Caroline Flint

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Caroline Flint

British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Don Valley since 1997 add

Category: Politics

Born in 1961.

Countries: United Kingdom (70%), Europe (19%), (11%)

Main connections: Don Valley (UK Parliament constituency), Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Gordon Brown

Linked to: Don Valley, Labour Party, Department of Health, Foreign and Commonwealth Office




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Caroline Flint was born in 1961 add something


"'Caroline Louise Flint"' is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Don Valley since 1997 add something


She was the Women's Officer of the National Organisation of Labour Students from 1982 to 1984 add something


She began her career with the Inner London Education Authority, as a management trainee from 1984 to 1985 and a Policy Officer from 1985 to 1987 add something


From 1994 to 1997, she was the Senior Researcher and Political Officer for the GMB Union add something


Flint is a member of the Fabian Society and has been an MP since 1997 add something


Don Valley (UK Parliament constituency) - The current MP is Caroline Flint, first elected in 1997 who is Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and through the Blair Ministry and Brown Ministry served successively as a Health, Employment/Welfare, Housing and Europe Minister of State, her current secretary of state position shadows Ed Davey in his cabinet role


Don Valley (UK Parliament constituency) - "'Don Valley"' is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 1997 by Caroline Flint of the Labour Party


In 1999, she became Parliamentary Private Secretary to Peter Hain while he was Minister of State at the Department of Trade and Industry and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before in 2002 becoming Parliamentary Private Secretary to Dr John Reid, in his capacity as Leader of the House of Commons and Minister without portfolio add something


In July 2001 she married her longtime boyfriend, Phil Cole, a former Labour Party regional officer and public relations professional who has been a councillor for the Edlington and Warmsworth ward of Doncaster Council since May 2012 add something


She joined the Government in June 2003 as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Home Office, before moving in May 2005 to the Department of Health, with responsibility for Public Health first as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and from May 2006 as Minister of State in the same role add something


In 2005, Flint claimed her constituency home in Sprotbrough as her second home, and a house in outer London as her main home add something


Stephen Williams (politician) - After his election on 5 May 2005, Charles Kennedy appointed Williams as Liberal Democrat public health spokesperson, shadowing Minister for Public Health Caroline Flint


She sold her outer London home to buy a flat in Victoria, London in 2006 add something


She was due to take ministerial responsibility for implementing the smoke-free workplace regulations in all public places resulting from the Health Act 2006, but was moved just a couple of days before it these into force add something


In February 2007, it was announced that she would be Hazel Blears' campaign manager in Blears' campaign for the Deputy Leadership election of the Labour Party following John Prescott's resignation add something


In the Cabinet reshuffle of 29 June 2007 Caroline Flint moved to the Department for Work and Pensions where she served as the Minister for Employment and Welfare Reform add something


She served as the Minister of State for Housing and Planning in 2008, and later as the Minister for Europe until her resignation in 2009, citing disagreement with the leadership style of Gordon Brown add something


On 24 January 2008, Flint was promoted to Minister of State for Housing and Planning, and as a result would now attend Cabinet meetings add something


In February 2008, Flint suggested that unemployed council tenants should 'actively seek work', as a condition of their occupancy add something


She was moved to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the October 2008 reshuffle, to become Minister for Europe add something


On 31 March 2009 she admitted that she had not read the Lisbon Treaty, the controversial document which codifies the rules of the European Union add something


Flint resigned after the Cabinet reshuffle of 5 June 2009 add something


Flint renewed her attack on Gordon Brown in a newspaper article on 7 June 2009, she told "The Observer" that she was not ashamed of the glamorous photoshoot which had upset Downing Street add something


Glenys Kinnock, Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead - In the 2009 cabinet reshuffle, Kinnock was appointed Minister for Europe following the resignation of Caroline Flint


In October 2010, she was elected to the Shadow Cabinet, and Ed Miliband appointed her Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government add something


In October 2011 Miliband appointed her Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change add something


On the 16th of May 2015, Caroline Flint announced her candidacy for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party add something


On 16 May 2015, Caroline Flint announced her candidacy for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party add something


Yvette Cooper - After a vote of MPs on 19 October 2016, Cooper was elected chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, gaining more votes than fellow candidates Caroline Flint, Chuka Umunna and Paul Flynn


Although MPs who were first elected in 2017 have been banned from employing family members, the restriction is not retrospective - meaning that Flint's employment of her husband is lawful add something