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Clara Calamai

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Clara Calamai

Italian actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1909.

Country: Italy (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Aldo Vergano, Anna Magnani, Luchino Visconti




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Clara Calamai was born in 1909 add something


She was one of the most famous and popular Italian actresses in the 1930s and 1940s, sharing the limelight with actresses such as Alida Valli, Valentina Cortese, and rivals, Doris Duranti, Luisa Ferida and Isa Miranda add something


Calamai's first acting role was in the 1938 war film "Pietro Micca", directed by Aldo Vergano add something


The scene is commonly credited with being the first time that a woman had appeared topless in an Italian film, though the credit has been claimed by Vittoria Carpi who appeared topless for only a moment in the 1940 film La corona di ferro , directed by Blasetti add something


Massimo Girotti - In 1943 came a turning point in his career when Luchino Visconti cast him opposite the torrid Clara Calamai in "Ossessione" , an earlier adaptation of the same novel on which Hollywood's "The Postman Always Rings Twice" is based


On 19 May 1945 she married explorer, documentary and film maker Count Leonardo Bonzi and they had two daughters add something


Calamai was offered the role in "L'adultera" , after Anna Magnani had to turn it down, and Calamai was awarded the Nastro d'Argento in 1946 for best actress for her performance in the film add something


The marriage was annulled in November 1959, and she lived with Captain of Aviation Valerio Andreoli add something


After years of retirement, she returned in 1975 to appear in the classic horror film "Profondo rosso" as the eccentric matriarch, Marta add something

Clara Calamai died in 1998 add something


Calamai died of a stroke in Rimini on 21 September 1998 add something