Carlos Hathcock

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Carlos Hathcock

United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant sniper with a service record of 93 confirmed kills add

Category: Military

Born in 1942.

Countries: Vietnam (60%), United States (40%)

Education: undef.

Main connection: Virginia

Linked to: Colt's Manufacturing Company, Canadian Forces, CBS, National Defense Industrial Association




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Carlos Hathcock was born in 1942 add something


Hathcock dreamed of being a Marine throughout his childhood, and so on May 20, 1959, at the age of 17, he enlisted in the Marine Corps add something


Land later recruited Marines who had set their own records in sharpshooting; he quickly found Hathcock, who had won the Wimbledon Cup, the most prestigious prize for long-range shooting, at Camp Perry in 1965 add something


In 1966 Hathcock started his deployment in Vietnam as an MP and later became a sniper after Captain Edward James Land pushed the Marines into raising snipers in every platoon add something


After the arduous mission of killing the general, Hathcock returned to the United States in 1967 add something


In 1967 Hathcock set the record for the longest sniper kill add something


However, he missed the Marine Corps and returned to Vietnam in 1969, where he took command of a platoon of snipers add something


Hathcock's career as a sniper came to a sudden end along Route 1, north of LZ Baldy in September 1969, when the amtrack he was riding on, an LVT-5, struck an anti-tank mine add something


Sniper rifles have since been designed around and chambered in this caliber since the 1970s add something


In 1975, Hathcock's health began to deteriorate, and he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis add something


The 1993 movie "Sniper," featuring actor Tom Berenger, is loosely based on some of Hathcock's exploits in Vietnam add something

Carlos Hathcock died in 1999 add something


Carlos Hathcock died on February 23, 1999, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Virginia, after a long struggle with multiple sclerosis add something


On March 9, 2007 the rifle and pistol complex at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar was officially renamed the "'Carlos Hathcock Range Complex"' add something


March 10 2015 on the H2 History Channel a documentry titled "Sniper: Inside the Crosshairs" depicted a sniper team that successfully reenacted the 'through the scope' shot add something