murder mystery, "The Midnight Man", shot in Upstate South Carolina in 1973, in which she played the murdered coed, Natalie Claiburn


Helmut Berger - In 1974, Berger starred with Burt Lancaster in Visconti's "Conversation Piece"


The Cassandra Crossing - "'The Cassandra Crossing"' is a 1976 Italian-British disaster/thriller film directed by George Pan Cosmatos and starring Richard Harris, Sophia Loren, Martin Sheen, Burt Lancaster, Lee_Strasberg, Ava Gardner and O. J. Simpson about an infected Swedish terrorist who plagues a train's passengers as they head to a derelict arch bridge


As Lancaster grew older, he became increasingly plagued by atherosclerosis, barely surviving a routine gall bladder operation in January 1980. add something


Following two minor heart attacks he had to undergo an emergency quadruple heart bypass in 1983, after which he was extremely weak, but he still managed to attend a 1988 Congressional hearing with old colleagues such as Jimmy Stewart and Ginger Rogers to protest media magnate Ted Turner's plan to colorize various black-and-white films from the 1930s and '40s. add something


In 1985, Lancaster, a longtime supporter of gay rights, joined the fight against AIDS after his close friend, Rock Hudson, contracted the disease. add something


Sweet Smell of Success - The release includes new audio commentary featuring film scholar James Naremore, "Mackendrick: The Man Who Walked Away", a 1986 documentary featuring interviews with director Alexander Mackendrick, actor Burt Lancaster, producer James Hill, and others


Frank Whaley - Whaley made his film debut in 1987's "Ironweed", and performed mostly in made-for-TV movies until 1989, when he appeared in "Field of Dreams" alongside Burt Lancaster and Kevin Costner, and "Born on the Fourth of July" alongside Tom Cruise


James Stewart - Smith Goes to Washington" in 1988, when he made an impassioned plea in Congressional hearings, along with colleagues Burt Lancaster, Katharine_Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, and film director Martin Scorsese, against Ted Turner's decision to 'colorize' classic black and white films, including It's a Wonderful Life.


Moonlight Graham - His story was popularized by "Shoeless Joe", a novel by W. P. Kinsella, and the subsequent 1989 film "Field of Dreams", starring Kevin Costner, and featuring Burt Lancaster and Frank Whaley as older and younger incarnations of Graham


His third marriage, to Susan Martin, was from September 1990 until his death in 1994. add something


He died in his Century City apartment in Los Angeles from a third heart attack on October 20, 1994 at the age of 80. add something


He died in his Century City apartment in Los Angeles from a third heart attack at 4:50 A.M. on October 20, 1994 at the age of 80 add something


The centennial of Lancaster's birth was honored at New York City's Film Society of Lincoln Center in May 2013 with the screening of twelve of the actor's finest films, from "The Killers" of 1946 to "Atlantic City" in 1980 add something


In 2015 and 2016, Mason performed a dark comedy tell-all show titled "Burt Lancaster Pierced My Hymen When I Was 11" at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in which she charged no admission fees add something