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Cary Grant

English actoradd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1904.

Countries: United States (71%), United Kingdom (12%), (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Only Angels Have Wings

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Cary Grant was born in 1904 add something


Behind the Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywood, 1910–1969. add something


Cary Grant's christening record, and his appearance in the 1911 England/Wales Census, 1920 US immigration, and Social Security Death index in 1986. add something


Grant was expelled from the Fairfield Grammar School in Bristol in 1918. add something


After joining the "Bob Pender Stage Troupe", Leach performed as a stilt walker and travelled with the group to the United States in 1920 at the age of 16, on a two-year tour of the country. add something


He was processed at Ellis Island on July 28, 1920. add something


Robert Nathan - But his luck soon changed during the 1920s, when he wrote seven more novels, including "The Bishop's Wife", which was later made into a successful film starring Cary Grant, David_Niven, and Loretta Young


Molly Lamont - Her roles began to improve by the mid 1930s, whilst resident in London , but later moved to Hollywood where she continued playing roles such as Cary Grant's fiancée in "The Awful Truth"


Columbia Pictures - In the 1930s, Columbia's major contract stars were Jean Arthur and Cary Grant


Dennie Moore - In the 1930s, she decided to embark on a film career and in 1935 she arrived to Hollywood and made her screen debut opposite Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in "Sylvia Scarlett" for RKO Radio Pictures; her role, however, was uncredited


Phyllis Brooks - In the late 1930s, she dated Cary Grant, who called her Brooksie, and rumors that the two would be married were circulated


After appearing in several musicals on Broadway under the name "Archie Leach," Grant went to Hollywood in 1931. add something


Gail Patrick - Born "'Margaret LaVelle Fitzpatrick"', she appeared in 62 movies between 1932 and 1948, usually as the leading lady's extremely formidable rival; some of these roles include the second wife in "My Favorite Wife" with Irene Dunne and Cary Grant, Anna May Wong's sophisticated competitor in "Dangerous to Know" , and Carole Lombard's spoiled sister in "My Man Godfrey"


Virginia Cherrill - Her second husband was actor Cary Grant, from 1934 to 1935; she left him after seven months of marriage alleging that Grant was abusive toward her


Marion Burns - In the 1934 film "Born to Be Bad" Burns starred alongside Cary Grant and Loretta Young


Douglas MacLean - He produced a total of eight films for Paramount, including Tillie and Gus, starring W.C. Fields, Ladies Should Listen starring Cary Grant and 1935's Two for Tonight


Paramount put Grant in a series of unsuccessful films until 1936, when he signed with Columbia Pictures. add something


Mary Brian - In 1936, she went to England and made three movies, including "The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss" in which she starred opposite Cary Grant, to whom she became engaged at one stage


Hoagy Carmichael - In 1937 Carmichael appeared in the movie "Topper", serenading Cary Grant and Constance Bennett with his song "Old Man Moon"


Roland Young - In 1937, he achieved one of the most important successes of his career, as the businessman Cosmo Topper, haunted by the ghosts of his clients played by Cary Grant and Constance Bennett


During this time he made the adventure films Gunga Din and $Only_Angels_Have_Wings and dramas Penny Serenade and Suspicion (1941, the first of Grant's four collaborations with Alfred_Hitchcock). add something


Howard Hawks - Hawks followed this with the aviation drama Only Angels Have Wings, again starring Cary Grant and made in 1939 for Columbia Pictures.


Philip Barry - His best known work is "The Philadelphia Story" , which was made into a popular 1940 film starring Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and James Stewart


Rita Hayworth - In 1939, Cohn pressured director Howard Hawks to use Hayworth for a small but important role as a man-trap in the aviation drama "Only Angels Have Wings," in which she played opposite Cary Grant and Jean Arthur


Carole Lombard - In 1939, Lombard took roles opposite James Stewart in producer David O. Selznick's "Made for Each Other" and Cary Grant in "In Name Only"


Only Angels Have Wings - "'Only Angels Have Wings"' is a 1939 American drama film directed by Howard Hawks, and starring Cary Grant and Jean Arthur, based on a story written by Hawks


Only Angels Have Wings - A few re-takes were shot in April 1939 with Cary Grant and Victor Kilian


Only Angels Have Wings - "Only Angels Have Wings" was adapted as a radio play on the May 29, 1939 broadcast of "Lux Radio Theater", with Cary Grant, Jean_Arthur and Rita Hayworth reprising their film roles


Something's Got to Give - A remake of "My Favorite Wife" , a screwball comedy starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne, it was Monroe's last work; from the beginning its production was disrupted by her personal troubles, and after her death on August 5, 1962 the film was abandoned


Alexis Smith - During the 1940s she appeared alongside some of the most popular male stars of the day, including Errol Flynn in "Gentleman Jim" , Fredric March in The Adventures of Mark Twain and "San Antonio" , Humphrey Bogart in "Conflict" and "The Two Mrs. Carrolls" , Cary Grant in a sanitized, fictionalized version of the life of Cole and Linda Porter in "Night and Day" , and Bing Crosby in "Here Comes the Groom"


Howard Hawks - In 1940 Hawks returned to the screwball comedy genre with His Girl Friday, starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell.


Grant was nominated for two Academy Awards, for Penny Serenade and None But the Lonely Heart, but never won a competitive Oscar; he received a special Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1970. add something


Arsenic and Old Lace (film) - Capra actually filmed the movie in 1941 because of star Cary Grant's availability, but it was not released until 1944, after the original stage version had finished its run on Broadway


Peter Lorre - Einstein in Arsenic and Old Lace, filmed by director Frank Capra in 1941, released in 1944, and starring Cary Grant and Raymond Massey.


In 1942 he married Barbara Hutton, one of the wealthiest women in the world, and became a father figure to her son, Lance Reventlow. add something


Bette Davis - At John Garfield's suggestion of opening a servicemen's club in Hollywood, Bette Davis, with the aid of Jack Warner, Cary Grant and Jule Styne, transformed an old nightclub into the Hollywood Canteen, which opened on October 3, 1942


Delmer Daves - Daves made his directorial debut in the Cary Grant wartime adventure "Destination Tokyo" in 1943


Stanley Donen - He was personally asked by Cary Grant to direct and began developing it while still under contract at MGM. With a plot that strongly resembles "On the Town", the film features Grant, Ray Walston and Larry Blyden as three navy officers on leave in San Francisco in 1944


John Alexander (actor) - Perhaps his most memorable performance was as Teddy Brewster, a lunatic who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt, in the 1944 classic film "Arsenic and Old Lace" opposite Cary Grant


Arsenic and Old Lace (film) - "'Arsenic and Old Lace"' is a 1944 American dark comedy film directed by Frank Capra, starring Cary Grant, and based on Joseph Kesselring's play "Arsenic and Old Lace"


Claude Rains - In 1946, he played a refugee Nazi agent opposite Cary Grant and "Casablanca" co-star Ingrid Bergman in Alfred Hitchcock's "Notorious"


Alexis Minotis - In 1946, he went to Hollywood to appear in Sir Alfred Hitchcock's "Notorious" with Cary Grant, Ingrid_Bergman and Claude Rains


Notorious (1946 film) - "'Notorious"' is a 1946 American spy thriller film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant, Ingrid_Bergman and Claude Rains as three people whose lives become intimately entangled during an espionage operation


Betsy Drake - Cary Grant first spotted her in 1947 while she was performing in London


Karolyn Grimes - She played "Debbie" in the 1947 Christmas film, "The Bishop's Wife" starring Cary Grant, David_Niven, and Loretta Young


Hans Nielsen (actor) - In addition to his own film roles, in 1948, Nielsen began working as a voice actor, dubbing films into German, including Fred Astaire ; Gary Cooper ; Errol Flynn ; Cary Grant ; Rex Harrison ; Phil Silvers ; David Niven , Tyrone Power ; James Stewart ; Robert Taylor ", Spencer Tracy ; Orson Welles and Trevor Howard


I Was a Male War Bride - War bride - "'I Was a Male War Bride"' is a 1949 comedy film directed by Howard Hawks and starring Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan


Howard Hawks - In 1949 Hawks re-teamed with Cary Grant in the screwball comedy I Was a Male War Bride, starring Ann Sheridan.


Brioni (fashion) - Celebrities such as Clark Gable and Cary Grant began to buy their suits from Brioni in the 1950s when working at Rome's Cinecittà studios


Paula Raymond - In 1950, she was put under contract by MGM, where she played opposite such leading men as Cary Grant and Dick Powell


Jessie Royce Landis - In the 1950s, she began appearing in movies as a character actress, most notably in "To Catch a Thief" , and "North by Northwest" , both starring Cary Grant and directed by Alfred Hitchcock


Grey - The 1950s and 1960s were the age of glory for the grey suit; they were worn by movie stars, such as Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart, and by President John F. Kennedy, who wore a two-button grey suit


Howard Hawks - Later in 1952 Hawks re-teamed with Cary Grant for the fifth and final time in the screwball comedy Monkey Business, starring Marilyn Monroe and Ginger Rogers.


Nico Minardos - Nico Minardos made his first appearance in front of the Hollywood cameras as an extra in the 1952 film "Monkey Business", starring Cary Grant, Ginger_Rogers, and Marilyn Monroe


Monkey Business (1952 film) - "'Monkey Business"' is a 1952 American screwball comedy film directed by Howard Hawks and written by Ben Hecht, which stars Cary Grant, Ginger_Rogers, Charles Coburn, and Marilyn Monroe


Carthyism in 1953, and when his friend Charlie Chaplin was blacklisted, Grant insisted that the actor's artistic value outweighed political concerns. add something


Neva Patterson - Her first feature movie was the 1953 film "Taxi"; other film credits include "The Buddy Holly Story", "All of Me", and as Cary Grant's fiancee in "An Affair to Remember"


Brigitte Auber - Her best-known role, and one of her few English-speaking parts, was opposite Cary Grant in Alfred Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief", released in 1955


Charles Vanel - In Hitchcock's 1955 film, "To Catch a Thief", he played a restaurateur who had served in the French Resistance with Cary Grant


Robert Preston (actor) - He had already won a Tony *award for his performance in the original Broadway production, in 1957; when Willson adapted his story for the screen, he insisted on Preston's participation over the objections of Jack L. Warner, who had wanted Cary Grant for the role


Sophia Loren - In 1957, Loren's star had begun to rise in Hollywood, with the films "Boy on a Dolphin" , "Legend of the Lost" with John Wayne, and "The Pride and the Passion" in which she starred opposite Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra


Cathleen Nesbitt - She was Cary Grant's Grandmother Janou in 1957's "An Affair to Remember" and, the following year, was part of the ensemble cast of "Separate Tables"


Paul Petersen - He appeared in the 1958 movie "Houseboat" with Sophia Loren and Cary Grant, but achieved stardom playing teenager Jeff Stone from 1958 to 1966 on the ABC family television sitcom "The Donna Reed Show"


To Catch a Thief - The film led to another successful collaboration with Cary Grant, the 1959 classic "North by Northwest"


North by Northwest - "'North by Northwest"' is a 1959 American spy thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Cary Grant, Eva_Marie_Saint and James Mason


Operation Petticoat - "'Operation Petticoat"' is a 1959 comedy film directed by Blake Edwards, and starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis


Esther Williams - In September 1959, Cary Grant confessed to "Look" magazine that he had taken LSD under a doctor's supervision, and it had changed his life


Drake introduced Grant to LSD, and in the early 1960s he related how treatment with the hallucinogenic drug —legal at the time— at a prestigious California clinic had finally brought him inner peace after yoga, hypnotism, and mysticism had proved ineffective. add something


Roy Haynes - "Esquire" named Roy Haynes one of the Best Dressed Men in America in 1960, along with Fred Astaire, Clark Gable and Cary Grant


This would prove to be his longest marriage, ending on August 14, 1962. add something


Bergdorf Goodman - In the 1962 movie "That Touch of Mink", Doris Day is feted by Cary Grant with a shopping spree at Bergdorf Goodman, and the store is mentioned several times in the film


That Touch of Mink - "'That Touch of Mink"' is a 1962 romantic comedy starring Cary Grant and Doris Day, and directed by Delbert Mann


In 1963, he appeared opposite Audrey Hepburn in Charade. add something


Stanley Donen - In 1963 Donen made one of his most praised films: "Charade", starring Cary Grant, Audrey_Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn, George Kennedy and Ned Glass


Howard Hawks - In 1964 Hawks made his final comedy, Man's Favorite Sport?, which starred Rock_Hudson and Paula Prentiss.


Accepting the Best Original Screenplay Oscar in 1965, Father Goose co-writer Peter Stone had quipped, "My thanks to Cary Grant, who keeps winning these things for other people. add something


Gilligan wrote that, in 1965, Hitchcock asked Grant to star in Torn Curtain, only to learn that Grant had decided to retire after making one more film, Walk, Don't Run; Paul Newman was cast instead, opposite Julie Andrews. add something


Their daughter, Jennifer Grant, was born prematurely on February 26, 1966. add something


The marriage was troubled from the beginning, and Cannon left him in December 1966, claiming that Grant flew into frequent rages and spanked her when she "disobeyed" him. add something


Jim Hutton - In 1966, Hutton gained a wider audience in "Walk, Don't Run" with Samantha Eggar and Cary Grant


Fabergé (cosmetics) - In 1967 movie star Cary Grant had been appointed a "creative consultant" to Rayette-Faberge


Only Angels Have Wings - In a 1972 interview, Arthur remarked of her reaction to her co-star on "Only Angels Have Wings", "I loved sinking my head into Cary Grant's chest"


In 1976, after his retirement from movies, Grant made his one overtly partisan appearance, introducing his friend Betty Ford, the First Lady, at the Republican National Convention, but even in this he maintained some distance from partisanship, speaking of "your" party, rather than "ours" in his remarks. add something


In 1981, Grant was accorded the Kennedy Center Honors. add something


James Stewart - He was presented an Academy Honorary Award by his friend Cary Grant in 1985, "for his 50 years of memorable performances, for his high ideals both on and off the screen, with respect and affection of his colleagues.


Cary Grant died in 1986 add something


Luke's Hospital at the age of 82. add something


"Orlando Sentinel", December 2, 1986 add something


Higham and Moseley 1989 and lived with actor Randolph Scott off and on for 12 years add something


However, Grant's one-time girlfriend Maureen Donaldson wrote in her 1989 memoir, "An Affair to Remember: My Life with Cary Grant," that Grant told her that his first two wives had accused him of being homosexual add something


In 2001, a statue of Grant was erected in Millennium Square, a regenerated area next to Bristol Harbour in his city of birth, Bristol add something


"Lawrence Journal-World", October 5, 2003 add something


In November 2005, Grant came in first in the "The 50 Greatest Movie Stars of All Time" list by "Premiere" magazine add something


North by Northwest - A panel of fashion experts convened by "GQ" in 2006 said the gray suit worn by Cary Grant throughout almost the entire film was the best suit in film history, and the most influential on men's style, stating that it has since been copied for Tom Cruise's character in "Collateral" and Ben Affleck's character in "Paycheck"


"Entertainment Weekly", August 7, 2009 add something


Grant's daughter Jennifer Grant denied that her father was gay in her 2011 memoir add something


"Daily Mail" , 28 April 2011 add something


"", September 21, 2011 add something


Jennifer's mother, Dyan Cannon, Grant's fourth wife, denied that Grant was gay when she was promoting her memoir of Grant in 2012 add something


Scotty Bowers alleged in his memoir "Full Service", published in 2012, that he was a lover of both Grant and Scott add something


"Entertainment Weekly", February 10, 2012 add something


"The Huffington Post", June 4, 2012 add something