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Columbia Masterworks Records

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Columbia Masterworks Records

Record label started in 1927 by Columbia Records add

Category: Music (650)

Founded in 1927.

Countries: United States (61%), United Kingdom (17%), (9%)

Main connections: Columbia Records, Uta Hagen, Sony Classical Records

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Masterworks Records' first release, in 1927, was a complete performance of the Symphony No. 1 by Johannes Brahms, conducted by Felix Weingartner add something


"'Columbia Masterworks Records"' was a record label started in 1927 by Columbia Records add something


Leonard Bernstein - Aside from a those 1940's recordings, which were made for RCA Victor, Bernstein recorded primarily for Columbia Masterworks Records, especially when he was music director of the New York Philharmonic between 1958 and 1971


Columbia Masterworks was the first recording company to release an album of an entire stage production - the record-breaking 1943 Broadway revival of Shakespeare's "Othello", starring Paul Robeson, José Ferrer, and Uta Hagen add something


In 1946, Columbia Masterworks released the first album of "Show Boat" featuring the cast of an actual production of the show, not just one or two singers from it as had been done before add something


This 1946 revival of "Show Boat", which starred Jan Clayton, Charles Fredericks, Carol Bruce, Ralph Dumke, and Kenneth Spencer, was the longest-running revival of a show up to that time add something


The first wildly-successful spoken word album was a 1948 Masterworks entry, the first "I Can Hear It Now" album, edited by Edward R. Murrow and Fred W. Friendly and supervised by former CBS staffer J.G. Gude add something


The album would lead to three sequels, the "Hear It Now" program on the CBS Radio Network in 1950 and the CBS-TV successor, "See It Now," in 1951 add something


Kenneth Lee Spencer - He made a number of recordings with Columbia Masterworks Records during the 1950s and 1960s which consisted of classical music, spirituals, and folk songs


Avon Long - He reprised his role of Sportin' Life in the 1951 3-LP Columbia Masterworks recording of "Porgy and Bess", the most complete recording of the opera issued up to that time


This first album was issued only in mono, but the first stereo recording of "My Fair Lady", featuring the same four stars, this time with the London cast, followed in 1959 add something


Porgy and Bess - In 1959, Columbia Masterworks Records released a soundtrack album of Samuel Goldwyn's film version of "Porgy and Bess", which had been made that year


Many years later, in 1962, Columbia Masterworks would release a 4-LP album of the complete "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf-", starring its original Broadway cast: Uta Hagen, Arthur Hill, George Grizzard, and Melinda Dillon add something


And in 1964, Columbia Masterworks issued the film soundtrack album of the show, starring Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn's "singing voice", Marni Nixon add something


And in 1964, Columbia Masterworks would release a complete album of the 1964 Broadway revival of "Hamlet", starring Richard Burton and directed by John Gielgud - the longest-running "Hamlet" in Broadway history to date add something


The most successful film soundtrack release on Columbia Masterworks was "The Graduate" in 1967, featuring the music of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, the best-selling pop music act on the roster of the parent Columbia label add something


In 1968, Wendy Carlos's landmark electronic-music album "Switched-On Bach", containing transcriptions of a number of Bach's most famous compositions for the Moog synthesizer, was issued on Columbia Masterworks, which continued to release Carlos's output until the mid-'80s add something


Morton Subotnick's "Sidewinder" followed in 1971 add something


Columbia Masterworks was renamed CBS Masterworks Records in 1980 and separated from the Columbia label add something


Columbia Records - The structure of US Columbia remained the same until 1980, when it spun off the classical/Broadway unit, Columbia Masterworks Records, into a separate imprint, CBS Masterworks Records


In 1990 it was renamed Sony Classical Records because of the sale of CBS Records to the Sony Corporation add something