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Carroll Baker

American film, stage and television actress who has enjoyed popularity as both a serious dramatic actress and, particularly in the 1960s, as a movie sex symbol add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1931.

Countries: United States (51%), Oregon (16%), Italy (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Baby Doll, Richard Widmark, James Stewart

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Carroll Baker was born in 1931 add something


Baker began her film career in 1953, with a small part in "Easy to Love" add something


Her first marriage, to furrier Louie Ritter, ended in 1954 before she enrolled in the Actors Studio add something


That appearance brought her to the attention of director Elia Kazan, who cast Baker as the title character in his controversial 1956 "Baby Doll", a role initially assigned to Marilyn Monroe add something


They had one daughter, Blanche Baker, born in 1956, and a son, Herschel Garfein, born in 1958 add something


Elia Kazan - In 1956, Kazan directed him in a starring role in Baby Doll, alongside Carroll Baker and Eli Wallach, a controversial story written by Tennessee Williams, and he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.


Cast in a wide range of roles during her heyday in the 1960s, Baker was especially memorable playing brash, flamboyant women, thanks to her beautiful features, striking blonde hair, and distinctive Southern drawl add something


In the late 1960s, Baker moved to Italy and starred in a multitude of Italian films, namely horror and giallo films directed by Umberto Lenzi and other genre directors add something


James Shigeta - He was cast as World War II Japanese diplomat Hidenari Terasaki opposite Carroll Baker as Gwen Terasaki in the 1961 biographical movie "Bridge to the Sun"


In addition to film acting, Baker found time to appear again on Broadway, starring in the 1962 production of Garson Kanin's "Come on Strong" add something


Baker's portrayal of a Jean Harlow-type movie star in the 1964 hit "The Carpetbaggers" brought her a second wave of notoriety add something


She subsequently appeared with Maasai warriors on the cover of "Life"'s 1964 issue add something


Dolores del Rio - In 1964, she appeared in the film "Cheyenne Autumn" directed by John Ford, with a cast that included Richard Widmark, Carroll Baker, James_Stewart, Gilbert Roland, Ricardo Montalbán and Sal Mineo


Cheyenne Autumn - "'Cheyenne Autumn"' is a 1964 Western movie starring Richard Widmark, Carroll Baker, James_Stewart, and Edward G. Robinson


Based on her "Carpetbaggers" performance, Levine began to develop Baker as a movie sex symbol, casting her in the title roles of two 1965 potboilers, "Sylvia" and "Harlow" add something


In 1978, while touring England and Ireland in productions of "Motive", Baker met her third husband, stage actor Donald Burton add something


She starred in the 1980 Walt Disney-produced horror film, "The Watcher in the Woods", alongside Bette Davis and played the mother of Dorothy Stratten in "Star 80" add something


In 1990, she played a villainess in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film "Kindergarten Cop", which she filmed in Oregon, and later appeared in a supporting role alongside Michael Douglas in David Fincher's acclaimed 1997 thriller "The Game" add something


Baby Doll - It is widely believed that Carroll Baker's style in the film as Baby Doll was a main inspiration for the 1990s kinderwhore fashion that was popularized by Hole vocalist/guitarist Courtney Love


In 2001, a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs, California, Walk of Stars was dedicated to her add something


The 2006 DVD release of "Baby Doll" includes a documentary featuring Baker reflecting on the film's impact on her career add something


The couple remained together until Burton's death from emphysema at their home in Cathedral City, California, on December 8, 2007 add something


Baby Doll - In 2011 and 2012, she was awarded Lifetime Achievement awards from the Hoboken and Fort Lauderdale International Film Festivals, and attended screenings of "Baby Doll" and "But Not For Me", respectively add something


In February 2014, Baker served as maid of honor at longtime friend and former actor Patrick Suraci's wedding to his partner, Tony Perkins, in New York City add something


In 2016, Baker began filming "Summer of Ivy", a comedy co-written by her daughter, Blanche Baker, and directed by Joe Rosario add something