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Captain America

American fictional character, a superhero who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics add

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Launched in 2003.

Countries: United States (82%), (12%), United Kingdom (3%)

Main connections: Marvel Comics, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon

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Simon and Marvel settled out of court in 2003, in a deal that paid Simon royalties for merchandising and licensing use of the character add something


Captain America: Civil War - Civil War - Downey was added in order to adapt the 2006-07 "Civil War" comic book storyline, which pitted Iron Man against Captain America, for the film


As of 2007, an estimated 210 million copies of "Captain America" comic books had been sold in 75 countries add something


The 2007 mini-series "Captain America: The Chosen", written by David Morrell and penciled by Mitchell Breitweiser, depicts a dying Steve Rogers' final minutes, at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, as his spirit guides James Newman, a young American Marine fighting in Afghanistan add something


Joe Simon - He appeared in various news media in 2007 in response to Marvel Comics' announced "death" of Captain America in "Captain America" vol


Alicia Masters - In a 2007 storyline set in the aftermath of an apparent assassination of Captain America, Alicia designed the memorial to him


The Colbert Report - On March 12, 2007, the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, Joe Quesada, awarded Stephen Colbert the shield of the recently deceased superhero Captain America


Captain America: The First Avenger - "Variety" reported in March 2010 that Chris Evans was cast as Captain America and Hugo Weaving as the $Red_Skull; Marvel Studios confirmed the latter in May 2011 . Ryan Phillippe and John Krasinski were considered for the role of Captain America


In 2011, Captain America was ranked sixth on IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes add something


Captain America: The First Avenger - "'Captain America: The First Avenger"' is a 2011 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Captain America, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures


Marvel stated in May 2011 that Rogers, following the public death of Bucky Barnes in the "Fear Itself" miniseries, would resume his Captain America identity in a sixth volume of "Captain America", by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Steve McNiven add something


Marvel Pinball - On June 15, 2011 it was announced that a Captain America table will be released on June 28 on the PSN and on the 29th for Xbox Live


Jamie Madrox - In the 2012 "They Keep Killing Madrox" storyline, Madrox is fatally impaled by a demon named Bloodbath, and finds himself being repeatedly transported to a series of alternate Earths, including one in which Layla Miller was murdered on the night of her marriage to Madrox by Rahne Sinclair's daughter, another in which Captain America has become Deathlok, and another in which Doctor Strange has been killed by the demonic Dormammu


Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Voice actors James Arnold Taylor, Fred Tatasciore, Maurice LaMarch 2013 e, Dee Bradley Baker, Steven Blum, Nolan North, Roger Craig Smith, Travis Willingham, Troy Baker, John Eric Bentley, Laura Bailey, Danielle Nicolet, Adrian Pasdar, Phil LaMarr and Dave Boat will reprise their roles as Spider-Man, The Hulk, Doctor Doom, Sandman, Mr. Fantastic, Wolverine, Deadpool, Captain America, $Human_Torch, Thor, Loki, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Storm, Iron Man, War Machine and the Thing respectively


Captain America: The Winter Soldier - In July 2013, Marvel Studios released a teaser poster depicting a damaged and discolored Captain America shield


Captain America: The Winter Soldier - In September 2013, Marvel announced that it is again partnering with Harley-Davidson, continuing their relationship from "Captain America: The First Avenger", with Captain America riding the company's Softail Breakout motorcycle in the film


Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The vehicle debuted at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, where fans received limited-edition Captain America comic books


Red Skull - This line featuring Captain America figures was made to promote the 2014 film "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"


Captain America: The Winter Soldier - "'Captain America: The Winter Soldier"' is a 2014 American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Captain America, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


Captain America: Civil War - By January 2014, Anthony and Joe Russo had signed on to return to direct a third Captain America film, which they confirmed in March 2014, with Chris Evans returning as Captain America, Kevin Feige producing, and Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely returning to write the screenplay


Captain America: The Winter Soldier - In January 2014, Disney announced that in honor of the film, Captain America would be making appearances at Disneyland


Captain America: The Winter Soldier - In March 2014, Marvel released the Captain America Experience app, that allowed fans to capture a pictures of themselves with Captain America, and let them share it on Instagram and Twitter using specific hashtags to unlock 10 early screenings of the film across the United States, which took place on March 20


On July 16, 2014 Marvel Comics announced that the mantle of Captain America would be passed on by Rogers to his long-time ally The Falcon add something


Captain America: Civil War - In August 2014, the Russos stated that the film takes place a couple years after "The Winter Soldier" left off and will continue to focus on Steve Rogers' relationship with Bucky Barnes while continuing to explore the political themes related to Captain America


As part of Marvel's 2015 All-New, All-Different Marvel branding, Steve Rogers becomes the new Chief of Civilian Oversight for S.H.I.E.L.D., add something


Captain America: Civil War - Civil War - While "Civil War" is the final standalone Captain America film in Evans' contract with Marvel Studios, he stated in September 2015 that he was open to extending his contract past "Avengers: Infinity War", the final films on his contract at the time


Chris Evans (actor) - In September 2015, however, he said in an interview that he would be willing to sign on for more films as Captain America after "Infinity War," if Marvel wanted to extend his contract


World War II - In the 2017 "Secret Empire" storyline, Rogers, as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D, uses a subsequent alien invasion and a mass supervillain assault in order to neutralize the superheroes that might oppose him, while Rogers seeks the Cosmic Cube to bring about a reality in which Hydra won World War II. When Rick smuggles information about the Cube's rewriting of Rogers' reality to the remaining free Avengers, a disheveled, bearded man in a torn World War II army uniform appears who introduces himself as Steve Rogers add something


Hulk (comics) - During the 2017 "Secret Empire" storyline, Arnim Zola used an unknown method to temporary revive Bruce Banner where the Hydra Supreme version of Captain America persuades his Hulk side to attack the Underground's hideout called the Vault


Thunderbolt Ross - In 2018's FCBD Captain America issue depicts Ross as seemingly no longer incarcerated


Captain America: Civil War - In November 2018, Joe Russo said that Evans was "not done yet" playing Captain America after the fourth "Avengers" film