Civic Conservative Party

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Civic Conservative Party

Centre-right liberal conservative political party in Slovakia add

Category: Politics

Founded in 2001.

Countries: Europe (60%), United Kingdom (20%), Czech Republic (20%)

Main connections: Civic Democratic Party (Czech Republic), Conservative Party (UK)

Linked to: Democratic Party, Civic Democratic Party, Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, Conservative Party




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The OKS was founded in November 2001 as a parliamentary schism from the Democratic Party add something


The Civic Conservative Party was formed by Democratic Party members of the National Council on 10 November 2001 add something


The DS initially offered the OKS and the Liberal-Democratic Union to run in the 2002 election, on a united list, but withdrew and endorsed the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union add something


This gave the OKS its first parliamentary representation since 2002 add something


In July 2003, it was one of four parties across Europe endorsing the soft eurosceptic Prague Appeal, along with the British Conservative Party, Law and Justice of Poland, and the Czech Civic Democrats add something


The OKS supported Franti?ek Miklo?ko of the Christian Democratic Movement in the 2004 presidential election add something


In the 2005 regional elections, the party gained three seats: Franti?ek ?ebej and Peter Tatár in Bratislava Region and Katarína Adamicová in ?ilina Region add something


OKS offered to run on the common candidate list with the Christian Democratic Movement in the 2006 parliamentary election add something


In March 2006, OKS member Ondrej Dostál applied to the Constitutional Court, considering the possible unconstitutionality of the election participation fee, saying the fee affects his right to run for office add something


In the 2009 regional elections, the OKS won four seats, up one from 2005: 3 in Bratislava Region and one in ?ilina Region add something


In 2010-2012 OKS had four members of the National Council: add something


In October 2010, Peter Zajac called for Dobroslav Trnka to step down as General Prosecutor, after Trnka criticised Interior Minister Daniel Lip?ic and other officials, saying that Trnka didn't respect the law or the human rights of ethnic Hungarians add something


The fourth member of regional parliament Franti?ek ?ebej left the party in 2011 add something


In March 2011, the party opposed the government's plans to increase taxes on the self-employed, and instead proposed funding cuts in payroll tax by cutting government spending add something


In October 2011, the party opposed the government's commitment to the European Financial Stability Facility add something


It does not have any seats in the National Council, following the 2012 election, but has representation at regional and local level add something


Since 2012 parliamentary elections OKS does not have any Members of Parliament add something


In 2016 election the party won 1 seat in the National Council on the Sloboda a Solidarita list add something


It has one seat in the National Council, following the 2016 election add something


Since 2016 parliamentary elections OKS has one Member of the National Council add something