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Augustine of Canterbury - Augustine was consecrated as a bishop and converted many of the king's subjects, including thousands during a mass baptism on Christmas Day in 0597 Pope Gregory sent more missionaries in 0601 along with encouraging letters and gifts for the churches, although attempts to persuade the native Celtic bishops to submit to Augustine's authority failed


Cuthbert - He was consecrated at York by Archbishop Theodore and six bishops, on 26 March 0685 After Christmas, 0686 however, he returned to his cell on Inner Farne Island , which was where he eventually died on 20 March 0687 AD, after a painful illness


Constantine II of Scotland - At Christmas of 0935 Owen of Strathclyde was once more at Æthelstan's court along with the Welsh kings, but Constantine was not


Cnut the Great - Some sources state, at a banquet in Roskilde, the brothers-in-law were playing chess when an argument arose between them, and the next day, Christmas of 1026, one of Cnut's housecarls, with his blessing, killed the jarl, in Trinity Church, the predecessor to Roskilde Cathedral


Ealdred (bishop) - Cynesige, the archbishop of York, died on 22 December 1060, and Ealdred was elected Archbishop of York on Christmas Day, 1060


Ealdred (bishop) - Ealdred crowned King William on Christmas Day in 1066


Ealdred (bishop) - Ealdred crowned William king on Christmas Day 1066


William de St-Calais - St-Calais died on 2 January 1096 after falling gravely ill on the previous Christmas Day


Martin Luther - In 1545 and 1546 Luther preached three times in the Market Church in Halle, staying with his friend Justus Jonas during Christmas


Avril Lavigne - Because its pagan origin was known, the Christmas festival was banned in Massachusetts between 1659 and 1681 by the Puritans as an illegal observance


Jean L'Archeveque - According to the children, the Indians had attacked around Christmas in 1688, killing the remaining settlers


Esteban Salas y Castro - Salas composed his last carol for Christmas 1801


Heinrich Schliemann - Heinrich's later interest in history was initially encouraged by his father, who had schooled him in the tales of the $Iliad and the Odyssey and had given him a copy of Ludwig Jerrer's "Illustrated History of the World" for Christmas in 1829


William Radford - In September 1831, he requested a six month leave and was with his mother Harriet when she died , Christmas Day


Ninian Pinkney - Transferred to sloop of war "Germantown", in the Home Squadron, three days after Christmas the following year 28 December 1847, he was detached from that ship on 23 February 1848


Kamehameha IV - In 1856, Kamehameha IV decreed that December 25 would be celebrated as the kingdom's national day of Thanksgiving, accepting the persuasions of the conservative American missionaries who objected to Christmas on the grounds that it was a pagan celebration


Benjamin Hanby - During his tenure as minister of a church near Dayton, Ohio he composed "Up On The Housetop" in 1864 for use as a Christmas sing-along


Heinrich Schliemann - On Christmas Day he collapsed into a coma and died in a Naples hotel room on December 26, 1890


Mykola Leontovych - He is recognized for composing "Shchedryk" in 1904 , known to the English speaking world as "Carol of the Bells" or as "Ring Christmas Bells


James Gleason - James and Lucille Gleason had a son, actor Russell Gleason , who died after falling from the window ledge of a hotel in midtown Manhattan, on Christmas night in 1945, just before his army regiment was due to leave for a posting in Europe, several months after the end of hostilities there and elsewhere


Herbert Chapman - Chapman was still working at the coke works in Selby when his ban was imposed, but by Christmas 1920 the company was sold up and he was laid off


Edward Riggs - Riggs succumbed to an illness which began during the Christmas holidays in 1923


Thomas Merton - During the Christmas breaks of 1926 and 1927, he spent his time with friends of his father in Murat


Ginger Rogers - When the tour got to New York City , she stayed, getting radio singing jobs and her Broadway theater debut in a musical called "Top Speed", which opened on Christmas Day, 1929


Nelson Eddy - At Carnegie Hall in New York, Christmas 1931, he sang in the world premiere of "Maria egiziaca" , unexpectedly conducted by the composer Ottorino Respighi himself when famed conductor Arturo Toscanini fell ill at the last minute


Jerry Fowler - During his incarceration, Fowler's second wife, Mari Ann Fowler , disappeared on Christmas Eve 2002


Henry Allingham - During his Christmas lunch in 1939 he was called away to help design a system that would neutralise the mines and open the port of Harwich, Essex


John R. Fox - He was 29 years old when he called artillery fire on his own position the day after Christmas in 1944, for which he was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in 1982


Hugh Martin - He was best known for his score for the 1944 MGM musical "Meet Me In St. Louis", in which Judy Garland sang three Martin songs, "The Boy Next Door," "The Trolley Song," and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Bugsy Siegel - Under pressure to have the hotel make some money, Siegel moved the opening from Wilkerson's original date of March 1, 1947 to the day after Christmas, 1946


Perry Como - Como had numerous Christmas television specials, beginning on Christmas Eve 1948, and continuing to 1994, when his final Christmas special was recorded in Ireland


Jean Mathonet - Mathonet made his international debut on Christmas 1952 in a 0-1 friendly win against France


Johnny Ace - After touring for a year, Ace had been performing at the City Auditorium in Houston , Texas on Christmas 1954


Townes Van Zandt - At Christmas in 1956, Townes' father gave him a guitar, which he practiced while wandering the countryside


Anthony Caruso (actor) - At Christmas 1957, Caruso appeared as a Roman Catholic priest in the episode "The Child" of NBC's "The Restless Gun", starring John Payne, and guest starring Dan Blocker and James Gleason


James Gleason - Gleason appeared on television, including the Reed Hadley legal drama "The Public Defender" and the Christmas 1957 episode of John Payne's "The Restless Gun"


Edgar Bergen - He appeared in the Christmas 1957 episode of NBC's "The Gisele MacKenzie Show"


Buster Keaton - In December 1958, Keaton was a guest star as a hospital janitor who provides gifts to sick children in a special Christmas episode of The Donna Reed Show on ABC. The program was titled "A Very Merry Christmas".


Ed Cullen - His most heart-warming essay concerns Christmas 1959, the last Christmas with his mother in which he failed to receive the shortwave radio that he was expecting


Mitch Miller - The ads carefully copied Miller's 1961 Christmas special, complete with identical choral arrangements, choreography, and set design


Phil Spector - Although predominantly a singles-based label, Philles released a few albums, one of which was the perennial seller "A Christmas Gift for You from Philles Records" in 1963


Perry Como - Between 1963 and 1986, Como's television appearances began tapering off, gradually becoming limited to seasonal and holiday specials with the emphasis being on Christmas


Phil Spector - The first time Spector put the same amount of effort into an LP as he did into 45s was when he utilized the full Philles roster and the Wrecking Crew to make what he felt would become a hit for the 1963 Christmas season


Phil Spector - "A Christmas Gift for You from Philles Records" arrived in stores the day of the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963


Perry Como - Filming for the "Kraft Music Hall" Christmas show that was aired on December 17, 1964 began at the Vatican November 7


Eric Morecambe - Morecambe and Wise became so popular that their annual BBC Christmas shows were almost mandatory viewing in the United Kingdom from 1968 to 1977


Walter Winchell - Walter, Jr., the only son of the journalist, committed suicide in his family's garage on Christmas night, 1968


Eric Morecambe - So much effort was placed into their 1977 Christmas show that Eric and Ernie did not even do a television series that year


Lana Clarkson - During the Christmas season of 1978 and after her father's death, Clarkson's family moved back to Southern California and settled down in the Los Angeles region of San Fernando Valley


Eric Morecambe - In January 1978, just after their record breaking 1977 Christmas show, the pair left the BBC for ITV signing a contract with the London station Thames Television, which made front page news


Shirley Verrett - Her Tosca was televised by PBS on "Live from the Met" in December 1978, just six days before Christmas


Agnetha Faltskog - The couple decided to separate in late 1978, and Fältskog moved out of their home on Christmas night, 25 December 1978


Paul McCartney's musical career - At Christmas 1979, McCartney released a solo Christmas single, "Wonderful Christmastime", his first solo release since he began recording with Wings in 1971


Hugh Martin - Martin, a Seventh-day Adventist, spent much of the 1980s as an accompanist for gospel female vocalist Del Delker on her revival tours and in 2001 rewrote his most famous song as a more specifically religious number, "Have Yourself A Blessed Little Christmas", which was recorded that year by Delker with the 86-year-old songwriter playing piano on the recording


Frances Bavier - According to a 1981 article by Chip Womick, a staff writer of "The Courier Tribune", Bavier enthusiastically promoted Christmas and Easter Seal Societies from her Siler City home, and often wrote inspirational letters to fans who sought autographs


Agnetha Faltskog - Fältskog recorded the Swedish Christmas album "Nu tändas tusen juleljus" with daughter Linda Ulvaeus which peaked at number 6 on the Swedish album sales chart in December 1981


Eric Morecambe - Morecambe and Wise's final show together was the 1983 Christmas special for ITV. Many believe that, had he lived longer, he would not have recorded another series because of worries about his heart disease


Perry Como - The 1987 Christmas special was cancelled at the behest of Como; American Broadcasting Company was willing to offer him only a Saturday 10 PM time slot for it 3 weeks before the holiday


Garry Parker - However, over the Christmas period of 1988, he was given a role on the left wing and proved so successful that he stayed there for the rest of the season


Ken Dodd - Despite the strain of the trial, Dodd immediately capitalised on his new-found notoriety with a successful season running from Easter to Christmas 1990 at the London Palladium


Karla Homolka - On 23 December 1990, "after a Homolka family Christmas party, Bernardo and Karla Homolka drugged Tammy Homolka with the animal tranquilizers


Burgess Meredith - In 1991, he narrated a track on the The Chieftains' album of traditional Christmas music and carols, "The Bells of Dublin"


Phil Spector - Phillip Spector, Jr. died of leukemia on Christmas Day, 1991


Perry Como - Como's final Christmas special was filmed in January 1994 in Dublin 's Point Theatre before an audience of 4,500 people, including Irish President Mary Robinson and Como's friend, the actress Maureen O'Hara


Karla Homolka - After her 1995 testimony against Bernardo, when Homolka returned to Kingston, Ontario 's Prison For Women, her mother started to suffer annual breakdowns between Thanksgiving and Christmas


Michael W. Smith - Also in 1998, Smith released his second Christmas effort, "Christmastime"


John McGrath (English footballer) - McGrath became for a while a much sought-after after-dinner speaker, but on Christmas Day 1998 he died suddenly at his Manchester home


Mitch Miller - In 1999, referenced "Sing Along with Mitch" in Christmas commercials, featuring a male choral group nicknamed the "Sweatermen" singing subtitled songs about the company


Walter Payton - Illinois Secretary of State, August 2000 The foundation continues to run a program that Payton organized to donate toys to underprivileged children across the Chicago area each Christmas


Kristin Davis - She performed in ABC Family channel's Christmas movie "Three Days" in 2001, and in a commercial for Head & Shoulders shampoo


In England and Wales, the Christmas Day Act 2004 prevents all large shops from trading on Christmas Day. Scotland is currently planning similar legislation add something


Agnetha Faltskog - In 2004, Fältskog was nominated for "Best Nordic Artist" at the Nordic Music *awards, and at Christmas of that year , she gave an extensive interview which was filmed by Swedish TV. Around the same time, Sony Music released a lavishly produced 6 CD boxed set comprising Fältskog's Swedish solo career before ABBA


Michelle Bass - Over Christmas 2004, Bass played The Princess in the pantomime "Aladdin" at the Alban Arena in St Albans


Hayley Westenra - She concluded 2004 with a Christmas tour of the east coast of the United States as guest soloist with the Boston Pops Orchestra


Zoe Salmon - She first appeared on the show on 23 December 2004, in its Christmas special


Joe Pasquale - The DVD of Pasquale's 2005 tour was released in time for Christmas 2005


Joe Pasquale - The production is a new take on the nativity story and was released in time for Christmas 2005


Geza Vermes, "The Nativity: History and Legend", London, Penguin, 2006, p22 add something


Joel Rakes - A week or so before Christmas in 2006, he posted some simple recordings of himself playing Christmas carols


John Baird (Canadian politician) - Baird spent Christmas 2006 meeting with Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan


Lois Nettleton - Nettleton appeared in a 2006 Christmas TV movie special, "The Christmas Card"


Oleta Adams - Adams released her first Christmas album on 3 October 2006, entitled "Christmas Time with Oleta"


Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007 add something


Cory Hardrict - After dating for six years, Hardrict and actress Tia Mowry were engaged on Christmas Day 2007


Zoe Salmon - Also in 2007, she switched on the Belfast Christmas lights with Shayne Ward


Joel Rakes - In 2007, Rakes posted a new song once each week before Christmas, starting on Sunday, November 25


Michael W. Smith - In October 2007, he released "It's a Wonderful Christmas"


Matthew West - He recorded a duet with American Idol finalist Mandisa which was released as a Christmas radio single in November 2007, from Mandisa's "Christmas Joy EP"


Emmy Rossum - In December 2007, Rossum released three Christmas songs on the EP "Carol of the Bells


Ike Turner - On 10 December 2007, He told his personal assistant Falina Rasool that he believed he was dying, and would not make it to Christmas


Fanny Cradock - "The Daily Telegraph", 18 December 2007, 'Fanny Cradock - a Christmas cracker', ://www


"The Man Who Invented Christmas: How Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol Rescued His Career and Revived Our Holiday Spirits", Crown, 2008 add something


Zoe Salmon - She joined Noel Edmonds and Same Difference as a guest at a kids' party at the Northumberland town of Morpeth, Northumberland which featured in 2008's "Noel's Christmas Presents" show on Sky1


Adamo Ruggiero - In November 2008, it was announced that Ruggiero would star in the gay-themed Christmas film "Make the Yuletide Gay"


Brooke Burns - She appeared in a Hallmark Channel Original Christmas movie, "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year", co-starring Henry Winkler, on December 13, 2008


Industries completely dependent on Christmas include Christmas cards, of which 1,9 billion are sent in the United States each year, and live Christmas Trees, of which 20,8 million were cut in the U.S. in 2002 add something


In November 2009, the Federal appeals court in Philadelphia endorsed a school district's ban on the singing of Christmas carols add something


There were protests in November 2009 when the city council of Dundee promoted its celebrations as the "Winter Night Light festival", initially with no specific Christmas references add something


Ayiesha Woods - Woods has recorded and released a Christmas album entitled "Christmas Like This", which was released on November 10, 2009


In the UK in 2010, up to £8 billion was expected to be spent online at Christmas, approximately a quarter of total retail festive sales add something


Anja Rubik - Rubik and her longtime boyfriend, Serbian model Sasha Knezevic, became engaged just before Christmas 2010 in Vienna


Lily Allen - Allen and Cooper became engaged over the Christmas holidays in December 2010 while vacationing in Bali


Judy Parfitt - At Christmas 2011, she appeared in a small role similar to that which she portrayed in Little Dorrit as Aunt Chastity alongside Una Stubbs and Phyllida Law in "The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff"


Matthew West - In 2011 he made his film debut via appearing on Gary Wheeler's Christian film "The Heart of Christmas" co-starring Candace Cameron Bure


Matthew West - In 2011, West released a Christmas song featuring Country Music Hall of Fame member Vince Gill entitled "Leaving Heaven"


Diana Vickers - On 1 September 2011 Vickers tweeted that a further collection was designed for her "Dee V" for Very range exclusively for the Christmas period which went on sale from September 2011


Hayley Westenra - In Christmastime 2012, Westenra was featured on the debut album "Starship Christmas Album" along with Justin Bieber, Queen, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Ronan Keating, Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, Adeaze, The Jackson Five, Tiki Taane, OneRepublic and Lucy Lawless for supporting Starship Children's Health


Brandon Heath - "Christmas Is Here" will released on October 13, 2013


Christmas - In 2015, the majority Muslim countries of Somalia, Tajikistan and Brunei banned Christmas celebrations within their countries add something


Christmas - In December 2018, officials raided Christian churches just prior to Christmastide and coerced them to close; Christmas trees and Santa Clauses were forcibly removed add something