Carleton Beals

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Carleton Beals

American journalist, author, historian, and a crusader with special interests in Latin America add

Category: Literature

Born in 1893.

Countries: Russia (20%), Italy (20%), California (20%)

Main connections: Leon Trotsky, Cuba, World War I

Linked to: University of California, Berkeley, Complutense University of Madrid, Sapienza University of Rome, Standard Oil Company




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Carleton Beals was born in 1893 add something


After graduating from high school in 1911, he worked a variety of different jobs while attending the University of California, Berkeley where he studied engineering and mining add something


In 1918, he spent a brief period of time in jail as a World War I draft evader add something


They left Mexico in 1921 for Europe where Beals studied at the University of Madrid, and the University of Rome add something


In 1931, Beals was awarded the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship for biographies add something


He was a Ford Hall Forum speaker in 1936, and a member of the American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky in 1937 add something


His autobiography, "Glass Houses", was published by J.B. Lippincott Company in 1938 add something


During the 1960s, he supported the Fair Play for Cuba Committee add something

Carleton Beals died in 1979 add something