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Colleen Moore

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Colleen Moore

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Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1899.

Countries: United States (67%), California (8%), Canada (4%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Alfred E. Green, King Vidor, Harold Lockwood

Linked to: Universal Studios, Christie Film Company, 20th Century Fox, Museum of Modern Art




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Colleen Moore was born in 1899 add something


A child named "Kathleen Morrison" was mentioned in the 1900 census, two years before the birth date she often gave add something


By 1905 the family had moved to Hillsdale, Michigan where they remained for over two years add something


They had relocated to Atlanta, Georgia by 1908 add something


Once again Moore found herself unemployed, but she had begun to make a name for herself by 1919 add something


By the late 1920s, she had accomplished dramatic roles in films such as "So Big", where Moore aged through a stretch of decades and was well received in light comedies such as "Irene" add something


He was successful and made "Dinty" with Moore, releasing near the end of 1920, followed by "When Dawn Came" add something


This was in 1920, and it was a good move because it allowed her to work on her comic timing, and because the arrangement she had made with Al Christie allowed her to go out and look for other work while with the comic troupe add something


He loaned her out to King Vidor for "The Sky Pilot", released in May 1921, yet another Western add something


In October 1921, "His Nibs" was released, her only film to be released that year besides "The Sky Pilot" add something


In early 1922, "Come On Over" was released, made from a Rupert Hughes story and directed by Alfred E. Green add something


Claire Windsor - The publicity paid off; in 1922 the newly formed Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers began their annual WAMPAS Baby Stars awards and named Claire Windsor, along with Bessie Love, Lila Lee, Mary Philbin and Colleen Moore, as the year's most promising starlets


When it was finally released in 1923, "Flaming Youth", in which she starred opposite actor Milton Sills was a hit add something


"Look Your Best" and "The Nth Commandment" were released in early 1923, followed by two Cosmopolitan Productions, "The Nth Commandment" and "Through the Dark add something


Clara Bow - Before "May time" was finished, Schulberg announced that Bow was given the lead in the studio's biggest seasonal assessment, "Poisoned Paradise", but first she was lent to First National Pictures to co-star in the adaptation of Gertrude Atherton's 1923 best seller "Black Oxen", shot in October, and to co-star with Colleen Moore in "Painted People", shot in November


In spring 1924 she made a good, but unsuccessful effort to top Bow in "The Perfect Flapper", and soon after she dismissed the whole flapper vogue; "No more flappers add something


"Through the Dark", originally shot under the name "Daughter of Mother McGinn" was released during the height of the "Flaming Youth" furor in January 1924 add something


Ida Darling - In 1925 she was in the cast of "Irene", a film made by First National Pictures, which starred Colleen Moore


Edna Ferber - In 1925, she won the Pulitzer Prize for her book "So Big", which was made into a silent film starring Colleen Moore that same year


In 1927 Moore split from her studio after her husband suddenly quit add something


"Orchids and Ermine" was released in 1927, filmed in part in New York, a thinly veiled Cinderella story add something


In 1928, inspired by her father and with help from her former set designer, a dollhouse was constructed by her father, which was 9 feet square with the tallest tower 12 feet high add something


Harold Lockwood - Amongst his earliest credits is the 1928 World War I film "Lilac Time" starring Colleen Moore and Gary Cooper


Her last film was a version of "The Scarlet Letter" in 1934 add something


In 1934, Moore, by divorced, returned to work in Hollywood add something


She married Homer Hargrave in 1936; he provided funding for her dollhouse add something


Moore's dollhouse has been a featured exhibit at the &Museum_of_Science_and_Industry_(Chicago) in Chicago , Illinois since the early 1950s, where, according to the museum it is seen by 1,5 million people each year add something


Alfred E. Green - In a durable career lasting until the 1950s, Green directed some major stars such as Mary Pickford, Wallace Reid, and Colleen Moore


In the 1960s, she formed a television production company with King Vidor with whom she had worked in the 1920s add something


After Hargrave died in 1964, Moore took many years to get over her grief add something


She was a participant in the 1980 documentary film series "Hollywood", providing her recollections of Hollywood 's silent film era add something


In 1982 Moore married her final husband, Paul Maginot add something

Colleen Moore died in 1988 add something


On January 25, 1988, Moore died from cancer in Paso Robles, California, aged 88 add something