Conan the Barbarian (2011 film)

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Conan the Barbarian (2011 film)

2011 American-Bulgarian sword and sorcery film based on the character Conan the Barbarian created by Robert E. Howard add

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Launched in 1990.

Countries: United States (67%), (14%), Bulgaria (10%)

Main connections: Jason Momoa, Brett Ratner, Marcus Nispel

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There had been talk in the late 1990s of a second "Conan" sequel following "Conan the Destroyer", about an older Conan, set to be titled "King Conan: Crown of Iron"; however, due to Schwarzenegger's election in 2003 as governor of California, this project came to an end add something


The deal was brokered by Gatta, who originally made the deal between Paradox and Warner in 2002 add something


Boaz Yakin was hired in 2006 to start again, however, in June 2007 the rights reverted to Paradox Entertainment, though all drafts made under Warner remained with them add something


Production was aimed for a Spring 2006 start, with intention of having stories more faithful to the Robert E. Howard creation add something


Lisa Bonet - On July 23, 2007, Bonet gave birth to her second child Lola Iolani Momoa, the first of two children with Momoa, an actor noted for his roles in the television shows "Baywatch", "Stargate Atlantis", the HBO series "Game of Thrones" and the 2011 "Conan the Barbarian" remake


In August 2007, it was announced that Millennium had acquired the right to the project in an unrevealed seven-figure deal, with Malmberg and Millennium's Avi Lerner, Boaz Davidson, Joe Gatta, and George Furla set to produce add something


Principal photography was first hoped to be started in Spring 2008 add something


Lionsgate were announced to be handling North America's distribution in January 2008 add something


Filming had a set date for August 24, 2008, in Bulgaria add something


In November 2008, Brett Ratner was prematurely announced to be the director of "Conan" to "The Hollywood Reporter" by Lerner, something which displeased him as he pointed out "I am not doing "Conan" now add something


Dolph Lundgren had spoken to the producers in November, 2009 about an unspecified role add something


Lionsgate and Sony Pictures entered negotiations for distribution, with the film seeing many directors, prominently Brett Ratner, before settling on Nispel in 2009 and subsequently bringing together a cast and crew add something


However, Gatta revealed in May 2009 that after six months of discussions on developing the film, Ratner was off the project due his busy schedule add something


June 2009 revealed Marcus Nispel would take the reins as director to the film add something


In January, 2010, Jason Momoa was selected for the role of Conan add something


Originally talks had happened before but after a period of no talk, offers were returned to Rourke in February, 2010 add something


Ron Perlman took on the character in March, 2010 add something


Rose McGowan stars as an "an evil half-human/half-witch", as announced by "Variety" in March, 2010 add something


Sean Hood was announced in February 2010 to be rewriting the script once more for the producers add something


Filming began on March 15, 2010, and concluded June 5, 2010 add something


Filming finally began in Bulgaria on March 15, 2010, wrapping on June 15 add something


In late 2011, it was mistakenly reported that Momoa was penning a sequel to "Conan" add something


"'Conan the Barbarian"' is a 2011 American-Bulgarian sword and sorcery film based on the character Conan the Barbarian created by Robert E. Howard add something


Jason Momoa - In 2011, he became recognized for his role as Khal Drogo in the HBO medieval fantasy television series "Game of Thrones" and starred as the title character in the sword and sorcery film "Conan the Barbarian"


Stephen Lang (actor) - Lang played the villain Khalar Zym in the 2011 "Conan the Barbarian" reboot starring Jason Momoa


Rachel Nichols (actress) - Nichols was cast in the upcoming 3-D sword and sorcery film "Conan the Barbarian" by March 2010


Marcus Nispel - Nispel directed the 2011 reboot of the Conan the Barbarian franchise


Ratner, however, departed in May 2011 that year, and the start-date for filming was pushed back, with South Africa being revealed as another filming destination add something


Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain were announced in August 2011 to have been hired for a re-write of the script, with the intention of returning to the original source material and in the desire of making an R-rated film add something


Leo Howard - In August 2011, Howard starred as "Young Conan", once again performing all of his own stunts in the sword and sorcery film, "Conan the Barbarian"


"Conan the Barbarian" was first released on August 17, 2011 in France, Belgium, Iceland, and the Philippines add something


In October 2013, Universal announced that "World Trade Center" writer Andrea Berloff would assume scripting duties for "The Legend of Conan", while Morgan continued his involvement as a producer add something


Fredrik Malmberg told "" in an interview that the sequel could lead to a cinematic universe of Howard's creations for film and TV. On January 28, 2016, Schwarzenegger confirmed that the third film would be "Conan the Conqueror" add something


According to Sandy Schaefer writing for in August 2016 the script is collaboratively honed by Chris Morgan and Will Beall add something


In April 2017, producer Chris Morgan stated that Universal had dropped the project, although there was a possibility of a TV show add something