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Clark Gable

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Clark Gable

American film actoradd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1901.

Countries: United States (73%), United Kingdom (8%), Canada (3%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Carole Lombard, Jean Harlow, Gone with the Wind (film)

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Clark Gable was born in 1901 add something


In April 1903, Gable's father married Jennie Dunlap, whose family came from the small neighboring town of Hopedale. add something


Clark Gable in Ohio Birth Records and 1910 US Census. add something


In 1917, when Gable was in high school, his father had financial difficulties. add something


Pauline Frederick - She had a two-year affair with Clark Gable in the 1920s when Gable was a struggling young actor


Otto Kruger - Though he started to get noticed in the early 1920s, it was the 1930s when his career was at its height, including an appearance in the film "Chained" with Joan Crawford and Clark Gable


Gable is known to have appeared as an extra in 13 films between 1924 and 1930. add something


In 1924, with Dillon's financial aid, the two went to Hollywood , where she became his manager—and first wife. add something


Lionel Barrymore - After 1926, however, he worked almost exclusively for "MGM", appearing opposite such luminaries as John Gilbert, Lon Chaney, Sr., Jean Harlow, Wallace Beery, Marie Dressler, Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, Spencer_Tracy, and his brother John


George Brent - In 1927, he appeared on Broadway in "Love, Honor, and Betray" alongside Clark Gable


After several failed screen tests for Barrymore and Zanuck, Gable was signed in 1930 by MGM's Irving Thalberg. add something


In 1930, after his impressive appearance as the seething and desperate character Killer Mears in the Los Angeles stage production of The Last Mile, Gable was offered a contract with MGM. His first role in a sound picture was as the unshaven villain in a low-budget William Boyd western called The Painted Desert. add something


Carole Lombard - In 1930's "Safety in Numbers" with Charles "Buddy" Rogers and 1932's "No Man of Her Own" with Clark Gable


Irving Berlin - It was first sung by Harry Richman in 1930 and became a no. 1 hit, and in 1939, Clark Gable sang it in the movie "Idiot's Delight"


Movita Castaneda - She continued playing exotic women in American and Spanish language films in the 1930s, most notably as a Tahitian girl, Tehanni in "Mutiny on the Bounty" alongside Clark Gable and Franchot Tone


Anita Page - She was the leading lady to Lon Chaney, Buster Keaton, Robert Montgomery, and Clark Gable and during the early 1930s, she was one of Hollywood's busiest actresses


Donald Crisp - Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, he appeared in a wide range of roles alongside some of the era's biggest stars, including Katharine Hepburn in "The Little Minister" , Charles Laughton and Clark Gable in "Mutiny on the Bounty" , Bette Davis and Henry Fonda in "That Certain Woman" , Laurence Olivier in "Wuthering Heights" , Errol Flynn in "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex" and "The Sea Hawk" and Gregory Peck in "The Valley of Decision"


After moving to California, they were married again in 1931, possibly due to differences in state legal requirements. add something


Johnny Mack Brown - Brown went on to make several more top-flight movies under the name John Mack Brown, including "The Secret Six" with Wallace Beery, Jean Harlow, and Clark Gable, as well as the legendary Lost Generation celebration of alcohol, "The Last Flight" , and was being groomed by MGM as a leading man until being abruptly replaced on "Laughing Sinners" in 1931, with all his scenes reshot, substituting rising star Clark Gable in his place


Barbara Stanwyck - Numerous prominent roles followed, among them the children's nurse who saves two little girls from being gradually starved to death by a vicious Clark Gable in "Night Nurse" , "Shopworn" 1932, "the ambitious woman from "the wrong side of the tracks" in "Baby Face" , the self-sacrificing title character in "Stella Dallas" , Molly Monahan in "Union Pacific" with Joel McCrea, the con artist who falls for her would-be victim in "The Lady Eve" , a nightclub performer who gives a professor understanding of "modern English"


Red Dust - "'Red Dust"' is a 1932 American pre-Code romantic drama film directed by Victor Fleming and starring Clark Gable, Jean_Harlow and Mary Astor


Franchot Tone - He achieved fame in 1933, when he made seven movies that year, including "Today We Live", written by William Faulkner, "Bombshell", with Jean Harlow , and the smash hit "Dancing Lady", again with then-wife Joan Crawford and Clark Gable


Gable had a daughter, Judy Lewis, the result of an affair with actress Loretta Young that began on the set of The Call of the Wild in 1934. add something


Thanks in part to MGM's dominance in balloting, Gable was the lead actor in three films that won the Academy Award for Best Picture between 1934 and 1939. add something


Myrna Loy - In 1934, Loy appeared in "Manhattan Melodrama" with Clark Gable and William Powell


William Powell - Their on-screen partnership, beginning alongside Clark Gable in 1934 with "Manhattan Melodrama", was one of Hollywood 's most prolific, with the couple appearing in 14 films together


Eddie Quillan - Eddie Quillan would remain a popular leading and secondary actor throughout the sound film era and would appear in such notable fims as 1935's "Mutiny on the Bounty" with Clark Gable, Charles_Laughton, and Franchot Tone, 1939's "Young Mr. Lincoln" opposite Henry Fonda and Alice Brady, and as 'Connie Rivers' in John Ford's 1940 film adaptation of the John Steinbeck novel "The Grapes of Wrath" opposite Henry Fonda and 1943's "Alaska Highway" and "It Ain't Hay" opposite the comedic duo Abbot


Loretta Young - In 1935, Young had an affair with a then-married Clark Gable while on location for "The Call of the Wild"


Yakima Canutt - In the 1936 film "San Francisco" Canutt replaced Clark Gable in a scene in which a wall was to fall on the star


Carole Lombard - Lombard's most famous relationship came in 1936 when she became involved with Clark Gable


Love on the Run (1936 film) - "'Love on the Run"' is a 1936 Metro-Goldwyn-May 1936 er feature film starring Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone, and Clark Gable in a story about rival newspaper correspondents assigned to cover the marriage of a socialite


The film was good enough to bring Gable more movie offers, including Run Silent, Run Deep, with co-star and producer Burt Lancaster, which featured his first on screen death since 1937, and which garnered good reviews. add something


Mary Dees - In 1937, upon the sudden death of actress Jean Harlow, Dees was cast by MGM boss Louis B. Mayer as a four-minute stand-in for Harlow, who was acting on the film "Saratoga" with Clark Gable, which was still in production at the time


Lionel Barrymore - When Jean died in 1937, Lionel and Clark Gable mourned her as though she had been family


Clyde Brion Davis - The Book of the Month Club chose "The Anointed" as its selection for August 1937 and MGM adapted the novel in 1945 to the MGM movie "Adventure" starring Clark Gable and Greer Garson


In the film Broadway Melody of 1938, Judy_Garland sings "You Made Me Love You" while looking at a composite picture of Gable. add something


Gable's marriage in 1939 to his third wife, actress Carole Lombard (1908–1942), was the happiest period of his personal life. add something


Yakima Canutt - Also in 1939, Canutt doubled Clark Gable in the burning of Atlanta in "Gone With the Wind"; he appeared as a renegade accosting Scarlett O'Hara as she crosses a bridge in a carriage driving through a shantytown


Carole Lombard - On March 29, 1939, during a break in production on "Gone with the Wind," Gable and Lombard drove out to Kingman, Arizona and were married in a ceremony with only Gable's press agent, Otto Winkler, in attendance


Lombard got pregnant once in 1940, but she suffered a miscarriage. add something


Emilio Cigoli - He was the Italian voice of nearly every major Hollywood star from the 1940s through the 1960s, including John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, William_Holden, Charlton Heston, Burt Lancaster, Steve Reeves, Vincent Price, Lee Van Cleef, and Orson Welles


Yakima Canutt - In 1940, Canutt sustained serious internal injuries when a horse fell on him while doubling for Clark Gable in "Boom Town"


Zeke Zekley - Zekley created what he called "murals without morals", and in 1940 he was commissioned to paint a mural for Clark Gable's ranch house


Kettleman North Dome Oil Field - "Boom Town" the 1940 epic film about wildcatting in the early oil industry, and about those maverick 'wildcatters' turned loose upon windswept plains of Oklahoma, starred Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy as oilmen


Carole Lombard - When the US entered World War II at the end of 1941, Lombard traveled to her home state of Indiana for a war bond rally with her mother, Bess Peters, and Clark Gable's press agent, Otto Winkler


Intyre were sent to Miami Beach, Florida, where they entered USAAF OCS Class 42-E on August 17, 1942. add something


Bugs Bunny - From 1943 to 1946, Bugs was the official mascot of Kingman, Arizona Army Airfield, Kingman, Arizona, where thousands of aerial gunners were trained during World War II. Some notable trainees included Clark Gable and Charles Bronson


In 1944, he became an early member of the conservative Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, alongside Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and other conservative actors and filmmakers. add something


In May 1944, Gable was promoted to major. add something


Gable completed editing of the film, Combat America, in September 1944, providing the narration himself and making use of numerous interviews with enlisted gunners as focus of the film. add something


Gable's first movie after World War II was the 1945 production of Adventure, with his ill-matched co-star Greer Garson. add something


Max Davidson - He made his final screen appearance in the 1945 Clark Gable film "Adventure"


Bob Clampett - Beginning with a magazine article in 1946, shortly after he left the studio, and increasing as years went on, Clampett repeatedly referred to himself as "the creator" of Bugs Bunny, often adding the side-note that he used Clark Gable's carrot-eating scene in "It Happened One Night" as inspiration for his "creation


Gone with the Wind was given theatrical re-releases in 1947, 1954, 1961, 1967, 1971, 1989, and 1998. add something


Brioni (fashion) - Celebrities such as Clark Gable and Cary Grant began to buy their suits from Brioni in the 1950s when working at Rome's Cinecittà studios


Pamela Britton - She returned to the big screen opposite Clark Gable in "Key to the City" , and went on to make her most significant film appearance in the classic "D.O.A.", in 1950


In February 1952, he attended a televised rally in New York where he enthusiastically urged General Dwight D. Eisenhower to run for President. add something


In 1953, Gable refused to renew his contract, and began to work independently. add something


Dimitri Jorjadze - He married, secondly, in 1954, to Sylvia Ashley, a onetime English showgirl who was the former wife of Major Lord Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Clark Gable, and the widow of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.


Actor Robert Ryan, in character as Nathan Stark in the 1955 film, "The Tall Men," paid Gable what is probably his best tribute: "He's what every boy thinks he's going to be when he grows up, and wishes he had been when he's an old man. add something


In 1955, Gable formed a production company with Jane Russell and her husband Bob Waterfield, and they produced The King and Four Queens, Gable's one and only production. add something


Max Terhune - His hands doubled for those of Clark Gable in "The King and Four Queens" in 1956


Yvonne De Carlo - American Civil War - The 1957 film "Band of Angels" featured her opposite Clark Gable in an American Civil War story, along with Sidney Poitier and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. The actress worked steadily for the next several years, although many of the films failed to advance her career


Slim Aarons - In California, he shot his most praised photo, "Kings of Hollywood", a 1957 New's Year's Eve photograph depicting Clark Gable, Van_Heflin, Gary Cooper and James Stewart relaxing at a bar in full formal wear


Fay Kanin - But it was the Oscar-winning script for "Teacher's Pet" in 1958 for which they are best remembered; a film about a self-made newspaper editor Clark Gable who has a love-hate relationship with journalism teacher Doris Day


Don Rickles - In 1958, Rickles made his film debut in a serious part in "Run Silent, Run Deep" starring Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster


Despite having suffered a severe coronary thrombosis, Gable still managed to vote by mail in the 1960 presidential election. add something


Carole Lombard - Despite being married twice more, Gable chose to be interred beside Lombard in Forest Lawn Memorial Park when he died in 1960


Jean Willes - She was one of the "four queens" pursuing Clark Gable in "The King and Four Queens" and appeared on several popular television shows in the 1960s and 1970s, such as "The Twilight Zone," "Bonanza", "Meet McGraw" with Frank Lovejoy, "The Munsters", "Perry Mason" with Raymond Burr, "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour", "Bat Masterson" with Gene Barry, "The Beverly Hillbillies" with Buddy Ebsen and Irene Ryan, and "Kojak" with Telly Savalas


Roy Haynes - "Esquire" named Roy Haynes one of the Best Dressed Men in America in 1960, along with Fred Astaire, Clark Gable and Cary Grant


On March 20, 1961, Kay Williams gave birth to Gable's only son, John Clark Gable, born four months after Clark's death of a heart attack at age 59. add something


Ray Lonnen - He played Clark Gable in a play about the making of the 1961 film "The Misfits", he toured South-East Asia in a production of "Catch Me If You Can", and toured New Zealand in the play "Rose"


Eli Wallach - In 1961, Wallach co-starred with Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift and Clark Gable in "The Misfits", Monroe's last film before her death


Ray Ryan (businessman) - In 1962 Ryan, with partner Ernie Dunlevie, opened the Bermuda Dunes Country Club which later became a host club for the Bob Hope Classic golf tournament and where Clark Gable built a home on the sixth fairway


Gone with the Wind (film) - In 1990, the United States Postal Service issued a stamp depicting Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh embracing in a scene from the film


Clark Kent - In 1992, Superman co-creator Joe Shuster told the "Toronto Star" that the name derived from 1930s cinematic leading men Clark Gable and Kent Taylor, but the persona from bespectacled silent film comic Harold Lloyd and himself


She died on August 12, 2000 at the age of 87 of ovarian cancer. add something


She died on August 12, 2000, at the age of 87 of ovarian cancer add something


Judy Lewis, Gable's only child born while he was alive, died on November 25, 2011, of cancer add something


In September 2012, Clark James Gable became the host of the nationally syndicated reality show "Cheaters" add something


Her son, Ocean Clark Gable, was born January 1, 2015 add something


Marilyn Monroe - In August 2018 a lost Marilyn Monroe nude scene, which shows Monroe and Clark Gable, was found


Clark James died at age 30 on February 22, 2019 add something