Carol Reed

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Carol Reed

English film director best known for Odd Man Out , The Fallen Idol and The Third Man add

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Born in 1906.

Countries: United Kingdom (59%), United States (12%), Wales (10%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: The Third Man, Alexander Korda, Graham Greene

Linked to: The King's School, Canterbury, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, The King's School, Canterbury, British Film Institute




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Carol Reed was born in 1906 add something


Anton Karas - "'Anton Karas"' was a Viennese zither player and composer, best known for his internationally famous 1948 soundtrack to Carol Reed's "The Third Man", which came about as a result of a chance meeting


A period in the theatrical company of the thriller writer Edgar Wallace followed, and Reed became his personal assistant in 1927 add something


Sidney Gilliat - In the 1930s he worked as a scriptwriter, most notably with Frank Launder on "The Lady Vanishes" for Alfred Hitchcock, and its sequel "Night Train to Munich" , directed by Carol Reed


The connection with Wallace ended with his death in Hollywood during February 1932 add something


From 1942, Reed served in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps and was granted the rank of Captain and placed with the film unit, and the Directorate of Army Psychiatry add something


The first was Sir Alexander Korda in 1942, who was the producer of some of Reed's most admired films add something


Stephen Haggard - He subsequently appeared as Lord Nelson in the 1942 Carol Reed film "The Young Mr Pitt"


From 1943 until 1947, he was married to the British actress Diana Wynyard add something


F. L. Green - He is best known for his 1945 novel, "Odd Man Out", which was memorably filmed by Carol Reed in 1947


British Academy of Film and Television Arts - BAFTA started out as the "'British Film Academy"', founded in 1947 by directors David Lean, Alexander Korda, Roger Manvell, Laurence Olivier, Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell, Michael Balcon, Carol Reed, and other major figures of the British film industry


Dan O'Herlihy - O'Herlihy first appeared in "Hungry Hill" and Carol Reed's "Odd Man Out" in 1947


After their divorce, he married, in 1948, the actress Penelope Dudley-Ward, known as Pempie, the elder daughter of Freda Dudley Ward, who had been a mistress of the Duke of Windsor when he was Prince of Wales add something


Guy Hamilton - After the end of the war, he worked as an assistant to Carol Reed on films, including "The Fallen Idol" and "The Third Man" , before turning to directing with his first film "The Ringer" in 1952


Graham Greene - Greene received an Academy *award nomination for the screenplay for the 1948 Carol Reed film "The Fallen Idol", adapted from his own short story "The Basement Room"


Anton Karas - In 1948, director Carol Reed was preparing to shoot "The Third Man" in Vienna and, hearing Karas playing the zither, decided to have Karas play the soundtrack


William Templeton (screenwriter) - William had a long film career both in the UK and the US. His adaptation of "The Fallen Idol" a 1948 film with Ralph Richardson directed by Carol Reed and based on the short story "The Basement Room" by Graham Greene was nominated for the Academy *award for Best Direction and Best Adapted Screenplay, and won the BAFTA *award for Best British Film


Penelope Dudley-Ward - Dudley-Ward married Sir Carol Reed on 24 January 1948


Graham Greene - In 1949, after writing the novella as "raw material", he wrote the screenplay for the classic "film noir", "The Third Man", directed by Carol Reed, and featuring Orson Welles


David O. Selznick - In 1949, he co-produced the Carol Reed picture "The Third Man" with Alexander Korda


The Third Man - "'The Third Man"' is a 1949 British film noir, directed by Carol Reed and starring Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Orson Welles, and Trevor Howard


Wendy Hiller - With her return to film in the 1950s, she portrayed an abused colonial wife in Carol Reed's "Outcast of the Islands" , but had already transitioned into mature, supporting roles with "Sailor of the King" and a memorable victim of the Mau Mau uprising in "Something of Value"


In 1953, he became only the second British film director to be knighted for his craft add something


Katy Jurado - In 1955, Katy traveled to Italy for the filming of "Trapeze", directed by Carol Reed, with Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis and Gina Lollobrigida


Wolf Mankowitz - This was adapted as a film by the director Carol Reed in 1955


It was the last film Reed made for Korda's London Films; the producer died at the beginning of 1956 add something


Gina Lollobrigida - She appeared in the circus drama "Trapeze" directed by Carol Reed with Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis in 1956 and starred in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" directed by Jean Delannoy with Anthony Quinn the same year

Carol Reed died in 1976 add something


Reed died from a heart attack on 25 April 1976 at his home at 213 King's Road, Chelsea, aged 69 add something