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Claire Bloom

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Claire Bloom

English film and stage actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1931.

Countries: United Kingdom (56%), United States (27%), Monaco (4%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Ray Bradbury, John Gielgud, Charlie Chaplin

Linked to: Badminton School, Bryn Mawr College, Central School of Speech and Drama, Jews




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Claire Bloom was born in 1931 add something


She made her stage debut in 1946, when she was 15, with the Oxford Repertory Theatre add something


Her London stage debut was in 1947 in the hit Christopher Fry play "The Lady's Not For Burning", which featured the young Richard Burton, starred John Gielgud and Pamela Brown and which, subsequently, was produced, with the aforementioned four, on Broadway in New York add something


Bloom's first film role was in 1948, for the film "The Blind Goddess" add something


She was chosen by Charlie Chaplin in 1952 to appear in his film "Limelight", which catapulted Bloom to stardom, and remains one of her most memorable roles add something


Limelight (1952 film) - "'Limelight"' is a 1952 comedy-drama film written, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin, co-starring Claire Bloom, with an appearance by Buster Keaton


Richard Burton - Then in 1958, he was offered the part of Jimmy Porter, "an angry young man" role, in the film version of John Osborne's play "Look Back in Anger", a gritty drama about middle-class life in the British Midlands, directed by Tony Richardson, and again with Claire Bloom as co-star


Her first marriage, in 1959, was to actor Rod Steiger, whom she had met when they both performed in the play "Rashomon" add something


In the 1960s she began to play more contemporary roles, including an unhinged housewife in "The Chapman Report", a psychologist in the Oscar winning film "Charly", and Theodora in "The Haunting" add something


Martin Ritt - Ritt's 1964 film "The Outrage", is an American retelling of the Kurosawa film "Rashomon", and stars Laurence Harvey, Paul Newman, Claire Bloom, Edward_G._Robinson, Howard Da Silva, and William Shatner


H. Russell Wakefield - In 1968, BBC Television produced a dramatization of Wakefield's supernatural story "The Triumph of Death", starring Claire Bloom


Daniel Keyes - The novel has been adapted several times for other media, most prominently as the 1968 film "Charly", starring Cliff Robertson and Claire Bloom


Ray Bradbury - In 1969, "The Illustrated Man" was brought to the big screen, starring Rod Steiger, Claire Bloom and Robert Drivas


Rod Steiger - In 1969, he appeared in the film adaptation of Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man with his-wife, Claire Bloom.


The marriage lasted three years and the couple divorced in 1972 add something


Katy Jurado - In 1973 Jurado starred on Broadway again in the Tennessee Williams stage play "The Red Devil Battery Sign", with Anthony Quinn and Claire Bloom


She starred in 1976 Broadway revival of "The Innocents" add something


Joy Davidman - In 1985, a television version was made by the BBC One, starring Joss Ackland as Lewis and Claire Bloom as Davidman


Louis Marks - He has worked with distinguished actors including Anthony Hopkins, Claire Bloom, John_Gielgud, Nigel Hawthorne, Michael Gambon, Judi Dench and Ben Kingsley on the adaptation of another George Eliot work "Silas Marner" in 1986


Bloom's third marriage on 29 April 1990, was to writer Philip Roth, her longtime companion add something


Ian McDiarmid - From 1990, McDiarmid and Jonathan Kent served as the artistic directors of the Almeida Theatre in Islington, London, gaining the commitment of prominent actresses such as Glenda Jackson and Claire Bloom for their productions


Philip Roth - In 1990, he married his long-time companion, English actress Claire Bloom.


Barry Newman - Then, in the early 1990's, Newman went to London to star in the BBC's production of Miss Marple, "The Mirror Cracked", with Claire Bloom


From 1991 to 1993, she portrayed villainess Orlena Grimaldi on the daytime drama "As the World Turns" add something


The character of Eve Frame in Roth's 1998 novel "I Married a Communist" is considered by some to be his veiled rebuttal to some of the accusations made against him in her memoir add something


Daniel Lavoie - In 2002 Lavoie appeared in a Canadian TV film directed by Claude Fournier "The book of Eve", alongside the legendary Claire Bloom


In 2003, Bloom did a stage reading of Milton's "Samson Agonistes" along with actor John Neville at Bryn Mawr College at the behest of poet Karl Kirchwey add something


John Neville (actor) - In 2003, Neville did a stage reading of John Milton's "Samson Agonistes", opposite Claire Bloom at Bryn Mawr College at the behest of poet Karl Kirchwey


Her most recent appearance in a mini-series was in the 2006 version of "The Ten Commandments" add something


In January 2006, she appeared on the London stage in Arthur Allan Seidelman's production of "Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks" by Richard Alfieri, a two-hander in which she co-starred with Billy Zane add something


In October 2007, she appeared opposite Peter Bowles in "Love Letters" at the Théâtre Princesse Grace, Monte Carlo , directed by Marc Sinden, as part of his British Theatre Season, Monaco add something


In 2008, she guest starred in "New Tricks" as actress Helen Brownlow add something


In December 2009, she appeared in the BBC's "Doctor Who" alongside David Tennant in his final story as the Tenth Doctor, as a Time Lord credited only as "The Woman add something


Her most recent appearance in a Hollywood film was in the 2010 film "The King's Speech" add something


In 2010, she guest starred as Jill Peters in "The Bill" in the episode "Taking a Stand" add something


In 2011 she played Queen Mary in "The King's Speech" add something


She was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2013 Birthday Honours for services to drama add something


In 2015 she appeared as Matilda Stowe in ITV's "Midsomer Murders" episode 17,4 "A Vintage Murder" add something


In 2019, she appeared as Aunt Mary in the Stephen Poliakoff BBC TV mini-series, Summer of Rockets add something