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Coen Brothers

American filmmakers add

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Founded in 1957.

Countries: United States (70%), United Kingdom (11%), California (4%)

Main connections: Inside Llewyn Davis, The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men (film)

Linked to: New York University, Atlantic Theater Company, Normandale Community College, Princeton University




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Coen Brothers was born in 1957 add something


No Direction Home - The documentary, describing the 1960 New York folk scene, served as an inspiration to Justin Timberlake for his part in the Coen brothers' related drama "Inside Llewyn Davis"


Ethan went on to Princeton University and earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy in 1979. add something


Jane Seymour - A setting of the ballad to a tune by Irish musician Dáithí Sproule was included on the Bothy Band's 1979 album "After Hours " and their 2008 album "Best of the Bothy Band", on Loreena McKennitt's 2010 album "Barley", on Sproul's 2011 album "Lost River: Vol. 1", and was featured in the Coen brothers' 2013 film "Inside Llewyn Davis"


Raising Arizona - Allmovie's Lucia Bozzola wrote, "Complete with carefully modulated over-the-top performances from the entire cast, "Raising Arizona" confirmed the Coens' place among the most distinctive filmmakers to emerge from the 1980s independent cinema," while Caroline Westbrook of "Empire" declared it a "hilarious, madcap comedy from the Coen brothers that demonstrates just why they are the kings of quirk


Warren Beatty tied Welles' record when Beatty was nominated for Best Picture, Director, Actor, and Screenplay for Reds in 1981. add something


Villanova University - Actor and Coen Brothers favorite Jon Polito has garnered both stage and screen *awards, and NFL Hall of Famer, longtime FOX commentator and feature film actor Howie Long graduated in 1982


In 1984, the brothers wrote and directed Blood Simple, their first film together. add something


I'm a Believer - The song was originally used in the home video version of the Coen brothers' 1984 film "Blood Simple, "but after licensing issues were resolved, was replaced in the 2001 director's cut by the song used in the theatrical version: Four Tops' "It's the Same Old Song"


Frances McDormand - Dormand, the Coen Brothers, Holly Hunter, and director Sam Raimi shared a house in The Bronx.


Nicolas Cage - Other Cage roles included appearances in the acclaimed 1987 romantic-comedy Moonstruck, starring Cher; The Coen Brothers cult-classic comedy Raising Arizona; David Lynch's 1990 offbeat film Wild at Heart; a lead role in Martin Scorsese's 1999 New York City paramedic drama Bringing Out the Dead; and Ridley Scott's 2003 quirky drama Matchstick Men, in which he played an agoraphobic, mysophobic, obsessive-compulsive con artist with a tic disorder.


Raising Arizona - "'Raising Arizona"' is a 1987 American comedy film directed, written, and produced by the Coen brothers, and starring Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, William Forsythe, John Goodman, Frances McDormand, and Randall "Tex" Cobb


Steve Buscemi - Before his work with the Coen Brothers, he appeared in Jim Jarmusch's anthology film "Mystery Train," released in 1989, for which he received an Independent Spirit *award nomination for Best Supporting Male


Miller's Crossing, released in 1990, starred Albert Finney, Gabriel Byrne, and John Turturro. add something


Alan Menken achieved the same feat when he was nominated for Best Score and triple-nominated for Best Song for Beauty and the Beast in 1991. add something


Roger Deakins - He began his collaboration with the Coen brothers in 1991 on the film "Barton Fink"


Steve Buscemi - In 1991, he played the bellboy, Chet, in the Coen Brothers film, "Barton Fink"


Barton Fink - "'Barton Fink"' is a 1991 American film, written, directed, and produced by the Coen brothers


In 1994, The Hudsucker Proxy was released; the Board of a large Corporation attempt to sabotage its share price by appointing a no-hoper as boss but their plan backfires when he invents the hula -hoop. add something


Fargo (film) - "'Fargo"' is a 1996 American black comedy film produced, directed, written, and edited by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen


In the Coens' next film The Big Lebowski, which was released in 1998, "The Dude", a Los Angeles slacker, is used as an unwitting pawn in a fake kidnapping plot with his bowling buddies. add something


Jeff Bridges - In 1998, he starred as what is arguably his most famous role, "The Dude", in the Coen Brothers' cult-classic film "The Big Lebowski"


John Milius - Likewise, the Walter Sobchak character in the 1998 film "The Big Lebowski", made by his friends the Coen Brothers, was partly based on Milius


New Morning - The song was later featured during several scenes in the 1998 Coen Brothers film "The Big Lebowski"


Townes Van Zandt - Van Zandt's "Roadsongs" album version of The Rolling Stones' "Dead Flowers" was used during the final scene of the Coen Brothers' 1998 film, "The Big Lebowski"


Scarlett Johansson - In 1999, she appeared in "My Brother the Pig" and in 2001 in the neo-noir Coen brothers film "The Man Who Wasn't There"


Emmylou Harris - Also in 2000, Harris joined an all-star group of traditional country, folk and blues artists for the T-Bone Burnett-produced soundtrack to the Coen Brothers film, "O Brother, Where Art Thou-" The soundtrack won multiple CMA, ACM and Grammy *awards


Chris Thomas King - He is featured playing the part of Tommy Johnson in the Coen brothers' 2000 film "O Brother, Where Art Thou-"


Musetta Vander - In 2000, Musetta played a seductive Siren in the critically acclaimed "O Brother, Where Art Thou-" directed by the Coen brothers


The Coen brothers produced another noirish thriller in 2001, The Man Who Wasn't There. add something


Tom Hanks - In 2001, Hanks helped direct and produce the acclaimed HBO mini-series Band of Brothers.


Burn After Reading - "Burn After Reading" is the first original screenplay penned by Joel and Ethan Coen since their 2001 movie, "The Man Who Wasn't There"


They were due to start production in 2002, with Jeremy Thomas producing and Brad Pitt in the lead role, but it was canceled when the Coens felt that the budget offered was not enough to successfully produce the film. add something


Intolerable Cruelty - "'Intolerable Cruelty"' is a 2003 romantic black comedy film directed by Joel Coen and produced by Ethan Coen and Brian Grazer


In 2004, the Coen brothers made The Ladykillers, a remake of the Ealing Studios classic; a professor, played by Tom Hanks, assembles a team to rob a casino. add something


Tom Hanks - In 2004, he appeared in three films: The Coen Brothers's The Ladykillers, another Spielberg film, The Terminal, and The Polar Express, a family film from Robert Zemeckis.


Kelly Macdonald - Macdonald starred in the 2005 film "Nanny McPhee", as the scullery maid Evangeline, and has since had supporting roles in "A Cock and Bull Story" and the Coen brothers' Academy *award-winning "No Country for Old Men"


Cormac McCarthy - McCarthy's 2005 novel No Country for Old Men was adapted into a 2007 Academy Award-winning film directed by the Coen Brothers and starring Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem.


No Country for Old Men (film) - By August 2005, the Coen brothers agreed to write and direct a film adaptation of "No Country for Old Men", having identified with how the novel provided a sense of place and how it played with genre conventions


Carthy. add something


Cormac McCarthy - Carthy and the Coen Brothers, on the eve of their adaptation of McCarthy's No Country for Old Men. During the conversation, McCarthy talked about his taste in cinema, claiming he's "not that big a fan of exotic foreign films" and citing Five Easy Pieces and Days of Heaven as "good movies" while praising the Coens' own Miller's Crossing as "a very, very fine movie".


No Country for Old Men (film) - "'No Country for Old Men"' is a 2007 American neo-Western thriller directed, written, and edited by Joel and Ethan Coen, based on the Cormac McCarthy novel of the same name


Tilda Swinton - Swinton next appeared in the 2008 Coen Brothers film, "Burn After Reading"


No Country for Old Men (film) - The film was nominated for nine BAFTAs in 2008 and won in three categories; Joel and Ethan Coen winning the *award for Best Director, Roger Deakins winning for Best Cinematography and Javier Bardem winning for Best Supporting Actor


Burn After Reading - "'Burn After Reading"' is a 2008 black comedy film written, produced, edited and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen


In January 2008, Ethan Coen's play Almost An Evening premiered Off-Broadway at the Atlantic Theater Company Stage 2 and opened to mostly enthusiastic reviews. add something


However in an interview for the Los Angeles Times in February 2008, the Coens said that it did not exist as a script but only as an idea. add something


Michael Chabon - In February 2008, Scott Rudin reported that a film adaptation of "The Yiddish Policemen's Union" was in pre-production, to be written and directed by the Coen brothers


The Yiddish Policemen's Union - In February 2008, Rudin told "The Guardian" that a film adaptation of "The Yiddish Policemen's Union" was in pre-production, to be written and directed by the Coen brothers


The commercial run began in March 2008, and ran until June 1, 2008 at the Bleecker Street Theatre in New York City, produced by The Atlantic Theater Company and Art Meets Commerce. add something


Karla Cheatham Mosley - Additionally, she had a part in the Coen Brothers film, "Burn After Reading", which opened in September 2008


A Serious Man was released on October 2, 2009. add something


In 2009, they directed a television commercial for the Reality Coalition entitled "Air Freshener". add something


Simon Helberg - " In the 2009 Coen brothers film "A Serious Man" he played junior Rabbi Scott Ginsler


In May 2009, the Atlantic Theater Company produced Coen's "Offices", as part of their mainstage season at the Linda Gross Theater. add something


True Grit, based on the novel by Charles Portis, was released in 2010. add something


Megan Ellison - However, her investment in the Coen brothers western remake "True Grit" paid off as that movie found major commercial and critical success when released at the end of 2010


True Grit (1969 film) - In 2010, Joel and Ethan Coen directed another adaptation of the novel


Frank James - In 2010, James Brolin appears in an uncredited cameo as Frank James in the Coen brothers' "True Grit"


Brad Grey - The 2010 Paramount slate achieved much success with "Shutter Island" and "True Grit" reaching the biggest box office totals in the storied careers of Martin Scorsese and the Coen brothers, respectively


Sumner Redstone - The 2010 Paramount slate achieved much success with "Shutter Island" and a "True Grit" remake, reaching the biggest box office totals in the storied careers of Martin Scorsese and the Coen Brothers, respectively


Jane Seymour - The song appears on Loreena McKennitt's 2010 album "Barley", and on Sproul's 2011 album "Lost River: Vol. 1"; and it was featured in the Coen brothers' 2013 film "Inside Llewyn Davis"


Matt Damon - Damon's 2010 projects included Clint Eastwood's "Hereafter" and the Coen Brothers' remake of the 1969 John Wayne-starring Western "True Grit"; the latter movie started filming in March 2010 and was released in December of that year


Charles Portis - A second film version, written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, debuted in December 2010


The Coen Brothers were awarded the 1-million Dan David Prize in 2011 as "a creative partnership unique in the history of film-making. add something


Gambit began filming in London in May 2011. add something


Woody Allen - On October 20, 2011, Allen's one-act play "Honeymoon Motel" opened as part of a larger piece entitled "Relatively Speaking" on Broadway, along with two other one-acts by Ethan Coen and Elaine May


In the fall of 2012, however, Chabon told "Mother Jones" that "the Coen brothers wrote a draft of a script and they seemed to move on," and that the film rights had "lapsed back to me add something


The Yiddish Policemen's Union - In the fall of 2012, however, Chabon told "Mother Jones" that "the Coen brothers wrote a draft of a script and they seemed to move on," and that the film rights had "lapsed back to me


Alan Rickman - Rickman is to star with Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz in a remake of 1966's "Gambit" by the Coen brothers


"Inside Llewyn Davis" was released in 2013 add something


Oscar Isaac - In 2013, Isaac starred in the film "Inside Llewyn Davis", written and directed by the Coen Brothers


Marcus Mumford - Mumford sang a cover of "Dink's Song" with Oscar Isaac for the 2013 Coen brothers film "Inside Llewyn Davis"


Inside Llewyn Davis - "'Inside Llewyn Davis"' is a 2013 American comedy-drama film edited, written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen


Angelina Jolie - In February 2013, it was announced that Jolie will be teaming up with the Coen brothers to tell the story of World War II hero Louis Zamperini


In December 2013 the Coens stated in an interview that they are working on a new musical comedy centered around an Opera singer, though they have said it is "not a musical per se add something


Only six other directors have won three Oscars for the same film, a distinction the duo shares with Billy Wilder, James L. Brooks, Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron, Peter Jackson and later Alejandro González Iñárritu in 2015 add something


Bridge of Spies (film) - "'Bridge of Spies"' is an upcoming 2015 American historical biographical spy thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Matt Charman, Joel Coen and Ethan Coen


The film was directed by Steven Spielberg, and released October 4, 2015 add something


The Big Lebowski - In 2016, the Coens gave to their longtime friend and collaborator John Turturro the right to use his character of Jesus Quintana from "The Big Lebowski" in his own spin-off, "Going Places", which he would write and direct add something


The film was eventually directed by George Clooney and began filming in October 2016 add something


It was released by Paramount Pictures in the fall of 2017 add something


Antoine Fuqua - On February 10, 2017, Fuqua left the remake and the Coen brothers began rewriting the script


In their first project for television, the Coens created the anthology series "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" which will be released on Netflix in 2018 add something


Harry Melling (actor) - In 2018 Melling played alongside Liam Neeson in the Coen brothers' Western "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"


Ralph Ineson - In 2018, he will appear in the Netflix Coen brothers series "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"


"The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" , a Western anthology film starring Liam Neeson and James Franco, is due for release on Netflix on November 16, 2018 after a theatrical run add something