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Claude Zidi

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Claude Zidi

French film director and screenwriter who is noted for his mainstream burlesque comedies add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1934.

Countries: France (92%), (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Annie Girardot, La Zizanie (film), Les Sous-doues en vacances




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Claude Zidi was born in 1934 add something


Jean-Jacques Beineix - Then, in 1970 he worked for Claude Berri and in 1971 for Claude Zidi


Annie Girardot - Throughout the 1970s, Girardot came back and forth between drama and comedy, proving herself an adept comedienne in such successful comedies as Claude Zidi's "La Zizanie", Michel Audiard's "She Does Not Drink, Smoke or Flirt But..


Born in Paris, he started as a cameraman and cinematographer, and made his directorial and screenwriting debut in 1971 add something


La Course a l'echalote - "'La Course à l'échalote"' is a 1975 French comedy film directed by Claude Zidi


La Zizanie (film) - "'La Zizanie"' is a 1978 French comedy film directed by Claude Zidi, written by Zidi and Michel Fabre, and starring Louis de Funès and Annie Girardot


Les sous-doues - "'Les sous-doués"' is a 1980 French comedy film directed by Claude Zidi


Roland Moreno - He was cast in the 1982 comedic film "Les Sous-doués en vacances", directed by Claude Zidi, as a "mad inventor" character who invents a "love computer


Les Sous-doues en vacances - "'Les Sous-doués en vacances"' is a 1982 French comedic film, directed by Claude Zidi


My New Partner - "'My New Partner"' is a 1984 French comedy film directed by Claude Zidi, starring Philippe Noiret and Thierry Lhermitte