Constituency Labour Party

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Constituency Labour Party

Organisation of members of the British Labour Party who live in a particular UK parliamentary constituency in England, Scotland and Wales add

Category: Politics

Founded in 1980.

Countries: United Kingdom (67%), (33%)

Main connections: Labour Party (UK), Anthony Bennett (English politician), Northern Ireland

Linked to: National Executive Committee, Co-operative Party, Labour Party, Labour Party Conference




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For much of the Labour Party's history, especially during the 1980s, CLPs were perceived as the more left wing faction in the Labour Party, with the unions being a more moderate or pragmatic force add something


The Labour Party in Northern Ireland has, since February 2009, been organised as a province-wide Constituency Labour Party which is yet to contest elections add something


LCFs replaced Local Government Committees in Autumn 2011 as part of the Labour Party's Refounding Labour agenda add something