Civic Democratic Party (Czech Republic)

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Civic Democratic Party (Czech Republic)

Largest conservative political party in the Czech Republic add

Category: Politics

Founded in 1991.

Countries: Czech Republic (50%), Slovakia (17%), United Kingdom (17%)

Main connections: Conservative Party (UK), European Parliament, Civic Conservative Party

Linked to: Conservative Party, Christian Democratic Party, Christian Democratic Union - Czechoslovak People's Party, Czech Social Democratic Party




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The party was founded by Václav Klaus in 1991 as the pro-free market wing of the Civic Forum add something


The party was founded in 1991 as one of two successors to the Civic Forum add something


An agreement was reached to split the party into two at the Civic Forum Assembly on 23 February 1991 add something


The party agreed to continue in coalition in the Czech government with the Civic Movement, but this collapsed in July 1991 add something


The party won the 1992 legislative election, and has remained in government for most of the Czech Republic's independence add something


On 2 June 1995, the ODS and KDS signed a merger agreement, which would come into effect on 18 March 1996, ahead of that year's election add something


Despite the scandal, Klaus was re-elected party chairman, and in January 1998, some legislators opposed to Klaus, led by Jan Ruml and Ivan Pilip, left the party in the so-called 'Sarajevo Assassination' and formed the Freedom Union add something


Josef To?ovský was appointed caretaker, pending new elections in June 1998 add something


This agreement was superseded by the more explicit 'Patent of Tolerance' in January 2000 add something


He has been the Mayor of Prague during 2002 - 2010 add something


In the 2002 parliamentary elections, it went from being the largest seat holder to being the second largest party in the Chamber of Deputies with 58 of 200 seats, and for the first time in its history, assumed the role of a true opposition party add something


Civic Conservative Party - In July 2003, it was one of four parties across Europe endorsing the soft eurosceptic Prague Appeal, along with the British Conservative Party, Law and Justice of Poland, and the Czech Civic Democrats


In the 2006 elections it was the largest seat holder in the Chamber of Deputies with 81 seats add something


Then-leader Mirek Topolánek served as Prime Minister from 2006 to 2009 add something


In July 2006, the Civic Democratic Party signed an agreement with the British Conservative Party to leave the EPP-ED Group and form a new European political party called MER in 2009 add something


The party suffered heavy losses in regional and Senate elections in 2008, losing all 12 regional governorships it had previously held add something


On 22 June 2009, it was announced that ODS would join the newly-formed European Conservatives and Reformists, an anti-federalist bloc working for reform rather than abolition of the European Parliament and currently its fourth largest bloc add something


The Czech president Václav Klaus decided to declare amnesty on January 1, 2013 add something


Civic Democratic Party has been in opposition since July 2013 add something


It is currently led by Petr Fiala, who was elected chairman on a party convention in January 2014 add something


On 26 May 2015, ODS, TOP 09 and Dawn of Direct Democracy called on unsuccessful vote of no confidence to Cabinet of Bohuslav Sobotka add something


On 16th January 2016, Fiala was re-elected as a Chairman of the Civic Democratic Party add something


On 16 January 2016, Fiala was re-elected as a Chairman of the Civic Democratic Party add something


It is inspired by British Conservative Party's campaign for 2017 general election add something


ODS agreed to participate in the 2017 legislative election together with Freeholder party add something


In February 2017, ODS started campaign called "We create program add something


ODS introduced it's campaign for 2017 election on 29 May 2017 add something


The amendment failed in the Senate, but there is a proposal to submit it again after the 2018 elections, in which the ODS gained several seats add something


The party won 2018 Senate election confirming its position as the main right wing party add something