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Chris Rock

American comedian, actor, screenwriter, television producer, film producer, and director add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1965.

Countries: United States (82%), United Kingdom (5%), (4%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Top Five, Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler

Linked to: HBO, Politically Incorrect, James Madison High School, Nike, Inc.




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Chris Rock was born in 1965 add something


Julius died in 1988 after ulcer surgery add something


After working as a standup comic and appearing in small film roles, Rock came to wider prominence as a cast member of "Saturday Night Live" in the early 1990s add something


Rock became a cast member of the popular sketch comedy series "Saturday Night Live" in 1990 add something


Chris Farley - Along with Chris Rock, Farley was one of two new "Saturday Night Live" cast members announced in the spring of 1990


Gilbert Cates - Cates is credited with re-energizing the Academy Awards shows he produced 14 times between 1990 and 2008, recruiting Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, David Letterman, Steve Martin, Chris Rock and Jon Stewart as hosts


Chris Farley - Farley and Chris Rock were introduced as two of the show's new cast members in early 1990


In 1991 he released his first comedy album, "Born Suspect", and won acclaim for his dramatic role as a crack addict in the film "New Jack City" add something


Molly Shannon - In 1991, she had a brief appearance in the second season of "Twin Peaks", and in 1993, she appeared with minor roles in two episodes of "In Living Color", the first in a fake TV commercials with Chris Rock , and the second in a sketch with Jim Carrey, playing LAPD Sergeant Stacey Koon


A frustrated Rock left "Saturday Night Live" in 1993, appearing instead as a special guest star on the predominantly African-American sketch show "In Living Color" add something


Rock starred in his first HBO comedy special in 1994 titled "Big Ass Jokes" add something


Shirley Hemphill - In 1994, she appeared in her first movie, "CB4", starring Chris Rock


Adding to his popularity was his much-publicized role as a commentator for Comedy Central's "Politically Incorrect" during the 1996 Presidential elections, which earned him another Emmy nomination add something


Rock has not wavered from a position explored in his 1996 "Roll With The New" show, and reiterated in his 1997 memoir: "Why does the public expect entertainers to behave better than everybody else- It's ridiculous add something


Rock has been married to Malaak Compton-Rock since November 23, 1996 add something


Rock later had two more HBO comedy specials: "Bigger & Blacker" in 1999 and "Never Scared" in 2004 add something


Louis C.K. - His work for "The Chris Rock Show" was nominated for an Emmy *award three times, winning "Best Writing in a Variety or Comedy Series" in 1999


Gerald Levert - In 1999, Levert sang the chorus on the Chris Rock spoken-word comedy piece, "No Sex "


Voodoo (D'Angelo album) - Prior to its release, Virgin launched an extensive, multi-layered campaign for the album, which setup several promotional performances by D'Angelo in 1999, including a guest performance on the season premiere of The Chris Rock Show on September 17, New York's Key Club, the National Black Programmers Coalition meeting in New Orleans on November 20, KMEL San Francisco's House of Soul show on December 10, and KKBT L.A.'s Holiday Cooldown on December 11


Kevin Smith - The religious-themed 1999 comedy, which starred a post-"Good Will Hunting" Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, as well as Chris Rock, Salma_Hayek, George Carlin, Alan Rickman, Linda Fiorentino, and Smith regulars Jason Lee and Jason Mewes, raised criticism by the Catholic League


Louis C.K. - C.K. has co-written two screenplays with Chris Rock, "Down to Earth" in 2001, and "I Think I Love My Wife" in 2007


Paul Dini - In 2001 Dini made a cameo appearance in Smith's film "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" during the scene in which Jay and Silent Bob wear ridiculous looking costumes for a film being directed by Chris Rock, in which Dini says to them "you guys look pretty bad ass"


Mark Addy - In 2001, he played a butler of Chris Rock's character in the movie "Down to Earth" and appeared in "A Knight's Tale" as Roland


Tamala Jones - In 2003, she dated rapper Nate Dogg after the two met on Chris Rock's film "Head of State"


Tracy Morgan - In the 2003 Chris Rock film "Head of State", Morgan appeared as a man watching television, often questioning why they are not watching "Martin"


Head of State (film) - "'Head of State"' is a 2003 comedy film directed, written by, and starring Chris Rock and co-starring Bernie Mac


In early 2005, Rock hosted the 77th Academy awards ceremony add something


In the fall of 2005, the UPN television network premiered a comedy series called "Everybody Hates Chris", based on Rock's school days, of which he is the executive producer and narrator add something


Scarface (rapper) - In 2005, comedian Chris Rock praised Scarface as one of the best three rappers of all time on his list of the Top-25 Hip-Hop Albums ever.


Michael Irvin - Irvin was a co-star in the 2005 remake of "The Longest Yard", starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock


Billy Frolick - "Madagascar" stars the voice talents of Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada_Pinkett_Smith and David Schwimmer, and grossed over a half a billion dollars worldwide during its 2005 theatrical release


His older half-brother, Charles, died in 2006 after a long struggle with alcoholism add something


The series was nominated for a 2006 Golden Globe for Best TV Series , a 2006 People's Choice award for Favorite New Television Comedy, and two 2006 Emmy awards for costuming and cinematography add something


In November 2006, the entertainment news website reported that Rock was filing for divorce after nearly ten years of marriage to Malaak add something


Tony Kaye (director) - He won a Grammy in 2006 for the famous Johnny Cash video "God's Gonna Cut You Down" with cameo appearances by Bono, Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Patti Smith, Terrence Howard, Iggy Pop, The Dixie Chicks, Brian Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Keith Richards, Chris Martin, Sharon Stone, Lisa Marie Presley, Flea, Chris Rock, Justin_Timberlake, Kate Moss, Peter Blake, Sheryl Crow, Dennis Hopper, Mick Jones, Jay-Z, Kris Kristofferson, Owen Wilson, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Amy Lee


In 2007 freelance journalist and former actress Kali Bowyer filed a paternity suit against Chris Rock, claiming he was the father of her son add something


But Rock stated he was 42 years old on his February 28, 2007, appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" add something


At the London Live Earth concert on July 7, 2007, which was broadcast live on the BBC, before introducing the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rock called the crowd "motherfuckers" and "shit" after a brief sigh when he said he was joking add something


I Think I Love My Wife - "'I Think I Love My Wife"' is a 2007 romantic comedy film starring Chris Rock and Kerry Washington


In 2008, Rock's family history was profiled on the PBS series "African American Lives 2" add something


Biz Markie - Biz Markie began 2008 opening for Chris Rock's "No Apologies" tour.


Lisa Marie Presley - Rick Rubin produced the record and Tony Kaye directed the video which featured Lisa Marie Presley, Iggy Pop, Kanye West, Chris Martin, Kris Kristofferson, Flea, Chris Rock, Justin_Timberlake, Sheryl Crow, Dennis Hopper, Bono, Shelby Lynne, Jay-Z, Keith Richards and Johnny Depp and won a 2008 Grammy *award for Best Short Form Music Video


Nelson George - With Alan Leeds he co-authored The James Brown Reader, a collection of articles about the Godfather of Soul in 2008. in 1991 he co-wrote the Halle Berry vehicle "Strictly Business" and in 1993 Nelson was co-creator of the movie "CB4" starring comedian Chris Rock


Lewis Black - Comedy Central's "Stand-Up Month" in January 2008 features specials originally presented on HBO by Black, along with programs featuring Dane Cook and Chris Rock


Following the release of his first documentary, 2009's "Good Hair", Rock is working on a documentary about debt called "Credit Is the Devil" add something


Death at a Funeral (2007 film) - In 2010, Chris Rock, Tracy_Morgan, and Martin Lawrence starred in a US remake of the same name, directed by Neil LaBute


James Marsden - In 2010, Marsden was cast in the comedy "Death at a Funeral" along with Chris Rock, Luke_Wilson, Danny Glover and Columbus Short, which was a remake of the 2007 British film of the same name


Maya Rudolph - In 2010, she appeared in "Grown Ups" starring Adam Sandler, where she played the wife of Chris Rock's character


Dennis Dugan - The film stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob_Schneider, and David Spade, and was released in the summer of 2010 with major box office success, but was overwhelmingly panned by critics


Andrew Breitbart - In February 2010 Breitbart received the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. During his acceptance speech, he responded directly to accusations by "New York Times" reporter Kate Zernike that Jason Mattera, a young conservative activist, had been using "racial tones" in his allusions to President Barack Obama, and had spoken in a "Chris Rock voice"


Warren Thomas - On the April 9, 2010 episode of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher", comedian Chris Rock paid tribute to Thomas in the form of a rhetorical question, "Who was funnier than Warren Thomas-"


Grown Ups (film) - The main cast, including Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Salma Hayek, May 2010 a Rudolph, Maria Bello and Steve Buscemi reprised their roles, except Rob Schneider


2 Days in Paris - Comedian Chris Rock confirmed on "The Howard Stern Show" on 8 November 2010 that he was set to play the "new guy" in the film


He famously complained that his team "had no money" in a comedic rant during a 2011 interview with David Letterman add something


Bobby Cannavale - Cannavale was in the film "Win Win" in 2011, as Terry Delfino. He is currently starring in the Broadway play "The Motherfucker With the Hat" alongside Chris Rock and Annabella Sciorra


Three Men and a Baby - In August 2011, it was reported Adam Sandler was planning to remake the film, starring Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider


More recently, he produced the series "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell", which premiered in August 2012 add something


Malinda Williams - In 2012, Williams co-starred as Chris Rock's sister in the romantic comedy film "2 Days in New York"


Chad Smith - In April 2012, the Chili Peppers were inducted by Chris Rock into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Red Hot Chili Peppers - The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 14, 2012 by actor/comedian, Chris Rock, who is a longtime friend and fan of the band


Beats Pill - In August 2013, a new ad campaign was launched during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards that introduced anthropomorphic versions of the speakers voiced by musicians such as Chris Rock, Eminem, and Tichina Arnold


In December 2014, Rock announced that he had filed for divorce from Compton-Rock add something


Rebekah Johnson - In Chris Rock's 2014 film Top Five, Rebecca is featured in the musical score, singing a cover of Nu Shooz "I Can't Wait"


Anders Holm - In 2014, Holm acted in the Chris Rock directed comedy film Top Five


Top Five - The sites critical consensus reads, "As smart, funny, and trenchant as writer-director-star Chris Rock's best standup work, "Top Five" is a career highlight for its creator -- and one of the comedy standouts of 2014


Top Five - "'Top Five"' is a 2014 American comedy film written and directed by Chris Rock


In 2015, Rock was pulled over three times in the first three months add something


On October 21, 2015 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Rock would host the 88th Academy awards add something


Matt LeBlanc - In August 2015, he joined model Sean O'Pry and comedic actor Chris Rock on the runway for Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour at LA's Staples Center while she performed her hit single Style


A Very Murray Christmas - The film features an ensemble cast including Bill Murray, George Clooney, Paul Shaffer, Amy Poehler, Julie White, Dimitri Dimitrov, Michael Cera, Chris Rock, David Johansen, May 2015 a Rudolph, Jason Schwartzman, Jenny Lewis, Rashida Jones, and Miley Cyrus and was released on December 4, 2015 on Netflix


The divorce was finalized on August 22, 2016 add something


Megalyn Echikunwoke - Echikunwoke has been in a relationship with comedian Chris Rock since 2016


Academy Awards - The 88th Academy *awards ceremony will be held at the Dolby Theatre on February 28, 2016 and hosted by Chris Rock


The first special was released on Netflix on February 14, 2018, it was filmed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music add something


Kevin Hart (actor) - In October 2018, Chris Rock will direct Hart in a movie based on an original idea by the both of them


On June 25, 2019, "The New York Times Magazine" listed Chris Rock among hundreds of artists whose material was reportedly destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire add something