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Carl Froelich

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Carl Froelich

German film pioneer and film director add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1875.

Countries: Germany (83%), Sweden (11%), Hungary (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Heinz Ruhmann, Arno Holz, Richard Wagner

Linked to: Nazi Party, Category:Nazi Party members




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Carl Froelich was born in 1875 add something


From 1903 Froelich was a colleague of Oskar Messter, one of the advance guard of German cinema, for whom initially he worked on the construction of cinematographic equipment add something


As cameraman for Messter's weekly newsreels he filmed among many other things the aftermath of a train accident on the Berlin elevated railway on 28 September 1908, one of the worst transport disasters of the time add something


In 1913 Froelich made his directorial debut with " Richard Wagner" add something


Richard Wagner - The earliest was a silent film made by Carl Froelich in 1913 and featured in the title role the composer Giuseppe Becce, who wrote the score for the film


In 1920 he founded his own production company, Froelich-Film GmbH, among the productions of which were "Kabale und Liebe" , "Die Brüder Karamasoff" , and "Mutter und Kind" add something


Lil Dagover - By the early 1920s, Dagover was one of the most popular and recognized film actresses in the Weimar Republic, appearing in motion pictures by such prominent directors as F.W. Murnau, Lothar Mendes and Carl Froelich


During these years he often filmed with the actress Henny Porten, who made her screen debut in one of his earliest films, and with whom between 1926 and 1929 he shared ownership of a production company add something


In 1929 Froelich made the first German sound film, "Die Nacht gehört uns" add something


In 1930 he took over two glasshouses in Berlin-Tempelhof, which had been used as studios in the days of silent film, and had them converted to sound film studios add something


In 1931 he was advisor, as "senior artistic director", to Leontine Sagan's famous boarding-school film and later lesbian classic, "Mädchen in Uniform" add something


By 1933 Froelich was one of Germany's most noted film artists, producing successful films with the stars of the period, among others Hans Albers, Heinz Rühmann, Ingrid Bergman and Zarah Leander add something


Froelich became a member of the National Socialist Party in 1933 and took over the direction of the "Gesamtverbandes der Filmherstellung und Filmverwertung" add something


Arno Holz - The work was produced on many stages upon its publication and in 1935 it became the basis of a film produced by Carl Froelich starring Emil Jannings in the title role


In 1937 he was awarded a professorship and in 1939 was appointed president of the "Reichsfilmkammer", an office which he retained until the end of the war in 1945 add something


Heinz Ruhmann - In 1941, under the direction of Reichsfilmkammer president Carl Froelich, Rühmann played the title role in "Der Gasmann", about a gas meter reader who is suspected of foreign espionage


After the end of the war Froelich was arrested and in 1948 de-Nazified add something

Carl Froelich died in 1953 add something