Chief Garry

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Chief Garry

Native American leader of the Middle Spokane tribe add

Category: Politics

Born in 1811.

Countries: United States (67%), UK (33%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: David P. Jenkins, Isaac Stevens

Linked to: Hudson's Bay Company, Hudson's Bay Company




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Chief Garry was born in 1811 add something


When white settlers arrived in the area in 1825, the boy was one of two chosen by the Hudson's Bay Company to be taught at an Anglican mission school at Fort Garry, Rupert's Land , which was run by the Missionary Society of the Church of England add something


His baptism on June 24, 1827 is said to be the first Protestant baptism of a non-white person west of the Rocky Mountains add something


Upon their return to Spokane in the fall of 1829, Garry passed on what he had learned at Fort Garry to both his people and to the neighboring peoples of the Columbia Plateau add something


In 1831 Garry was sent back to the West to notify the Kootenais of Pelly's death, which had taken place at Easter; instead of returning to the Red River afterwards as expected, however, he travelled on to Spokane and never returned add something


In the 1840s the Spokanes were visited by a number of missionaries add something


The apparent unwillingness of the Indian agent at Walla Walla to prosecute the crime enraged the Indians; tensions worsened after the Whitman Massacre of 1847 add something


On October 17, 1853, Garry met with Isaac Stevens, the newly appointed Governor of Washington Territory add something


His attempts to negotiate a new treaty with the territorial government were ignored; Stevens instead encouraged the Spokanes to abandon their traditional lands and take up individual ownership under the Indian Homestead Act of 1862 add something


The Spokanes did not receive a reservation under the terms of the treaty they finally signed in 1887 add something

Chief Garry died in 1892 add something


David P. Jenkins - Accessed 3 September 2013 where he became a friend to Chief Spokane Garry and Chief Joseph the Younger, whom he admired for their honesty and integrity