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Christina Ricci

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Christina Ricci

American actressadd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1980.

Countries: United States (74%), United Kingdom (19%), Sweden (2%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Black Snake Moan (film), Adam Goldberg, Uma Thurman

Linked to: Montclair High School, Morristown-Beard School, Professional Children's School, Entertainment Weekly




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Christina Ricci was born in 1980 add something


A critic for the Bergen Record discovered Ricci at age eight in a school play at Edgemont School in Montclair, New Jersey, New Jersey. add something


Cher - In 1990, Cher starred in the modest box office success Mermaids with Bob Hoskins, Winona Ryder, and Christina Ricci.


Patty Dann - In 1990, it was made into a movie starring Cher, Winona Ryder, Bob Hoskins and Christina Ricci


Eli Lilly and Company - "Prozac Nation" , an autobiographical book by Elizabeth Wurtzel, was turned into a film of the same name in 2001 and starred Christina Ricci


In 1997, Ricci began to appear in more adult roles, beginning with her role as the troubled, sexually curious Wendy Hood in Ang Lee's critically acclaimed The Ice Storm. add something


Edward Furlong - Furlong received acclaim for his starring roles in the 1998 motion pictures "Pecker" and "American History X", which co-starred Christina Ricci and Edward Norton, respectively


Ed Wood - In 1998, Wood's previously unfilmed script "I Woke Up Early the Day I Died" was finally produced, starring Billy Zane and Christina Ricci


Kerry Butler - The musical is based on Don Roos' 1998 film starring Christina Ricci and Lisa Kudrow


Anthony Horowitz - Horowitz is the writer of a feature film screenplay, "The Gathering", which was released in 2002 and starred Christina Ricci


Brenda Blethyn - In 2002, Blethyn appeared with Christina Ricci in the dark comedy "Pumpkin", a financial disaster


Brian Gilbert (director) - In 2002, he directed "The Gathering", starring Christina Ricci


Brian Gilbert (director) - In 2003, he directed "The Gathering", starring Christina Ricci


She supported John Kerry's presidential bid in 2004. add something


The Flaming Lips - In 2005 the band was the subject of a documentary called "Fearless Freaks", featuring appearances by other artists and celebrities such as Gibby Haynes, The White Stripes, Beck, Christina Ricci, Liz Phair, Juliette Lewis, Steve Burns, Starlight Mints, and Adam Goldberg


Ronald Jones (musician) - In 2005 the band was the subject of a documentary called "Fearless Freaks", featuring appearances by other artists and celebrities such as Gibby Haynes, The White Stripes, Beck, Christina Ricci, Liz Phair, Juliette Lewis, Steve Burns, Starlight Mints, and Adam Goldberg


Kevin Williamson (screenwriter) - Williamson penned another script for Wes Craven, "Cursed", which was released in 2005 and starred Christina Ricci, Jesse_Eisenberg, Joshua Jackson, and Shannon Elizabeth


Craig Brewer - Brewer's subsequent project, "Black Snake Moan", began filming in September 2005 and stars Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, and Justin Timberlake


In 2006, Ricci starred in Penelope, a modern fairytale; and in 2008 she played the female lead in the Wachowski brothers' feature film adaptation of Speed Racer. add something


In 2006, Ricci stated that she feels that at 5 ft 1 in she is "too short" to ever be an A-list actress, saying she tends "to look really small on camera". add something


In February 2006, Ricci made a guest appearance as a paramedic in the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy, for which she was nominated for an Emmy Award. add something


Kim Richards - In 2006, she appeared in a supporting role as Christina Ricci's estranged mother in "Black Snake Moan"


Grey's Anatomy - Numerous guest actresses have been nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series, including Burton in 2006 and 2007, Christina Ricci in 2006, Reaser in 2007, Diahann Carroll in 2008, and Sharon Lawrence in 2009, but the only actress to have won the award is Devine in 2011, who was nominated again in 2012


CineVegas - The 2006 fest honored Helen Mirren, Sylvester Stallone, Christina Ricci, Taylor_Hackford and Laurence Fishburne


Black Snake Moan (film) - "'Black Snake Moan"' is a 2006 American drama film written and directed by Craig Brewer, and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, Justin_Timberlake, and Kim Richards


Ricci with Emile Hirsch in 2008 at the premiere of Speed Racer. add something


Black Snake Moan (film) - In April 2008, Christina Ricci commented on the promotional poster for the film, criticizing it as exploitative of women:


Life which had a limited release on April 9, 2010. add something


In September 2011, Ricci began a starring role in the ABC television series Pan Am, set in the 1960s. add something


Louise Griffiths - Griffiths starred in "All's Faire in Love" opposite Christina Ricci, Matthew Lillard, Cedric the Entertainer and Ann-Margret, which was released in October 2011


She returned to the stage in April 2012, playing Hermia in an off-Broadway revival of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" add something


Declan Donnellan - He directed the 2012 film "Bel Ami", an adaption of the Maupassant novel; the film starred Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci


James Lance - In 2012, Lance appeared opposite Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci in the film "Bel Ami"


The Addams Family (film) - In a 2012 interview, Sonnenfeld stated that he originally intended that it be unclear whether Fester really was an imposter or not, but all the other actors rebelled and chose 10-year-old Christina Ricci to speak on their behalf, who "gave this really impassioned plea that Fester shouldn't be an imposter


She announced her engagement to dolly grip James Heerdegen in 2013, after having met on the set of Pan Am in 2012 add something


In February 2013, Ricci announced her engagement to dolly grip James Heerdegen, whom she met while working on "Pan Am" in 2012 add something


They married on October 26, 2013 in Manhattan add something


In January 2014, she starred in the title role of the Lifetime original movie "Lizzie Borden Took an Ax" in which she portrayed the infamous Lizzie Borden who was accused, tried, and ultimately acquitted of the murder of both her father and stepmother in the summer of 1892 add something


In May 2014, it was announced that Ricci and Heerdegen are expecting their first child add something


In early August 2014, "Us Weekly", followed by other outlets, reported without confirmation that Ricci had recently given birth to a son add something


In October 2014, it was announced that "Lizzie Borden Took an Axe" will return as an additional series, chronicling the aftermath of the events that took place in the biopic add something


Lizzie Borden - In 2014, Lifetime produced "Lizzie Borden Took an Ax", a speculative television film with Christina Ricci portraying Borden, which was followed by "The Lizzie Borden Chronicles", a limited series and sequel to the television film which presents a fictional account of Lizzie's life after the trial


On April 5th, 2015, "Lizzie Borden Took an Axe" returned as an additional series, chronicling the aftermath of the events that took place in the biopic add something


In 2016, Ricci appeared with Susan Sarandon and Sharon Stone in the film "Mothers and Daughters" add something


In 2018, Ricci starred opposite John Cusack in the psychological mystery-thriller "Distorted" add something